China 2008: The Poker Card Edition

( via Tianya)

(Red)  2008 Beijing Olympics; (Black) May 12th Sichuan Earthquake

(Heart) Shenzhou 7; (Spade) Tibet disturbance (
March 14, 2008, Lhasa); (Diamond) Wen Jiabao-Hu Jintao fans; (Club) Weng'an Mass Incident

(Heart) 60 billion yuan donated by civil sector towards earthquake relief; (Spade) Snow storms in southern China; (Diamond) Former Shanghai party boss Chen Liang-yu sentenced to 18 years in jail; (Club) Chen Shui-bian charged with corruption

(Heart) "Three Communciations" realized across the Taiwan Strait; (Spade): Edison Chen's Sexy Photos Gate; (Diamond) Nudity for celebrity; (Club) Menglian mass incident with the rubber tree farmers

(Heart) RMB breaks 7 barrier versus US dollar; (Spade) CPI rises but wages don't; (Diamond) <Lust, Caution> and the ban on Tang Wei; (Club) Yang Jia killed six police officers

(Heart) 400 billion yuan in financial stimulus; (Spade) Melamine-tainted milk powder; (Diamond) Sakorzy gets what he deserves; (Club) Devastating fire in Shenzhen disco

(Heart) Earthquake heroes/heroines; (Spade) The Lifan Landslide; (Diamond) Teacher "Runner Fan" who abandoned his students during Sichuan earthquake; (Club) The Police Beat A Harbin University Student To Death

(Heart)  Successors to government leaders named; (Spade) Rainstorms in southern China; (Diamond) "Human flesh searches" are double-bladed swords; (Club) Maggot-infested tangerines in Sichuan

(Heart) Thirty years of economic reforms in China; (Spade) Shanghai Index drops below 2,000; (Diamond) "You must not be too CNN" (Chinese Netizens versus Western Media); (Club) Xu Ting receives life sentence for ATM theft

(Heart) Free universal education implemented; (Spade) Hangzhou subway construction collapse; (Diamond) University professor Yang Shijun denounced as "counter-revolutionary" by students; (Club) Zhou Zhenglong and the south China tiger photos (The South China Tiger Photographs)

(Heart) Jin Jing defends the Olympic flame with her body (The Olympic Torch Tour As Public Relations Disaster); (Spade) EV71 foot-and-mouth disease; (Diamond) Chongqing taxi strike; ( Club) Boycotting French hypermart Carrefour (Carrefour in Hefei: A Photo Play)

(Heart) Hu Jintao visits Japan to thaw icy relationship; (Spade) Government official Lin Xiaxiang molests 12-year-old girl; (Diamond) Chastity class at Zhejiang University; (Club) Kaiping female student bullying

(Heart) New Internet terms enter  popular consciousness; (Spade) "Mountain village" (=ersatz) cultural events; (Diamond) Nude beach in Sanya (Hainan); (Club) Downloading pornographic video clip is a crime

(Heart) Pandas Tuantuan and Yuanyuan arrives in Taiwan; (Spade) Train derailment in Shandong; (Diamond) Chinese national soccer team disappoints; (Club) Microsoft 'black screen' on pirated Windows XP operating systems.

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