Anhui Government Official Denounced By Mistress

( via Tianya)  Mistress Posts Nude Photos To Denounce Government Official.  By Zhang Yan.  December 13, 2010.

With extreme grievance and indignation but also with a firm belief in Truth, Perfection and Beauty in society, this 25-year-old woman is courageously standing up after being deceived and abused.  With wearied tears, I denounce Liu Xiaohui for his deceptions over the years.

Specifically, I am denouncing Liu Xiaohui, who is the deputy director of the Birth and Population Planning Committee of Suzhou city, Anhui province.  In July 2007, Liu Xiaohui invited me many times to dinner because I was an acquaintance through my work.  I refused many times.  In September 2007, I felt embarrassed about turning him down so many times, so I went.  After drinking, he raped me like a hooligan.  I was scared.  I told him that I was going to report to the police.  He promised me that he would take responsibility.  He told me that he loved me.  He told me about his failed marriage.  He begged me not to report him.  He said that it would only ruin my own reputation.  I was conflicted.  Through his cajoling and pleas, I relented.  Afterwards he was very nice to me.  He would visit me every day after work.  So I became his mistress who was stupid enough to think that he would get a divorce and marry me.

Over the next three years, I saw that all the other women around me found their happiness.  I doubted my own choice.  I questioned him about my future.  I did not want to waste my youth, and I did not want to be someone's mistress.  He told me that I was not just a mistress.  He taught me to call him "Husband" and "Baby."  He called me "Baby" at first, then "Wifey" later on.

In order to show his sincerity, he invited my mother, uncle, siblings and other friends to dinner many times.  He took the role of my spouse in order to lessen the hostility of my family.

He would bring me small surprise presents.  He tried to anticipate my wishes.  He told me tenderly how much he loved me, how much he wanted to get divorced in order to be with me.  When I needed him, he came immediately.  So I fell head over heels into the bottomless pit of no return.

In September 2009, we moved in together.  He took all his clothes and belongings from his home to our place.  We lived like a normal married couple.  During the day, he was busy at work while I tended to my Internet shop.  At night, he returned home to eat and chat with me.  We were like honeymooners who do our housework together and play Internet games.  Although he was having problems ocwe getting that divorce, he wrote me many statements of guarantee in the name of his own parents and children.

The days went by.  Every time that I asked me about the progress of the divorce, he would say that he was still working on it.  He told me that his wife was making unreasonable demands.  In 2009, he dropped the subject altogether because he was due for a promotion.  Then one day his wife sent him a SMS to warn him that if he continued to stay with me, she would report him for corruption.  At the same time, someone was making anonymous denunciations of Liu Xiaohui over his relationship with me.  Liu managed to intercept four of those denunciation letters.

I did not think that he would be scared enough to back off.  We quarreled repeatedly as he continued to lie to me.  Our quarrels disturbed our neighbors.  Then he began to lie to both sides.  He sent me a SMS to tell me to trust him, that he loves me and that he did not want to go to jail because he really did take a lot of bribes.

In late 2009, he was promoted to deputy director of his department just as he wished.  Then I realized that I never understood him.  He was drunk many times and he assaulted me after we quarreled again.  I almost landed in the hospital.  I usually go to get medical treatment on my own (except the one occasion when he had to bring me to the hospital where his classmate worked).  Then Liu Xiaohui began to not show up under the excuse of business travel.  Sometimes he would coerce me to have sex after he got drunk.  He was rough and vicious.  He was like a completely different person.

One time I had tea with his daughter.  She told me that her father chose to ask for a divorce because he was afraid that I would report him.  His family members sent me insulting QQ and SMS messages.  They told me that Liu Xiaohui has had many women before.

I was hurt.  I thought that I was very silly and helpless.  I chose to believe him at first against the advice of many people.  But it was all lies.  Liu Xiaohui seems very knowledgeable and gentle, but he is thoroughly wicked underneath.

He told me that he liked seasonal festivities because he receives a lot of presents.  I told him that I didn't care about what he used to do, but he could not keep doing that once he was with me.  I said that I was afraid that he might be caught.  He told me that he didn't have to have any genuine skill or knowledge in order to work for the government.  I could not believe my eyes and ears.  But if this man can deceive a woman who is younger than his daughter, how do you expect to have any sense of ethics?  But can a man who betrays his family be a good Communist Party member?

He once told me that he had two women in 2002, both from the Lingbi Birth Planning Department.  Other people have told me that too.  There was also a businesswoman named Zhao who went to Beijing.  But he insisted that it was the women who seduced him.  He said that when he went out with his co-workers and friends to bathe, he never procured girls for himself.  Is that possible?

He is in charge of birth and population planning, but he has two children.  He told me that his elder daughter is faking a physical handicap.  Many people asked him for favors in return for red envelopes afterwards.  Although he raped me by force, I felt guilty about his family.  He told me that he was leaving all his possessions to his family and coming to me with nothing.  He told me that he was not going to have any children with me.

He has gone away under the excuse of attending to business.  After all that I have given him over the years, he hasn't even uttered a single "sorry" to me.  He told me that there was no way that I could denounce him in Suzhou city.  He warned me via SMS.  He asked my family to tell me that his sister had already told the Communist Party Committee about our relationship.  He said that he has already confessed to the Party.  I actually believed him at the time.  But when he successfully went through his probationary period as deputy director, I realized that I was deceived.

He has been missing for almost three months.  He has not taken his clothes and belongings, which remain along side my broken heart.  I am older now.  Because of him, I missed many employment opportunities.  I caused my parents to be insulted and abused by his family.  I will be hard for me to bear children because everybody is going to look at us with weird looks.  What can I do?

If I seek him out, I would be regarded as harassing him.  I have SMS's, photographs and audiovisual recordings of our time together.  I can prove that he raped me and toyed with my feelings.

He went through other people to ask my parents to settle the matter with money.  That was such an insult.  Is money everything?  Can money replace everything that I lost?  Can a government officials do anything at will?  I refused to accept it.

Today, I denounce his corrupt ways here on the Internet.  I hope that other women will not fall for this kind of guy.  Do not be hurt like I was.  Do not fall for a married man.  Denounce these hooligans.  My case is classical because I trusted a hooligan.

I ask the relevant departments to investigate the information that I have provided here.

(Tianya)  More photographic Evidence.  By Zhang Yan.  December 21, 2010.

Everybody knows about my Internet post about the nude photos of the government officials who toyed with a woman's feelings.  You must wonder if that was a true story.  Many people wondered if I was really raped by Liu Xiaohui.  I think that you want me to elaborate.

So today, I am going to show you some of the SMS's that Anhui province, Suzhou city Birth and Population Planning Department deputy director Liu Xiaohui sent me.

Wife: I am dining at Mingli Garden.
I swear that you're the only one that I love.
Your husband loves you.
I even want you to have a few sons with me.
If X harasses you, just leave off.

I feel bad.
I have assaulted you many times.
Each time, I injured you in the head or face.
You were so swollen that you couldn't even talk.
I feel very guilty.
I promised in wrong of your mother and uncle that I will get a divorce.
Sorry I haven't succeeded.

It has been one year since I moved out of my home.
I regard our rented apartment as my home.
This will be our home forever.
I thank you for your company.
Even though I raped you, I am grateful that you did not report me.
You even stayed with me all this time.

Baby: I promised you that I will get a divorce and be with you.
I am promising the same now.
I want you to wait for me.
Baby: I am scared because XX wants to report me for corruption.
I have actually taken plenty of bribe money.
I am afraid of going to jail.
What do do?

Wife: I love you.
I will always love you.
She doesn't want a divorce.
But I am never going back to her.
She wants to denounce me.
I feel very miserable.

I thank the Internet support for my previous post.  I made these denunciations because Liu Xiaohui forced me to go this route.  I am not afraid of his boastful remark (namely, that I can never touch him in Suzhou city).  I did not report him for rape and I put up with him for three years.  In return, I never got a single "Sorry" and not one sincere word of farewell/well-wishing.  On account of my relationship with Liu Xiaohui, I don't mind personal attacks against me, but I resent the insults and harassment by his family against my parents.  My parents was unaware of the matter at first.  When they found out, they opposed the relationship.  So why lash out at my family?

When a reporter spoke to Liu's wife, she said that she was unaware of my Internet post.  She said that someone was trying to frame her husband.  She said that they had a good marriage.  I think that is risible.  Reality is reality, lies are lies.

After the Internet post was published, Liu Xiaohui sent me a contemptuous SMS.  My family is worried about my personal safety.  My friends are concerned about how I feel.  I only to tell Liu Xiaohui that I made that Internet post and nobody else is involved.  Once I chose to go down this path, I have abandoned all thoughts about any future happiness.  Any sweet memories will only be the greatest pains of my life ...

(Xinhua)  December 24, 2010.

Our reporter contained the Suzhou city government and learned that they are paying a high degree of attention to the Internet posts about Liu Xiaohui.  A joint investigative team consisting of members of the city/party disciplinary committee, organizational department and other departments was immediately formed.  The committee interviewed Liu Xiaohui, the complainant Zhang Yan and others.  It was verified (including the admission of Liu Xiaohui himself) that there was an improper relationship between Liu Xiaohui and the complainant.

On December 19, the Suzhou city Party/Government committee held an emergency meeting.  Since Liu Xiaohui's extramarital affair violated Chinese Communist Party's membership discipline, he was dismissed as the Suzhou city Birth and Population Planning Department deputy director.

The investigative team is going to look further into three other aspects of the denunciation: rape; bribery; and violating birth planning regulations.

First, there is the rape claim.  According to Liu Xiaohui, he met the complainant in July 2007.  Two months later, the two dined and wined, and had sex at Liu's home afterwards.  However, more evidence would be required to substantiate the rape claim.

As for the corruption claim, Zhang Yan told our reporter: "My denunciations were directed at Liu Xiaohui's extramarital affair and deceptions.  I did not denounce him for corruption.  I don't have any evidence of Liu taking bribes.  But he told me that he participated in corrupt activities."

As for the birth planning violation, Liu Xiaohui's elder daughter was involved in a car accident once and suffered from sporadic epileptic fits afterwards.  The information is available at the hospital as well as the traffic police department.  Under the regulations, Liu is entitled to have another child.