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Defloration Gate

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(Mylegist.com)   March 17, 2010.

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Sexy Photos Gate ruined Gillian Chung while Sexy Video Gate made Shoushou famous.  This made the post-90's young girl named Feng Yangyan jealous.   So she decided to set up "Defloration Gate" to make herself famous.   At the high school attended by Feng Yangyan, the in-crowd happened to lead "alternative" lifestyles.  But as everybody knows, a virgin could not very well be "alternative"!  Therefore, Feng Yangyan spent money to hire a man to deflower her!  In order to prove that she is indeed no longer a virgin, she even video-taped the process of her defloration and posted the video onto the Internet!   Although this shocking act by Feng Yangyan has been characterized as "brain-damaged," she is now famous.  After "Defloration Gate," the post-90's Feng Yangyan has indeed become an "alternative lifestyler."

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(Southern Metropolis Daily)  March 17, 2010.

According to a certain website, this incident is about a young girl Feng XX spending money to hire a man to deflower her and posting the relevant video at a well-known video website in order to prove that she is no longer a virgin.

The Hunan Online reporter found that this video is no longer accessible on the Internet.  But certain screen captures can still be found at the Internet forums.  These photos showed that the video had high resolution quality, and the sequence of photos allows a viewer to reconstruct what transpired.

Yet when this reporter entered "Post-90's alternative lifestyler offers her body for fame" into a search engine, the Internet forums contained a post of the title but the contents are somewhat different (apart from the "daring" nature of the action).

Before Defloration Gate, there had just been "Breast Groping Gate," "Pants Stripping Gate" and "Dongguan Technical School 3P Gate" on the Internet, which made some people comment on the degree of "openness" among the post-90's generation.  What has happened to our children?  Are the principals in these affairs typical of the post-90's generation?

According to Chongqing Normal Univserity professor Zhou Xiaoyan, these incidents showed that some post-90's youngsters are sexually liberated.   This has to do with the multiple channels through which they can now be enlightened about sexuality.  As a result, some post-90's youngsters are sexually mature already.   "But this is a minority and definitely not the mainstream of the post-90's."

Zhou Xiaoyan said that all the principals in these affairs were post-90's who are moving into maturity via alternative styles.  They are testing social tolerance by putting their bodies and dignity on the line.  But these methods will only aggravate the adults.  The post-90's need to reflect on these incidents, wihle we also have to reflect about our educational methods and communicative styles without putting the blame on them on the time.

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