Sexy Video Gates

Can a mainlander find adult videos over the Internet?  Easy as pie.  All manners of videos, especially Japanese AV's, can easily be found.  Nevertheless, the most popular adult video at any time tends to be based upon real Chinese persons instead of Japanese actresses screaming "Yamate!" and "Iku!."  Within the last two weeks, there have been three major outbreaks of Chinese adult video material on the Internet.  Each of these case studies bring out important social issues, such as law, promotional gimmickry, privacy, censorship, etc.  The following is a compilation of different articles about these three cases.  By the way, this page does not provide links to those videos.

Shoushou Gate

Special feature page was set up at the MOP forum

(MOP)  February 26, 2010.

On February 21, sex videos/photos that are alleged to involve ace car model Shoushou and her boyfriend appeared suddenly at the various forums.  The person who disseminated the material described himself as a photographer.  He said that when Shoushou first came out, she was forced to take many indecent videos by her then boyfriend.  So this person used his personal connections to deal with the case as well as promoted Shoushou's career.  The two then became lovers.  Today, this photographer boyfriend is taking revenge at Shoushou for the breakup of their relationship.

(Huashangbao via 6Park)  February 23, 2010.

Saying #1:  This is a story of one beautiful woman and two men.

One is a ex-boyfriend and the other is an ex-ex-boyfriend.  But this is not a romantic story and Shoushou gate may become the first hot Internet term of the year 2010.

Saying #2:  Promotions can only go so far.  Going any further may be disastrous.

Shoushou became popular overnight through the efforts of Internet promoters, but her ex-boyfriend used the same technique to destroy her reputation overnight.  Isn't this mockery for Shoushou?

Saying #3: Shoushou Gate is an Internet carnival.

The curiosity and nosiness of netizens created the room for Shoushou Gate to exist.  But the existence of Shoushou Gate also mocks the Internet supervisory government departments.  The situation here is very similar to the case of Edison Chen's Sexy Photos Gate.

Saying #4: We do not have any concrete technical definitions of indecency/obscenity.

In Hong Kong, the "Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance" classifies articles into Category I, II or III as determined by an independent organization.  We do not have any such system or classification in mainland China.

As the Year of the Tiger began, ace car model Zhai Ling (nickname Shoushou) detonated a bomb into the entertainment field when several indecent/obscene videos purportedly featuring her appeared on the Internet.

Yesterday a news story appeared on the Internet: "Some media claimed to have information from a good friend of Shoushou that she took an overdose of sleeping pills due to the pressure from Shoushou Gate and is currently hospitalized."  But this news was quickly denied by her model agency: "We don't know about this.  This cannot be true.  This is just an Internet rumor."

Most news reports have claimed that the Shoushou Gate photos/videos were released by her ex-boyfriend named Yang Di and nicknamed "No Screwdriver" in revenge.  However, the man in the photos and videos was not "No Screwdriver" but he was the ex-ex-boyfriend instead.  In a July 2009 blog post, "No Screwdriver" mentioned that he had helped Shoushou handle the matter of the nude photos involving the ex-ex-boyfriend.  Furthermore, "No Screwdriver" said that he used his connections to package and promote Shoushou, including writing her blog posts.  However, Shoushou betrayed him and his parents and left him.  "I am leaving plenty of room and face for Shoushou.  I don't want to malign her.  I handled her scandal case.  I wrote her blog.  Every step of hers over those three years involved my efforts."

But yesterday this reporter found another version of Shoushou gate from a friend of both Shoushou and "No Screwdriver" at the Tianya Forum.  "'No Screwdriver' is exceedingly selfish.  Any time that Shoushou participated in an event, he would demand the organizers to pay for his plane ticket, food and board because he had to come along.  Furthermore, he demanded that Shoushou bring him along whenever she had to meet with other men.  After they broke up, 'No Screwdriver' complained and wept to all the media reporters that he knew and made up all these terrible things about Shoushou.  He asked the media to ban Shoushou!

In the many interviews, the reporter learned that 'No Screwdriver' had participated in Beijing TV event planning.  According to the Beijing TV person, "'No Screwdriver' is not a station employee.  He only participated in planning some programs, but no more.  This whole thing is a promotional gimmick.  There is a company behind this doing all the planning."  But this person said that he does not have the details.

Another Internet planner told our reporter that Shoushou was not very well-known before the videos appeared.  It is hard to become famous as a car model.  Her ex-boyfriend blogged that he helped to hype and promote her, so she must understand the importance of promotion in her career.  Just like "the black-dressed girl behind Obama," any means will be used in order to become a celebrity.

At MOP, Huasheng and other forums, many netizens expressed their opinions -- "the girl in the video is Shoushou without any doubt," "it is immoral to distribute these videos," "Shoushou deserves pity as the victim"; but other netizens are skeptical because this could be a self-promotion by a model.

As of 7:10pm on February 22, 980 persons have participated in an iFeng poll with the question being: "Do you think that the indecent Shoushou videos is a self-promotion gimmick?"  43.57% chose: "Yes, it is so obvious" while 25.51% chose (No, who would use her own indecent videos gimmick to promote herself?).  Meanwhile another 30.92% chose "It is none of my business one way or the other."

Whenever something is hot, computer viruses follow.  Yesterday our reporter read that the Shoushou Gate-related search terms took up eight of the top ten most rapidly rising Google search terms.  Anti-virus experts remind people that there are many malware out there being presented as the Shoushou Gate videos.

Although I wonder whether this is a promotional gimmick, I am more interested in the behavior of the man.  The face of the man with the big tummy was never shown.  So I think many viewers are left being unsatisfied.

Firstly, in the Shoushou Gate affair, we should learn to respect others.  There are some things that we may want to watch ourselves, but we should not forward them to other people.  This is the rule, because it shows respect for others.

Secondly, you should exchange places and ask yourself whether you would forward this video if you were the subject in the video.  You wouldn't.

Therefore, those who want to watch the Shoushou Gate videos should try to find the videos on their own.  Very few people will actually send them out, because it is both illegal and immoral.  We must learn to respect the privacy of others.

(New Express via Wenxue City)  February 24, 2010.

To the media and all those friends who care about Zhai Ling:

We thank everybody for their attention and support for Zhai Ling and her New Silk Road Model Agency!

Recently, the so-called "Shoushou Gate" and related indecent videos have been circulated wildly on the Internet.  The model Zhai Ling is a victim in the matter.  Her right to privacy has been seriously damaged by the false stories and the indecent videos.  Her normal life and work have been seriously interrupted.

As the agency for Zhai Ling, the New Silk Road Model Agency expresses our regret and anger on this affair.  We strongly deplore the action of using the Internet to disseminate indecent videos and violate privacy, and we express our sincere condolence to Zhai Ling for this unfortunate experience!  The New Silk Road Model Agency is the largest professional model agency in China, and we will manage and protect our models.  At the moment of greatest difficulty for Zhai Ling, the New Silk Road Model Agency will support and care about her as always!

We welcome the media friends to continue to pay attention to Zhai Ling and the New Silk Road Model Agency in a fair and objective manner.  We reserve the right to seek legal redress against rumors, smears and other false news stories that malign Zhai Ling.

New Silk Road Model Agency

(MOP)  Seven points of doubt about Shoushou Gate.  February 24, 2010.

1.  If the videos were taken with the ex-ex-boyfriend circa 2007, then Shoushou's breasts should not be as big as shown in the videos.  It is known that Shoushou had cosmetic surgery done only after knowing the ex-boyfriend Yang Di (aka "No Screwdriver").

2.  Were the videos taken with the ex-ex-boyfriend?  According to information, he should be around 21 years old in 2007, two years older than Shoushou.  Does this man look like he is 21?

3. Why was the video cut up into three segments?  The ex-ex-boyfriend was supposed to be an Edison Chen-type who likes to make TV films.  Why weren't the videos of better quality?

4. What about the personal characteristics of Shoushou?  From body parts as shown in the videos, netizens conclude that Shoushou must have had an active sex life for more than a year already.  Yang Di said that Shoushou was a virgin before meeting the ex-ex-boyfriend and they only co-habited for one year.  Is that enough time?

5. Would Shoushou go so far as using indecent videos to promote herself?  Most girls cannot accept publicly exhibiting their private parts, but Shoushou may be more daring than others.

6. Are Shoushou and Yang Di hyping this up?  Yang Di writes well and he has been a promoter before.  He said that he would continue to promote Shoushou.  She also looked to be the calculating type.  So it is entirely possible that this whole thing is a staged show.  Even their so-called breakup may be faked.

7. Edison Chen's Sexy Photos Gate involved too many people so that the focii were diffused.  But Shoushou Gate has only one focal point -- Shoushou herself.  At the very least, she is now known worldwide, inside and outside China.  Sooner or later, people will forget about the details of the case but they will remember her name.

(Sichuan Online)  February 26, 2010.

Yesterday morning, Shoushou broke her silence through her blog.  She wrote: "Everything is fine with me.  I did not commit suicide.  I think everybody knows who has that video.  The person who uploaded the video has broken the law and will have to face the legal consequences ... I am the biggest victim in the affair.  I hope that you all can respect my feelings and not hurt me anymore.  I hope that those netizens with a sense of justice to condemn the person who leaked and uploaded the video."

Yesterday, a blogger claimed that director Wang Jing intends to sign Shoushou for his company with plans to publish photo albums and make movies.  This blogger claimed that Wang Jing has scheduled three movies featuring Shoushou this year.  Yesterday our reporter tried to contact Wang Jing but could not reach him because his mobile phone was turned off.  Therefore this story has not been verified.  If true, though, then Shoushou will become the winner instead of the victim in the matter of the "indecent video."  Many models make their living through youth and will usually seek a change in career while they are still popular.  The most natural alternative is to enter the entertainment field.  Shoushou obviously will seize this opportunity with her looks and body.

(NetEase Technology via Daqi)  February 27, 2010.

"Have you watched Shoushou Gate yet?"  At an office in Nancheng, people asked this netizen.  Over the course of the day, no less than 10 persons spoke to him on the subject.

Since the day before yesterday, the Shoushou Gate video has been disseminating wildly across the Internet.  On Google's most popular search terms for February 24 and 25, Shoushou Gate-related search terms took up six of the top eight most popular search terms.

Since Shoushou Gate touched upon indecency/obscenity, many websites have shut down the related links.  So how did netizens find the video?  A random survey showed that while a small number of netizens was able to download from Tianya Forum and other websites before February 24, more than 80% of netizens got it through QQ and other chat software through friends or other netizens.

Many citizens are concerned whether passing the Shoushou Gate video along is breaking the law.

According to the Dongguan Internet Culture Association secretary-general Lin Huan, anyone who uses the Internet or mobile telecommunication to manufacture, reproduce, publish, sell and/or distribute more than 20 items of obscene movies/performances/animations for profit may be sentenced to a maximum of three years of prison and/or additional fines.

If a person does so not for profit but nevertheless distributes more than 40 such items, the penalty is a maximum of two years in jail.

The new law applies to using chat rooms, Internet forums, instant messaging, electronic mail, etc.

"Beijing Film Academy's Zhang Yaru" Gate

(ifeng via 6park)  February 25, 2010.


Before the curtains are even drawn on Shoushou Gate, another indecent video has shown up.  The principal character is alleged to be "Beijing Film Academy's Zhang Yaru."  The video runs about 16 minutes and the exhibited activities go even farther than Shoushou Gate.

iFeng called the person in charge of the publicity department at the Beijing Film Academy.  This person was surprised to hear the description of the video.  He said: "I have only heard about the Shoushou Gate affair, but I don't know about this other affair.  I don't have any details, but I do not believe that any of our female students would do such things."  When asked where we can find a student roster, he provided the link to the official Beijing Film Academy website.  The reporter was unable to find the name Zhang Yaru on that website.

According to an informed source, this female is not a current student at the Beijing Film Academy.  She had once applied to the Beijing Film Academy but was not accepted.  So she was just a wannabe.

Also one netizen analyzed the video and concluded that this is absolutely a "promotional gimmick."  This netizen wrote that the filmography was up to professional adult video standards with a clarity far better than the Shoushou Gate video.  In addition, the female looked as if she had just put on make-up to make this video and the camera angles were carefully chosen.  Thus, the netizen concluded: "There is no doubt that this was a staged show."

At the various search engines, it is clear that "Zhang Yaru" has been linked to "Shoushou."  If this was really "staged" as asserted, then this other video is getting a free ride off Shoushou.

"ICBC Girl" Gate

(  February 26, 2010

The spring of 2010 is destined not to be a calm one.  Before even the curtains closes down on Shoushou Gate, two more indecent videos popped up and circulated yesterday.  One video was purportedly for "Beijing Film Academy's Zhang Yaru" and runs for about 16 minutes.  The other video was known as "ICBC girl" on account of the uniform that the woman wore.

Car model Shoushou, ICBC girl, BFA Zhang Yaru, one after another ... netizens are astounded: "Isn't the Earth spinning too quickly?"

(Voice of China)  February 26, 2010.

The ICBC Girl drew special attention because she was wearing an ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) uniform.  A netizen has disclosed that she is Zheng Xuan at the Shahe branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China in Chengdu city.  The uploaded video is of relatively good quality.  These factors made the video wildly popular for downloading, and the relevant keywords are on the top of the search engine lists.

(Fengone)  February 26, 2010.

Over the past couple of days, video titled "Chengdu Sexy Video Gate" has been going around in Chengdu as well as on many other Chinese websites.  The video featured a man and a woman, with their conversation being recorded.  Based upon the fact that the woman spoke the Chengdu dialect and wore a uniform, netizens found out that the woman is an employee of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China in Chengdu.  Nosy netizens even produced a transcript of the conversation and concluded that the two were lovers who made the video willingly.

A netizen claimed that the video was leaked after the man lost his mobile phone.  The person who found the mobile phone saw the video and uploaded it onto the Internet.

After the video became available, arguments arose among netizens.  Even as some netizens began the human flesh search to locate the principals, most netizens expressed their sympathy for the woman.  "Let us hope the matter can calm down and end soon!"  Netizens said that this was a personal matter for which the woman should not be hurt or put under pressure.  Meanwhile, netizens also condemned the person who disseminated the video because of invasion of privacy.

On February 25, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China released a statement to the media.  The statement said that the bank found a video at a certain website with the claim that the woman in the video was an employee of the bank.  Upon investigation, the woman was a bank teller at ICBC several years ago, but her contract expired on August 2008.  The bank emphasized that since the woman is no longer a worker there, it was wrong to call her the "ICBC girl."

Our reporter was able to contact people who used to work with her at the saving bank.  They have a good impression of her and are sorry about about the current affair.  A former colleague of hers said, "As a bank teller, she took her work seriously.  She did not make any mistakes.  She is also supposed to come from a rich family."

The Chengdu police reminds people about how to protect themselves against invasion of privacy:

1. Please be care about where you keep your personal photos/videos.  Three are many tools which people can use to pry into computers without permission.  Therefore, women should be especially careful about where to keep their personal photos/videos.

2. Please be wary of Internet microphones/cameras.  Some people are using these equipment to pry into the private lives of others without their knowledge.


(Southern Metropolis Daily)  March 1, 2010.

"Five dollars each!  The latest sexy photos!"  As soon as they see a man walking by, the peddlers on the Erhuang Road, Yuan village call out.  This reporter was no exception as one peddler stopped him.  The other party began by recommending new movies.  When the reporter turned around to leave, he brought out his 'best trick' and claimed to have the latest sexy photos.  These were even more exciting than the Edison Chen affair and, what is more, they are videos.  "Buy one now!  It is hard to find them on the Internet.  They have all been deleted!"

According to a peddler named Chen on Konghuang South Road, the Year of the Tiger began with Shoushou Gate, ICBC Girl and BFA Girl sexy videos all over the Internet.  The websites have banned these videos.  While demand is high, the videos are hard to find.  But the business opportunity encouraged people to make copies and sell them in the streets.  "It costs 2 yuan to make and it sells for 5 yuan.  If you sell 50 discs a day, you can earn 150 yuan!"

According to the peddlers, the Shoushou Gate videos are selling really well with the return of the migrant workers and university students from their spring vacation.  The peddlers even go and sell the videos near the school campuses.

According to one university student named Lu, he was curious about the videos.  He tried to find them on the Internet but could not find them.  Therefore he bought a disc from the peddlers.  Among his fellow students, about one-third have seen it.  "Everybody has seen it.  You are out of date if you haven't seen it.  There is no harm in watching it."

Commenting on this phenomenon, a school teacher named Liang from Panyu said that the school and its teachers feel awkward by the spreading of these videos privately among the students.  Apart from blocking them, counseling the students and educating them, they don't know what to do.

(South China Morning Post)  Sex scandals are talk of the Internet community.  Choi Chi-yuk.  March 3, 2010.

There's nothing like a juicy sex scandal to grab public attention, and millions of mainland internet users have been captivated by several of them in the past week.

An official with the regional tobacco monopoly administration in Guangxi told Xinhua that Han Feng, one of its middle-ranking officials, was detained and suspended from his post last week in an investigation by the Communist Party's disciplinary watchdog on suspicion of infringement of laws and party code.

Han was allegedly the writer of a string of explicit diary items describing sex with five of his female subordinates or colleagues, apart from accepting bribes and excessive drinking in 2007 and 2008, the report said.

The diary notes depicted details of his sexual behaviour with partners. They sparked a nationwide outcry after they were posted online last month, the report said.

The identities, including photos and profiles, of some of the women mentioned in the notes were exposed on some forums as a result of vigilante-type data searches, or "human flesh searches".

Another scandal centred in the Beijing municipality involved a man, identified only by his surname, Li, who was arrested by Miyun county police on February 24 for disseminating pornographic videos via his e-mail box, China News Service said yesterday.

One of the videos stars a woman dubbed "the No 1 car-show model in China".

"Shoushou", the nickname of Zhai Ling, has become the hottest star in an online sex video and pictures featuring her have circulated widely over the past few weeks. Working for New Silk Road Models - one of the best-known modelling agencies on the mainland - Shoushou reportedly finished second in the China Underwear Model Contest in 2006.

The 23-year-old model has attracted hundreds of fans with her blog entries and numerous pictures. Websites containing the sex photos or video have been blamed for infecting tens of thousands of personal computers with a virus over the past week.

Li is not accused of spreading viruses, but he was caught when a policeman from the Miyun Public Security Bureau said one of his colleagues had spotted an internet user proclaiming he would provide the video clips and pictures of Shoushou on February 24.

Li, a 23-year-old owner of a shop selling computer equipment, had reportedly made public the user name and password to his e-mail account, which distributed the videos.

Three video clips totalling eight minutes, which featured sexual scenes between Shoushou and another young man, attracted thousands of downloads early this year.

Police officers had detained Li after confirming he was in possession of the clip and pictures, the report added.