Fake Daughter Saves Real Father

(Guo Hanyun's blog)  Save My Father!   January 1, 2011.

Whoever can save my dad, I will be your woman.  If you have a wife, I will be your slave.

I am Guo Hanyan, the daughter of Guo Yuanyong of Zhuxi county, Shiyan city, Hubei province.  I am 24 years old.  I graduated from a teachers' college.  I am single.

My hometown has beautiful mountains and lakes, and the weather is spring-like all year round.  When I was small, my father taught me that the stream in front of our house "will lead directly to Beijing."  My childhood happiness and my dreams were vested in the flowing stream.

November 20, 1996 was a dark.  Several policemen came to search our house.  They took my father to a psychiatric hospital.  He has been locked up there for fourteen years.  At the time, I was ten years old.

I grew up waiting and hoping ...

Since that day, everything became estranged from me.  All happiness disappeared.  I lived in fear and pain, I was full of anger ... I don't know where the future is heading towards???  But one firm belief supported me.  And that is to seek justice for my father!!!  He gave me my life.  If necessary, I will use my life to repay him.

In order to save my father, I began to pay attention to the Internet.  The case of Deng Yuqiao in Badong (Hubei), the "Elude the Cat" case in Yunnan, the White House in Anhui, Wang Shui in Henan, Luo Caixia in Guizhou, forced eviction/self-immolation, Xu Lindong, Zhao Zuohai, "the bureau chief's diary," the wrongful assault on the official's wife in Wuhan, the self-immolations in Yihuang, "My dad is Li Gang," and the case of village chief Qian in Zhejiang.

I know that in our county, the ways to get justice served are to file lawsuits, make petitions, contact the media and/or post on the Internet.

I am not filing a lawsuit because the defendant is the Zhuxi county public security bureau.  I have no chance of winning.  Also my father is still locked up at the Maojian Psychiatric Hospital in Shiyan city, so they are holding my father in their hands.

I am not petitioning because my father was arrested by the Zhuxi county public security bureau and sent to the Shiyan city psychiatric hospital because he petitioned against his corrupt superior.  I am not going to repeat the act because people will say that I am genetically disposed to do so given a history of mental illness within the family.

I have mailed out petition letters but I got no response.  I don't know if I mailed the wrong government departments.  I have contacted the media.  But the media want news.  My father was locked up by the Zhuxi county government for 14 years.  I was 10 years old back then.  So this is old news.  Even the tea kettle that my father used to drink tea from has been sold off as antique.

I don't have the courage to kill someone like Deng Yuqiao did.  It is not that I am afraid to die.  I want to maintain my health, save my father and keep him company.

I had been desperate enough to consider committing suicide in order to gain media attention.  My good friend said: Even if you want to kill yourself, you still need to be creative in order to draw public attention.  You go naked, or set yourself on fire, jump off a building with a shoelace around your neck or have male secretions in your body, and it will still consider outmoded.  You need to get someone to take a video and you need to get your testament certified first.  Otherwise you will die for nothing, because people have become emotionally numbed.

I am at an age where I should be thinking about marriage.  I have been in love before, I have many young suitors but when the moment came, I always said: "If you want to have me, you'll have to bring your father-in-law home first!"  They backed off.  My looks are my only asset.  I am a virgin because I want to save my virginity not my husband but for my benefactor.

What happened to my father?  What dropped him into 14 years of torture in hell?  Sadly, his persecutor (county secrtary Ming Bangqing) is dead, even though the persecution has not stopped.

In 1994, my father exposed Zhuxi county Construction Department director Liu Xizhou for corruption.  The county party disciplinary committee conducted an investigation and concluded: The cash, tea leaves, tortoises and other stuff that Liu Xizhou accepted were forwarded to his superior XXX for "work-related requirements."  (This conclusion is still on file at the Zhuxi county Public Security Bureau).  But they told the outside world that my father lied (This conclusion is in the mental examination document).  My father disagreed and made more denunciations to the Zhuxi county party disciplinary committee, the audit department and the public security bureau with no effect.

Under these circumstances, if some decent person could have talked to him about the truth of the investigation results and dissuade him from continuing, the matter might have stopped.  But because then county party secretary Ming Bangqing and Liu Xizhou were solidly close, they were not going to reason with an ordinary citizen.  Instead, they want to vanquish a "troublemaker" who dared to oppose them.

So that was how the Zhuxi public security bureau detained my father.  In a democratic county with rule of law, is it reasonable and legal to throw a civilian petitioner into jail/psychiatric hospital?  Between 1994 and the first half of 1996, my father wrote an uncountable number of letters all within Zhuxi county.  He realized that he did not want the scandal to go outside.  After more than two years of effort, he turned from hopeful to despondent.  Could certain leaders have no sense of responsibility?  "Petitioning" is not wrong.  The purpose of petitioning is to "untie the knot."  If someone had untied the knot back then, would there still be a problem?

I don't understand the rights or wrongs of the case.  I was still young.  I only remember how the Zhuxi county police persecuted my father.  I cannot use words to describe how they ruthlessly persecuted my dad and drove him to desperate straits.

(Yangcheng Wanbao)  January 4, 2010.

On the first day of the new year, "Guo Hanyan" made a post at the Tianya Forum.  Her dad Guo Yuanyong had been sent by the Zhuxi county public security bureau to the Shiyan City Maojian Psychiatric Hospital fourteen years ago for denouncing a local government official.  The family tried to bring him home many times without success.  He has been kept there for fourteen years.  This netizen said that she was willing to marry whoever can save her father.  So far, this post has been read by more than 100,000 netizens.

On January 3, the Shiyan City Maojian Psychiatric Hospital confirmed that they did have such a patient.  That evening, our reporter found out from Guo Yuanyong's sister that after the post appeared, local Zhuxi county government officials came to negotiate with the Guo family and agreed to release him.  However, they did not discuss Guo Yuanyong's future and compensation.

The netizen "Guo Hanyan" said that her father Guo Yuanyong had been a worker at the Hubei province Zhuxhi county Construction Department.  In 1994, he exposed economic problems with a certain department chief.  He disagreed with the investigation results and kept exposing the problems to different departments.  In the end, the Zhuxi county public security bureau sent him for "compulsory therapy" at the psychiatric hospital.

Our reporter saw a scanned copy of the notice from the Zhuxi county public security bureau dated April 29, 1998: "Recently, Guo Yuanyong has been behaving strangely and disturbing social stability.  He has been proven to suffer from schizophrenia.  Since the family of Guo Yuanyong has failed to 'keep him under control as they promised,' it was decided that the government will enforce 'compulsory therapy.'"  The post also included a letter from the Maojian Psychiatric Ward to the Zhuxi city public security bureau director dated December 17,  2001: "The psychiatric patient Guo Yuanyong that your bureau sent us has been with us for many years.  He can return home to recuperate.  In addition, the bill of about 20,000 RMB since February this year has not yet been paid.  We ask the director to discuss with Guo's department about the hospital fee and his discharge.  Thanks."

The self-proclaimed 24-year-old unmarried teachers college graduate "Guo Hanyan" said: "Whoever can save my father, I will be your woman.  If you have a wife, I will be your slave."

In truth, citizen Peng Baoquan who had been sent to a psychiatric hospital for taking photos had told our reporter on April 15, 2009 that he had met Guo Yuanyan.  "He dresses up well every day.  He is very proper.  He looked like a normal person."  Peng Baoquan was released due to the Internet attention on his case.  After he got out, he did not forget his fellow "patient" Guo Yuanyan.

On the evening of January 3, Peng Baoquan was interviewed by our reporter.  In truth, the "selling my body to save my dad" post was written by him and a fellow netizen Chen Yonggang.  "There was no other purpose except to free this person who shared my experience.  The post is 99% truthful.  The relevant materials were provided by his family."  As to why the post was made under the name of "Guo Yuanyan's daughter Guo Hanyan" who "promises to give herself to whoever can save her dad," Peng Baoquan said that the woman was a fictional character designed to draw attention.  In reality, Guo Yuanyuan has only one son.  The name "Guo Hanyan" was chosen because the word "Hanyan" sounds like the word for "injustice."

On the afternoon of January 3, our reporter went to the Maojian Psychiatric Hospital in Shiyan city.  A nurse on duty confirmed that they had a patient named "Guo Yuanyan."  She said that "his work unit sent him over" and "his family now wants him home."  When our reporter asked the nurse about Guo Yuanyan's present condition and "Is he really mentally ill?" this nurse said: "It is not up to us to say whether someone has mental illness or not.  Why is he here if he isn't ill?"

On the evening of January 3, Guo Yuanyan's sister told our reporter that after the post appeared, the Zhuxi county public security bureau, construction department and petition people came over to negotiate.  They agreed to release Guo Yuanyan.  But the sister was worried that he would not be able to adapt to the outside world and cannot take care of himself.  Therefore she hoped that the relevant departments can provide for him as well as compensate him.  The two sides did not reach any agreement.

That evening, our reporter called county party committee director Xia who negotiated with the Guo family earlier.  But the calls were unanswered.  Xia did not respond to text messages either.  Shiyan city public security bureau deputy director Chen Xunguo said that he was not familiar with the case and hung up.  Shiyan city External Publicty Department director Wang Xuefeng said that he was not aware of the Internet post and cannot comment until he learns more.

(QQ)    January 7, 2011.

At the Zhuxi public security bureau, our reporter saw the Guo Yuanyong files amounted to four full books.

According to Zhuxi county public security bureau deputy director Li Yingdong, Guo Yuanyong's so-called "petitions" were a series of letters, telegraphs, petitions and  ultimatums that he wrote in the 1990's.  These documents smeared many state leaders without any basis, using extreme and improper language.

Our reporter read a copy of a letter from Guo Yuanyong to the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in which he wrote: "So-and-so is forming a small circle and violating party discipline.  He must be relieved of his position.  Otherwise we will not give up our extreme actions, and demonstrations, arson and murder will ensue."  The letter was signed as the "Zhuxi Petitioning Group Guo Yuanyong."  These letters and telegraphs filled up one full folder with these kinds of astonishing contents.

According to information, this endless stream of letters, telegraphs, petitions and ultimatums caused the Zhuxi county public security bureau to summon him for interrogation and to search his residence and office where they found 114 letters/telegraphs as well as 182 printed copies <The Ultimatum>.  The police determined that Guo Yuanyong had undergone a personal crisis after his 1994 divorce and became psychologically unhinged.

The Zhuxi public security bureau requested the Shiyan city judicial examination committee to make a psychological examination of Guo Yuanyong.  He was found to suffer from "schizophrenia with no sense of personal responsibility and bad prognosis."  In November 1996, Guo Yuanyong was sent to the Maojian Hospital to undergo compulsory treatment.  Between 1997 and 1998, Guo Yuanyong was released home several times from the hospital at the request of his family.  However, he was re-admitted each time because of subsequent abnormal behavior.

On the night of January 5, our reporter met Guo Yuanyong in his family home.  He was neatly attired and coiffured.  He sat and chatted with our reporter.  He said that he liked his home better than the hospital because of the family warmth.  Guo Yuanyong said that although he had been hospitalized for more than 10 yars, the government continued to pay his monthly salary and retained his housing privileges.

After almost one hour of conversation, our reporter felt that Guo Yuanyong had no problem communicating with people.  But it was hard to understand how he could have written all those weird things in the letters, which suggest that he had mental problems.  When the reporter asked him why he denounced the state leaders, Guo replied that he "could tell by watching television that those people have problems."  Guo's family said that Guo Yuanyong has a dual personality.  With friends and colleagues, he can be very kind and amiable.  But he can sometimes be unbelievably irritable.  When they went down to the public security bureau and read his letters, they were shocked too because they could not imagine that he was capable of writing that.

Li Yingdong said that the Zhuxi public security bureau took action with respect to Guo Yuanyong because he was a mental patient incapable of taking care of himself.

The "Guo Hanyan Wants To Save Her Father" post was planned and executed by two Hubei province Shiyan city netizens, Peng Baoquan and Chen Yonggang.

Peng Baoquan told our reporter that he met Guo Yuanyong at the Maojian Psychiatric Hospital last year.  At the time, Guo spoke and behaved normally.  After Peng got out, he spoke to Chen about "rescuing" Guo.  The information in the Internet post was provided by the family, reflecting the feelings of Guo's son and other relatives for him.  As to why a fictional daughter "Guo Hanyan" was created, Peng Baoquan said that he needed to draw attention.  As more netizens come in to be "spectators," the media will also pay attention.

Chen Yonggang said that he and Pen had visited the hospital, the Guo family and friends to gather evidence.  "We had previously written a post <Zhuxi cadre spend ten years in mental hospital>.  We got no response.  Not even one bubble.  This time, we changed the flavor and got an unanticipated reaction.  Internet exposure requires technique.  Most people don't even bother to read those 'exposé' posts anymore.  This time, we were even touched by our finished product.  That was how we can touch the hearts of all of China.  In the end, the results were great.  Guo was released within three days."

This intricate scheme by the two is controversial.  Someone called this "black humor" to invent a "Guo Hanyan" and hype this into a public opinion storm.  Another person said that these types of planned exposés ought to be based upon facts and reason, otherwise everybody is going to start making up "tear-jerking" stories to gain attention.  And that would be disrupting the normal order that we are trying to build for the Internet.