Carrefour in Hefei: A Photo Play

The following is a photo play of the events that took place outside the Carrefour store in Hefei city (Anhui province) on April 19, 2008.  This originally was a PowerPoint presentation credited to Zhang Fei of the Bright Dairy & Food company.

On the evening of April 18, 2008, the student demonstrators created trouble.
Overnight, the police summoned dump trucks to park in front of the store to
prevent people from assembling.  There is a row of police officers on the right.

Due to the presence of too many pedestrians, nobody was allowed to stand and
watch from the pedestrian overpass.

On the evening of Aprl 18, the students destroyed part of the store setup.

The Carrefour store employees took down the store posters.

The walls in the store were left barren.

The smiling in the man had just purchased something from Carrefour, and he was
harangued by 'patriots' as he came out.

This old woman drew some stares when she pushed a shopping cart of merchandise
purchased at Carrefour

About 50 students entered the store, sang the national anthem and chanted
patriotic slogans.  The anti-riot police came in to disperse the students and the spectators.

At 9:17am, the check-out counters temporarily stopped work.
The cashiers looked perplexed.

Much of the merchandise on the racks were bundled together for sales.
Unfortunately, there were no buyers.

More and more people were gathering at the Carrefour store.
The police maintained order at the scene.

Although there were many people gathered at the scene, there was no indication
of any violence.

Half of Changjiang Road was blocked.

Three students took a national flag to hang from a high spot.
This flag was filled with signatures.

University students demonstrating in front of the Carrefour store entrance.

At 13:00 April 19, 2008, all three Carrefour stores in Hebei were closed for business.

(Huashi Times via Wenxue City)  "Mountain of people, sea of people" in front of the Carrefour in Hefei city, Anhui province.