(TVBS)  In the Jhihben hot springs area of Taitung, the King-Shai Hotel began tilting this morning when the shore was eroded by the roaring flood waters caused by typhoon Morakot.  At 11:38, the hotel collapsed into the riverbed.  Yesterday, the hotel had already evacuated all workers and guests to other hotels further back from the river bank.

(Star News)


In Guangzhou's pedestrian mall, a woman holds up a flyer: "Zhujiang channel (Guangdong TV) <630 News> hostess Xu Jie is the mistress kept by the Dongguan police chief for many years.  She has personal assets of almost 100 million yuan.  He is currently pregnant more than four months with a girl.  The taxpayers' money is all going to the corrupt government officials for their mistresses."

(ZGBG.org)  July 31, 2009.

Zhujiang channel (Guangdong TV) <630 News> hostess Xu Jie is the mistress kept by the Dongguan police chief for many years, even though Xu Jie's legally wedded husband is the program editor Huang Jian at the television station.  But their publicly acknowledged child is the bastard between Xu Jie and the Dongguan public security bureau director Cui Jian.  Xu Jie has personal assets of almost 100 million yuan.  In order to reward Xu Jie for giving him the child, Cui Jian allocated the land in Dalang town (Dongguan) originally designated for industrial use to build a villa worth more than 100 million yuan for Xu Jie.

As an important news program for a city, Zhujiang channel (Guangdong TV) <630 news> is very influential among the citizens of southern Guangdong province.  Therefore the hostess has the responsibility of setting up an example for all television broadcasters.  As such, she must be excellent, fair and balanced in relating the news to the audience.  Apart from having good qualities, steadiness and propriety, she must be humble.  She should not be hugging someone else's husband.  Chairman Mao told us to study every day and aspire upwards.  A television hostess ought to be knowledgeable and honest.  Flippant and irresponsible behavior must be avoided.

So now that the taxpayers' money is all going to the corrupt government officials for their mistresses.  How can the broad masses take it?  We are presently experiencing a financial crisis.  Many university students are unemployed.  They have studied for so many years to arrive at this point.  Are they really worse off than being someone's mistress?  Is it easier to earn money be being a corrupt official?  Are we so easily ripped off?  What is the proper model for a news broadcaster, a good public servant or a good Communist Party member?

This piece of news has become a hot topic for many Guangzhou citizens.  As citizens, we must oppose the illegal activities of corrupt officials.  The eyes of the people are as clear as snow and the power of the people is strong.  Winning a gold or silver cup is never as good as winning public opinion!  So let us support this Internet post by making comments.  A harmonious society can only be built with the efforts of everybody.  We must not allow the corrupt officials to continue with their illegal activities!

(Southern Daily)  August 9, 2009.

The Dongguan city disciplinary committee issued a press release concerning the netizen "Lovely Kitten 88" and her post about Dongguan city public security bureau director Cui Jian keeping Zhujiang channel (Guangdong TV) <630 News> hostess Xu Jie as his mistress and building a 100 million yuan villa for her, etc.  An investigation conducted by the Guangdong province public security bureau  has determined that the problems described by "Lovely Kitten 88" are baseless and completely fabricated.

The preliminary investigation showed that the netizen "Lovely Kitten 88" is a 26-year-year old female with family name He from Maoming city, Guangdong province.  In 2007, she graduated from the Sichuan Academy of Music and was employed as an intern at the <Contemporary Entrepreneur> magazine.  She left her job after just over a month there.  She has no regular employment at this time.

With respect to her post, the preliminary investigation results are as follows:

(1) Cui Jian did not keep Xu Xie as his mistress.  They did not have a boy either.  According to multiple investigations, Cui Jian and Xu Xie do not know each other and are not related in any way.  When the netizen named He was questioned, she admitted that she only heard the rumor from somewhere.  She said that she has never met either Cui Jian or Xu Xie.

(2) Cui Jian did not build a luxury villa for Xu Jie in Dalang town.  The netizen named He admitted that on July 6, she saw a news report on Guangdong TV that "a certain town leader was building a luxury villa inside the Fumin Industrial Park in Dalang town."  She believed that this villa must have been built by Cui Jian for Xu Xie.

According to the investigation by the Dongguan city's relevant department, this villa was illegally built in Yangwu village, Dalang town.  The amount of investment was over 2 million yuan.  The owner was a 44-year-old private businessman named Ye from Dalang town.  Previously, the Dongguan city government had announced the investigation results about this villa which has been demolished.


(Hebei Youth Daily)

Yesterday at 13:00, more than a hundred people were gathered on the bridge on Chengbei Street in Gaocheng.  On the river about 20 meters to the west, there was a long black object more than one meter long floating in the water and bobbing up and down against the river current.  As it bobbled, it sent eddies out.

According to the spectator Little Yang, this "monster" began to move on the north shore of the river right underneath the bridge.  At the time, there were even more spectators.  Nobody knew who spotted it first.

By the time that the reporter arrived, the "monster" had moved about 20 meters to the west of the bridge over the course of four hours.

Whereas the people on the bridge were noisily dicussing, the "monster" was quiet and bobbed up and down slowly about 5 meters from shore.

According to Little Yang, a brave citizen attempted to enter the water to fetch the monster.  But within one meter from shore, the water was already up to the man's neck.  Thereafter, nobody else entered the water.  Someone exclaimed in horror that the monster can bite people and that the unseen portion of the monster under the water could be every more terrifying.

What is this "monster?"  People speculated.  Someone pointed out that the river water was severely polluted because the water was blackish-greenish.  So could this monster be like the one in the Korean sci-fi horror film <The Hanjiang River Mosnter>, which was a mutation as a result of pollution?  Someone said that this was a mutated snake.

At around 1:30pm, a young man borrowed a rope from a nearby store, attached an iron hook and tried to fetch the monster.  But he was too nervous as he threw the hook into the river but forgot to hold on to the other hand.  This caused much mirth.

At around 1:47pm, a 40-year-old man suddenly slid down the embankment and used a rope to retrieve the iron hook.  So a new attempt to fetch the monster was started.

After five attempts, the iron hook connected and the "monster" was towed to shore.

The man was brave.  He touched the "monster" lightly and quickly withdrew his hand.  Only when he was certain that the "monstser" would not bite that he touched it again.  Then he yelled to the people on the bridge and the shore: "What?  This is just an old belt ..."

"Is this just a belt?"  Mr Zhang who had been watching for more than half a hour could not believe it.  "I am positive that I saw it wriggle upstream."

Many eyewitnesses felt the same way as Mr Zhang.  How can their eyes be wrong?  This light belt should be flowing downstream with the current?

A teacher at the Hebei Normal University Department of Physics said that this may have to do with fluid mechanics.  Although the river flows east, there are eddies and currents in different sections of the river due to changes in the landscape.  Together with the wind, it is possible for something to move upstream.  But since he was not present to observe, this was just speculation.

[ESWN Comment: Why is this story here?  In line with recent stories about how people are willing to believe in rumors, there has to be some basis behind people's minds to make them pre-disposed to believing.  In the case of Hu Bin, people were ready to believe that the rich and powerful can do anything including swapping a poor boy to serve prison time for a rich boy.  In this case, people knew that the river was heavily polluted and were ready to believe that a mutated monster was quite possible.]

Pascal: It is natural for the mind to believe and for the will to love; so that, for want of true objects, they must attach themselves to false.


[in translation]

The Dalai Lama addressed the international community while providing an impression about the situation in Tibet.  This provides the media with a way of interpreting the information about the Chinese during the riots last year.

The outbreak of violence during the demonstrations of March 2008 was caused by "agents provocateurs," declared the the Dalai Lama during his press conference in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The first demonstrations were held on March 10 in a peaceful manner.  The Chinese authorities initially only observed the demonstrations.  It was only on March 14 that the capital Lhasa went up in flames.

The Dalai Lama said that he learned from reliable sources -- including from the BBC reporter who was right on the spot (translator's note: this is probably James Miles for The Econonmist) -- that exile Tibetans went to Lhasa between March 10 and 13.  They were the ones responsible for the outbreak of violence.  The Chinese authorities then brutally suppressed the violence.

According to Samdhong Rinpoche, President of the Tibetan government in exile, the names of 200 dead persons are known.  He suspects that more than 1,000 were dead and 4,000 persons are still in prison.

The Dalai Lama does not believe that the nonviolent struggle for Tibetan autonomy has failed because of the outbreak of violence.  Tibetan society is deeply peaceful and the violence came from the outside.

But it is clear that the situation on the ground provides little hope.  Tibet has been occupied for 60 years.  "Whether consciously or unconsciously, a form of cultural genocide is going on," said the religious leader of Tibet.

The Dalai Lama repeatedly insisted that it was "no problem" for him not to be received members of the Parliament.  He will be meeting the President of the National Council Chiara Simoneschi-Cortesi on Thursday.

In Hongshan village, Xiangzhou town, Zhuhai city, Guangdong province, there is an extraordinary four-storey building.  Half of the building has been demolished, but people continued to live in the other half.  According to the owner (of the remaining half), the building had been owned by him and his cousin.  Last year, his cousin sold his half of the building to a real estate developer which demolished that half.  However, he was unable to reach an agreement to the real estate developer and therefore continued to live there.  The family of six of the owner lives on the fourth floor, while the rest of the floors are rented out at very cheap rents of 100 to 200 yuan per month per floor.  The real estate developer went out of business two months ago.

More photos at Southern Metropolis Daily



I created this video last year to commemorate the seventh anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. I had long wanted to do a video using music from Gorecki's 3rd Symphony but never could decide how to do it. I had several video tapes of news footage from September 11, 2001 that I transferred to DVD and I began using those at first - but I found myself distracted by the onscreen graphics and started looking elsewhere for footage that wasn't cluttered by graphics and crawlers at the bottom of the screen. Then I found HBO's special "In Memoriam: New York CIty 9/11/2001" which turned out to be perfect for what I wanted to do.

Gorecki's Symphony #3, also known as "The Symphony of Sorrowful Songs," is an evocation of the themes of motherhood and war, and was offered as a tribute to victims of the Holocaust. The version of the symphony conducted by David Zinman and featuring the soloist Dawn Upshaw is probably the best known recording of the symphony, but for this video I used the version conducted by Yuri Simonov and featuring the soloist Susan Gritton. I was listening to this CD in my car one day while pondering how to put this video together when I was struck by the intensity of the strings in the symphony - they had an almost bell-like quality of them and I was reminded of the Edgar Allan Poe poem, "The Bells," which, in the third stanza, goes as follows:

Hear the loud alarum bells-
Brazen bells!
What a tale of terror, now, their turbulency tells!
In the startled ear of night
How they scream out their affright!
Too much horrified to speak,
They can only shriek, shriek,
Out of tune,
In a clamorous appealing to the mercy of the fire,
In a mad expostulation with the deaf and frantic fire,
Leaping higher, higher, higher,
With a desperate desire,
And a resolute endeavor,
Now- now to sit or never,
By the side of the pale-faced moon.
Oh, the bells, bells, bells!
What a tale their terror tells
Of Despair!
How they clang, and clash, and roar!
What a horror they outpour
On the bosom of the palpitating air!
Yet the ear it fully knows,
By the twanging,
And the clanging,
How the danger ebbs and flows:
Yet the ear distinctly tells,
In the jangling,
And the wrangling,
How the danger sinks and swells,
By the sinking or the swelling in the anger of the bells-
Of the bells-
Of the bells, bells, bells, bells,
Bells, bells, bells-
In the clamor and the clangor of the bells!

This was NOT an easy video to make. The original video ran over 13 minutes, but YouTube has a 10-minute limit on their videos and I managed to cut three minutes to bring it to just under 10 minutes. It was disheartening to watch over and over the various clips, and I believe it may be disheartening for the viewer to watch, but I tried to create a feeling of hope at the end.

(Hangzhou Daily)  August 4, 2009.

At around 9:30pm on August 4, 2009, a Porsche Cayenne car killed a young girl on Moganshan Road in front of the Provincial Broadcasting Group.  When we arrived at the scene, a black Porsche Cayenne was parked about 25 meters in front of the pedestrian crossing in front of the Zhejiang TV building entrance.  The spectators said that the casualties had been sent to the Xinhua Hospital nearby.

The Porsche had license plate A892E9.  The license plate in front of the car is bent out of shape as a result of the collision.  The front window on the passenger side is smashed like a spider web.  Both safety bags in the car were opened.

Twenty-five meters behind the Porsche is the zebra crossing.  According to the television station security guard who witnessed the incident, the crash occurred around 9:30pm.  The deceased was a young girl about 20 years old.  A female companion was by her side.  "There was a loud band.  I turned around to look and there was the handbag of a female student resting on the zebra crossing.  This Porsche was about 10 to 20 meters in front of the zebra crossing.  The female student was bounced to about 30 meters before the zebra crossing and quite motionless."

According to a person in a nearby store, the Porsche was traveling from south to north while the two girls were crossing the street on the zebra crossing from east to west.  When they reached the side of the television station, the Porsche hit them.

According to information from the Xinhua Hospital, the girl hit by the Porsche is confirmed to be dead.  The girl is from Fuyang city, Anhui province.  She is about 17 years old.  Her family and her boyfriend have arrived at the hospital.  "They are crying terribly."

Who was the driver?  According to citizens at the scene, there were two women in the car.  At first, a young girl got out and said that she was driving the car.  She called the police.  But the spectators said that the driver was a man in the car.  There was also a woman in her 30's sitting in the rear.  She got out and tried to give cardiovascular resuscitation to the victim.

The young man in the beige t-shirt and the young woman were tested for alcohol level by the traffic police.  The result was 0.227 mg/ml, which qualifies for drinking while under the influence of alcohol.  Blood tests will be administered.

"Were you driving the car?"  The reporter asked the man directly.  He lowered his head and made no sound.  Someone said that the people inside the television station could hear the sound of the motor of this car.

[The above is the summary of the rolling news reports.  In truth, the reports began at around 22:00pm, and updates were provided as: 22:23, 22:38, 22:45, 22:58, 23:05, 23:17, 23:20, 00:02, 00:15, 00:35, 00:58]


Phase 1: (Xinhua)  Family asks Rebiya Kadeer not to organize violence, undermine harmony   August 3, 2009.

Family members of Rebiya Kadeer have asked her not to organize violence or undermine the peaceful life in Xinjiang, in letters made public on Monday. They blamed her for organizing the riot in Urumqi on July 5 and apologized to the victims in two separate letters dated July 24. In one of the letters, Rebiya's son Khahar, daughter Roxingul and younger brother Memet expressed their discontent for her betrayal of promises of not taking part in separatist activities and voiced their moral indignity over the riot. Nine other relatives signed on the letter. "Because of you, so many innocent people lost their lives in Urumqi on July 5, and so many houses, shops and vehicles were burnt or damaged," they wrote. "The harmony and unity among ethnic groups were undermined."  Before leaving for the United States, Rebiya promised to the government that she would not be engaged in separatist activities. "You broke your words anyway," they wrote.  Xinjiang is a happy home to people of different ethnic groups and no one wants it destroyed, they wrote. "Please think about the happiness of us and your grandchildren," they said. "Don't destroy the stable and happy life in Xinjiang. Don't follow the provocation from some people in other countries."  People are living a good life here, they told Rebiya. "There are no difference between ethnic groups so long as you're willing to work hard. There are many Uygur millionaires and countless new buildings in Urumqi, and Uygur people enjoy various preferential policies from the government."  Despite what she had done, her family wrote, "We still miss the mother (sister) who cared about us before going to jail. The last thing we want is that our mother (sister) is condemned by the people of all ethnic groups." They also wrote that the local government did not harass them because of her. "The Government treats us very nicely. We are often told, 'Your mother is responsible for things she did. It has nothing to do with you.'"

In another letter to the victims of the July 5 riot, they held Rebiya and the World Uygur Congress (WUC) responsible for the riot. "Evidence proved the riot was organized by the WUC, led by Rebiya Kadeer, and implemented by a group of separatists within the Chinese borders."  They admitted that, six hours before the riot happened, they received a phone call from Rebiya warning them there would be a "big incident."  After an brawl between Uygur and Han workers of a factory in Shaoguan of southern Guangdong Province broke out on June 26, Rebiya exaggerated the facts on the Internet, raising the death toll from two to more than 50, and posted counterfeit pictures, which triggered the riot, they wrote.  "Those who committed crimes should take the responsibilities," they said.  "We were not involved in the riot. We are innocent and we are victims as well. As her family members, we are very angry about the riot organized by our mother to separate the country. We feel sorry for the victims and their families," they wrote. "You must be still in deep sorrow of losing your loved ones though more than half a month has passed. We can do nothing but to apologize."  In addition, they asked Uygur people "not to believe what she said" and befriend people from other ethnic groups.

Phase 2: (AFP)  Beijing forced family's 'denunciation': Uighur leader   August 4, 2009.

Kadeer told Radio Free Asia that China's official Xinhua news agency had forced her children to blame her for inciting last month's violence in the Xinjiang regional capital Urumqi. "China has power," she said, according to the radio station. "They are able to control my children's speech and turn their tongues against me, but they can't control the love created by God between me and my children. It's not worth wondering who wrote that letter, I know my children. No one wants to blame his or her mother for something, even if they did do something wrong," she added.

Kadeer said the letters were an attempt to discredit her among the Uighurs, a mainly Muslim ethnic minority, and damage her global reputation. "I know all the old and new methods of the Chinese authorities for criticising their enemies," the mother of 11 said at Sydney airport. "This is not the first time this has happened to me."

The two letters, which were widely quoted in Chinese media, were purportedly from Kadeer's son Khahar and daughter Roxingul, as well as her younger brother Memet. "Because of you, many innocent people of all ethnic groups lost their lives in Urumqi on July 5, with huge damage to property, shops and vehicles," Xinhua quoted a letter addressed to Kadeer as saying.

 second letter from the relatives, addressed to the families of those killed, said the unrest was "organised by the WUC, led by Rebiya Kadeer, and implemented by a group of separatists within the Chinese borders".

Phase 3: (CCTV 9)


[ESWN comment: In my humble opinion, if this is going to be a PR war, then the Chinese side should not be emphasizing the nature of mother-children relationships here.  Instead, the emphasis should have been the children talking about their sympathy for all the victims of the Urumqi riots which caused their consciences to speak up for the sake of universal peace and love.  That would be the coup de grace because any challenge on that basis would make you lower than an animal.  Still, in retrospect, it was unwise for the WUC to respond in the manner of Phase 2 because they should have known that Phase 3 must be held on reserve and just waiting to be released to a Phase 2-type response.]

Additional Link: (Global Times)  Mom told me to set myself on fire, son says  By Qiu Yongzheng in Urumqi and Qiu Wei in Beijing   August 5, 2009.

Over the last few days, various people have come out and proclaimed: "I am the father of Jia Junpeng" and "I am the one who created the promotion hype known as Jia Junpeng."  Apart from some mutual acrimony, most of the time they seemed to be enjoying the climax of this farce.  But it is surprising is that there is another "brand new incident" in the form of a post titled, <Zhu Yingxian, I support your stabbing yourself to death> and no other content that was designed to be yet another Internet sensational hit.

This began with a netizen named Zhu Yingxian who left a message in the QQ group for diehard fans of Happy Girls contestant Zeng Yike (see Is Zeng Yike A Happy Girl?) that said: "As long as Keke (note: nickname for Zeng Yike) is happy, I would rather there be another earthquake in Wenchuan."

"Zhu Yingxian, I support you to stab yourself to death"

This statement was utterly unacceptable to everybody, and therefore Zhu Yingxian has become the target of human flesh search and much comment.  According to information, she is a 13 or 14 year old middle school student, born in 1996 and now studying in a middle school in Guangzhou.  Reportedly, she was saddened and hapless when she found out that she was a popular subject for discussion on the Internet.

When a netizen posted <Zhu Yingxian, Wenchuan is calling you to kneel down!", it received many responses.  All of a sudden, "Zhu Yingxian, Wenchuan is calling you to kneel down!> became another popular Internet phrase.

Although this incident has not generated the 100,000 plus comments like the <Jia Junpeng, your mom wants you to come home for dinner!> post over just a few hours, it is still trending upwards.  But it remains to be seen whether this is a "authentic problem about someone born in the 1990's" or yet another "human flesh search" promotional hype.

Netizen comment: In the matter of Zhu Yingxian, I am angry that she does not even have a wee bit of nationalism and patriotism.  She built her joke over the pain of others.  But after my anger subsided, I felt more sorrow than anger.  Who fault is it?  The case of Zhu Yingxian is just one of the many "XX gate" affairs about the perversities among those born in the 1990's.  We would rather forgive the ignorance of one 13-year-old child but we cannot allow these sicknesses to exist in society.  In the end, this is the result of the "very pornographic, very violent" Internet culture which has corrupted the minds and spirits of those born in the 1990's.

Netizen comment: When I see such a young girl make such an utterance, I feel an incomparable sadness.  Basically children nowadays are all single children who have been spoiled by their parents.  They don't know what love means and individualism among them is quite obvious.  I don't know why or for whom Zhu Yiangxian said that.  But since she was capable of saying it, it showed that she has tossed aside the excellent tradition and morality of our people.  It was very normal for netizens to curse her out.  Furthermore I am also thinking about the failure of our education.  When a girl can say, I think that her school and parents must bear absolute responsibility.  The Wenchuan earthquake was a painful piece of memory.  The parents and the school should have taught the children about the event and increase their love.  Regrettably their education has clearly failed, or else they neglected to educate her all all.  This is a sad thing.

Netizen comment: When I read what Zhu Yingxian wrote, I was very angry.  But I thought about it until I understood.  Why did Zhu Yingxian say something so irresponsible?  Is it her own problem?  No, her own problem is just a minor issue.  Who caused Zhu Yingxian to be so ignorant?  How many such Zhu Yingxian are there in China?  Please note at society today -- it is full of people like Zhu Yingxian.  Do you accept it?  If you won't accept it, what can you do?  You can scold them.  But will they change as a result of you scolding them?  Should you be scolding people like Zhu Yingxian?  Or those who created people like Zhu Yingxian?

On July 30, the Internet monitoring system sinforAC became operational at Shantou University.  This system has the ability to control Internet volume, block P2P application, filter websites and monitor chat sessions.

On July 31, a blog post entitled <Shantou University implements new Internet monitoring system>.  It clasimed that "last evening (July 30), the Shantou University Network Centre initiated a new monitoring system known as sinforAC.  This system has the ability to monitor every move of an Internet user, including monitoring the QQ and MSN chat sessions as well as all other online activities."  The blog post claimed, "many students believe that their freedom to acess the Internet and their freedom of speech are being threatened."

In the morning of July 31, "yorks" posted at the Shantou University Tulip BBS under the title <Please tell us what happens to our privacy after sinforAC?>.  According to him, he was greeted with the sinforAC greeting message when he started the Internet browser that morning: "Verification is required before you get online.  Do you want verification now?"

But what concerns him is not the reminder for verification but his own privacy: "I got on Baidu to do some searches and I found out that this sinforAC thing can even monitor my encrypted QQ information."

"yorks" found on the official sinforAC website that one of the functions was "monitoring QQ, MSN and other chat records; monitoring all online activities."

Soon, other students noticed various inconveniences that were caused by the new system.  "Catman" and other students complained that "you have to enter a password on everything.  It is so annoying."

At the Tulip BBS at Shantou University, the discussions on this topic were the "hottest" for August 1 and 2.  According to the statistics of the BBS, nine out of the top ten posts on August 1 were about the new system.  The discussion were mainly about whether the new system is necessary, and whether their online banking information will remain secure under the new system.  "Catman" questioned the way that the Network Centre went about this: "How can the school begin monitoring student's free use of the Internet without ever notifying them?"

The reporter noted even as many students expressed their concerns, a netizen "qzma" kept commenting: "The main purpose is to identify and compute Internet usage, as well as replacing the old verification system.  As for the monitoring, it is just a peripheral service that was requested by the public security bureau."  "The upgrade is mainly done for the sake of everybody.  The new system will not be so unstable."

But this explanation was quickly drowned out by other voices.  Although the Network Centre has restored the old system on August 1, some netizens still produced spoof videos.


Yesterday, the reporter called the Shantou University Network Centre customer service line as a student.  The worker explained that the July 31 software installation was a test.  This was summer vacation time, "and we wanted to test it while there are not too many people around.  There wasn't a lot of impact."

He said that the main purpose of the test is to improve the usage tally for fee collection in the old system.  "The old system had a lot of problems, and the cost of upgrading is very high.  Therefore, we considered using a more mature commercial product."

This worker acknowledged that the software records IP addresses and the on/off times for QQ and other chat sessions.  But it was impossible to look for special account information such as passwords, chat contents, etc.  The main purpose was directed against illegal activities "as requested by the public security bureau in the event that an investigation should be necessary."

"But now it seems that there were still serious problems from the test audit."  This worker said that they found problems with counting traffic volume on the first day.

As to whether they will adopt this system, "it has to be negotiated with the manufacturer.  They had only won the bid, but no contract has been signed yet.  I also hope that the students will raise more questions."

"We have now restored the old system."  This worker confirmed that the testing lasted for only about one day.

For comparison, this is what happens at an Amreican university:

(The Cornell Daily Sun)  New Policy Tracks Internet Use, Caps Downloads   By Steven Xu.  September 26, 2009.

Cornell Information Technologies changed Cornell students’ Internet access. Now, every student’s Internet traffic, whether it be through ResNet or Red Rover, is monitored and recorded by NetID. Students are subject to a 10 Gigabyte network usage cap per semester. The old policy did not monitor internet access through RedRover and used a 5 Gigabyte cap.

Traffic monitoring, conducted through CIT’s Network Usage Based Billing (NUBB) System, records all ResNet connections to external addresses, including IP address and quantity of data transferred. Although CIT gathers information about user activity, individual logs are neither analyzed nor actively monitored, except under “suspicion of violation of law or policy with the permission of the appropriate university official.”

Ample warnings of network monitoring have effectively deterred students from using common file sharing protocols such as BitTorrent to download pirated music or media. Chris Fairfax ’12 affirming the effect of Cornell’s tech policy, said, “Because of the cap and Cornell’s monitoring policy, it seems that many freshmen are really avoiding [peer-to-peer] file sharing like BitTorrent.”

In response both to Internet traffic monitoring and usage caps, many students have opted for file sharing within the Cornell network. Programs such as DC++ and ShakesPeer allow users to share files with local peers. Since the connections are confined within the University, they are not counted towards the NUBB cap. However, shared files can very easily be tracked back to the initial owner, and since peer transfers are also routed through Cornell’s network, CIT can similarly monitor local traffic.

My niece attended Beizhen Middle School in Shandong province.  At this year's university entrance exam, her mark was 627 both via telephone and Internet inquiry.  My sister-in-law wanted her to attend the Petroleum University but she preferred the Oceanographic University.  After discussing with her class master, she applied to the Oceanographic University.  She found out on the Internet that she had been accepted by the Oceanographic University whose minimum requirement was 627.  However, she has not received an official letter of acceptance yet.  When she checked again, she found out that her mark has become 295 instead.

I went to the Shandong province Bincheng district ministry of education and found out that her student file did not exist.  The ministry of education workers passed responsibility around and around.  When the class master found out that my sister-in-law wanted to expose the matter to the media, she did everything possible to stop her.  She even said that my niece was the worst student in class.  It is amazing that a teacher could say that the number two ranked student in that class could become a lousy student!!!

It is deplorable that my niece's mark was taken over by someone else.  Not only were the Internet and telephone results disappeared, but even the student file was removed!!

Is there any justice left under heaven?! ...

In order to show that this is true, I am publishing the information of my niece (Zhang Shiyue, Beizhen Middle School Shandong province, hometown Bingcheng district, Bingzhou city).  I ask everybody to think about a way to get justice.

(Beifang New Daily)  August 8, 2009.

On August 1, the Jinan Times reporter went to Bingzhou city (Shandong province) to interview the principals to seek the truth in the matter of "Zhang Shiyue's university entrance exam mark was changed from 627 to 295."

On that afternoon, the alma mater Beizhen Middle School invited the student and her parents to the school.  Zhang Shiyue admitted that her true mark in the university entrance exam was 297.  But her mother had a heart condition and her father had a brain thrombus, so she was concerned that it might upset them.  All along she had told her parents that her school grades were good and this time she got 627 marks."  "I only want to hide it from my parents so that they won't worry."

Zhang Shiyue's mother said that her daughter had always told her that her grades were good.  When the university entrance exam results were announced, Zhang Shiyue's 627 was just good enough for the Oceanographic University.  But the acceptance letter did not come.  So Zhang Shiyue's sister called the Oceanographic University and was told that her university entrance exam mark was only 295.

After analyses, the family concluded that the mark was altered by unknown persons such that Zhang Shiyue's place was taken over by someone else.  So the family began to contact the Bingzhou student recruitment office, the ministry of education and the Beizhen Middle School.  When Zhang Shiyue's aunt heard about the matter, she posted the story of the 'case' on the Internet.

At 10:59am on July 16, an Internet post was made by a person from IP address 222.94.255.*.  The post was entitled "Jia Junpeng, your mother is telling you to come home and have dinner."  The content has only two English-language letters "rt" which is the shorthand in Chinese for "as in the title."  This mocking comment became red-hot on the Internet!

"Jia Junpeng" was a tiny pebble, but it was able to create huge ripples.  Within six hours, this post got more than 390,000 page views and 17,000 comments.  As for 18:00 on July 20, the number of comments had gone past 310,000 and the number of page views had reached 1,084,000 in a merely four days.

The sudden popularity of the previously obscure "Jia Junpeng" was pronounced by many netizens to be "a miracle of the Chinese Internet."

Does "Jia Junpeng" really exists?  Or is this Internet incident manufactured by some Intenet promoter?  The answer is the latter.  Huang Lianghua is the CEO of a media company in Beijing that specializes in Internet promotion on behalf of various big-name brands.  He announced in his blog that he is "the father of Jia Junpeng."

"Actually, we had prepared two scenarios.  For example, what if nobody reacted?  And what if it got red-hot?  But we never expected that it would be this hot.  Huang Lianghua is 27-years-old.  His company has 10 employees.  Each year, they run three to five similar promotions.  "Usually we do not regular marketing.  These hypes come from special customer requests."

Huang Lianghua said that they planned the process of the "Jia Junpeng" over the course of two months.  They used four advertising agencies to monitor and implement the project, reporting by telephone every two hours.  "In total, more than 800 Internet marketing persons were used.  They registered more than 20,000 ID's and made more than 100,000 replies."  Many of the Internet work was sub-contracted to part-time netizens.  But after initiating the process, the project team withdrew from the process.  Their comments only account for 3% of the total number of Internet comments.

During the interview by the reporter, Huang Lianghua said that it was inconvenient to reveal who asked him to run this promotion.  But he acknowledged that it had to do with "games."  "We all know that World of Warcraft has been out of commission for some time. The WoW users were idle, so we wanted to create an incident to excite the WoW users so that they don't feel bored.  In addition, we hope to attract people who play WoW to pay attention."

 As for the revenue of this campaign, Huang Lianghua said that he earned "six figures" in compensation.  But he didn't think that this was very high.  "Relatively speaking, this incident received high exposure.  It was even reported in the United States."

The name "Jia Junpeng" was modified the name "Li Junpeng" of the son of a friend.  But there are too many Li's around and he did not want to use a name that was shared by many people in the real world.  So he chose the family name "Jia" which is an homonym as the word for "fake" in Chinese.  This was a hint that this was a fake person.

As for "your mother wants you to come home and have dinner," Huang Lianghua said: "Actually it is easy.  There is no difficulty with the language.  The point is that it evokes childhood memories.  For people of our age, very few mothers would holler to tell us to go home and have dinner after he grow up.  But when we were small kids, we may be playing outside in the field and our mothers may holler at us from afar.  So when we hear this phrase, our inner feelings gush out.  Nowadays, when our mothers want us to have dinner, she would make a telephone call.  And children seldom go outside to play.  We took the inspiration from the stories of childhood memories on the Internet."  He said that there will be more exciting episodes (upgrades) yet to come.

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The young models have also charged into Ani-com.  Yesterday, there were 113,000 attendees on the first day of this annual festival.  This years, there were many products organized around the "young models."  A 13-year-old young boy named Li began to join the line at just after 6am.  As soon he entered, he raised to the booth which was selling life-size pillows of young model Krissie Chow and paid HKD 598.  He said, "She is so pretty.  I am will buy only her pillow and nobody else's.  I saved four months for this, plus my regular savings.  It is indeed somewhat expensive, but it is worth it."  He said that he will not put the pillow on his bed.  Instead, he might put it on a sofa.  "I will hug it and I won't let anyone else do so."

The 40 Krissie Chow pillows were sold out within three hours, with 119 orders being taken.  With respect to the 13-year-old buyer, Krissie Chow said: "People like this sort of product at that age.  When the designer came up the design, the idea was that it is just a fashion item.  I don't think that this is going to corrupt kids."

(Those Were The Days)

... An office colleague joked that this young boy is premature in already learning about how to lust.  How come young kids are so precocious nowadays, he wondered?  Of course, the "young models" have abetted in the process of sexual liberation for young people and that is not a good thing.

But from an alternate (even politically incorrect) angle, I have different ideas.  Suppose that the 13-year-old is really a "dirty young man" as people supposed, then his "lewdness" is restricted to enjoying hugging a "young model" pillow as opposed to picking up girlfriends in the real world.  Compared to other "problem" children, he is much more restrained.  At least, in the eyes of the moralists, he is not one of those young kids with steady girlfriends already.  Why else does he want to buy a "young pillow" for?  Indeed, when I spoke to another colleague, we were wondering why there are still young people left who would rather hug a "young model" pillow than get to know girls?  Is this an otaku phenomenon?  Why would young people invest their virtual emotions in an imagined idol rather than dare or want to have true emotions in the real world?  The issues behind the "young model" pillow cannot be boiled down to a simple characterization of "deleterious ideas."

Of course, I don't think that this is any big deal.  If a 13-year-old buy spends almost HKD 598 to buy a four-foot-plus "young model" pillow is considered a major social problem, then we should remember that yesterday some 31-year-old adult spent HKD 1,2000 to purchase a 26cm tall premier edition of the Evil Lord of the Fire Clouds!  At least, the "young model" pillow is more practical.  Isn't it harder to comprehend why someone would spend HKD 1,200 to buy a 26cm tall plastic statue than a "young model" pillow?

In July 2009, almost two years later, Chu and Ho received the government's bill over the court fees prior to August 6.  Here is the detailed breakdown:

For the period from 08.06.2007-end, the following bill is covered by the Legal Aid Department: