A Mistress Denounced The Maoming Vice-Mayor

(Zhang Hongfeng's blog)  A Mistress Denounced The Maoming Vice-Mayor.  October 25, 2010.

I am a victimized woman.  I am denouncing the fraudster, hooligan and corrupt government official Chen Yachun.  In 2001, I was in Fazhou city, Guangdong province on business.  During this time, I got acquainted with then Fazhou City Communist Party Secretary Chen Yachun.  Chen Yachun is a womanizer.  While I tried to gathered news for my story, he did everything possible to have improper relations with me.  But I rejected him.

In September 2003, Chen Yachun came to attend class at the Central Communist Party School in Beijing.  During this time, he courted me eagerly.  He told me that he has already divorced his wife Zhu Xiuzhen.  He even showed me a divorce certificate (I found out later that it was a forgery).  At the time, I was inexperienced and I fell for the lies from a senior Communist Party cadres.  I became friends with him. 

One day, he called me and said that he was having lunch with a Party School classmate Director Zhao from the National Defense Science and Technology and I could talk about getting an interview.  I went to the Xiyuan Hotel (Beijing).  I did not see Director Zhao but Chen was there by himself and he told me that Director Zhao was delayed.  He got me drunk.  Then he took back to the dormitory.  When I woke up, I saw the state of my body and I realized what had happened.  He called me at around 8pm that night.  He wanted to visit me in the dormitory again.  At the time, I was really bitter.  I hated him, I detested him!

At the time, I was only 27 years old.  It was time for me to start a family.  Chen Yachun was already 51 years old.  He was twice as old as I was.  I was the age of his daughter.  I had been properly educated with positive messages.  I never imagined that a senior government official who was taking class to fight corruption and whom I thought of as a father figure would take advantage of me in this manner!  All sorts of ideas went through my head: I wanted to denounce him for rape, I wanted to kill myself ... But he was a sly old fox.  He got down on his knees, broke out in tears and begged for my forgiveness.  He grabbed me in his arms because he was afraid I would either go find the police or kill myself.  After a few days, I was exhausted.  But he was very earnest.  He courted me eagerly.  He told me about his failed marriage in which sexual relationship was absent.  He said that he had sex with me because he loved me and wanted to marry me.  "Don't worry.  I will love you like a daughter.  Apart from being a bit older than you, I will be better to you than any other men!  You will see what I mean in time!"  During this time, he invited me out many times.  Each time, he spent a lot of money on me.  As time went by, I thought the better of him and we got closer.

Three or four months later, I asked Chen Yachun to get married.  But he came up with all sorts of excuses not to.  Two years went by.  I couldn't wait anymore and I demanded to get married again.  He said that his son was about to take his university entrance exam and it would be a blow to his studies if the father were to re-marry.  Anyway, this sly old fox always came up with seemingly plausible excuses for postponement.  In the spring of 2010, I was already 34 years old.  I really couldn't wait any longer.  I demanded to get married again.  This time, I wasn't going to accept any excuse.  He said that I worked in Beijing while he worked in Maoming city, and it was inconvenient for a couple to be separated.  So I quit this great job in Beijing and moved to Guangdong by myself.  Chen Yachun promised that he would start a company for me down in Guangdong.

When I got down to Maoming, I discovered that I had been deceived.  Not only did he fail to start a company for me as promised, but his passion turned cool.  Even more infuriating was that when I threatened to publicize our relationship, he admitted that he had not divorced his wife Zhu Xiuzhen.  So he was still a married man.  It was as if I was struck by a thunderbolt!  This old bastard Chen Yachun was toying around with my feelings!  He was a senior government official, a veteran Communist Party member who received many years of party education, a man who was the age of my father and a man with wife and kids, but he deceived me this way!  I was with from age 27 to 34!  Seven years of the best time of my life were wasted by him!  This old bastard Chen Yachun was stringing me along the whole time!  I blew up in anger against this old bastard.  Chen Yachun got down on his knees and pleaded in tears.  He said that his marriage was a sham, his wife Zhu Xiuzhen was a shrew whom he does not love and he only loves me and only me!  He promised me that he would get a divorce within the next six months and then marry me.  So I had to plan on staying on for another six months.

You can imagine what happened in the end.  This old bastard Chen Yachun lied to me again and again.  As a weak woman who is all alone in a strange town, I had to obey the local boss.  But I also began to see through the hypocrisy, corruption and debauchery of Chen Yachun.  Based upon what I saw and heard during my time with Chen Yachun, I make the following denunciations.

Firstly, Chen Yachun leads a life of debauchery.  He is a Communist Party member holding a senior cadre position.  He is a married man who was obsessed with chasing other women.  He deceived me.  After coming to Maoming, I learned that he was involved with several other women including girls in the sex trade.  I really regret believing the lies from this old hooligan.  Letting someone who is worse than pigs and dogs stay as a senior cadre is an insult to the government and the Party.

Secondly, Chen Yachun leads a life of luxury and debauchery.  His expenses exceed his regular income vastly.  While studying at the Central Party School, he often went out with me to dine with friends.  None of those meals cost less than 10,000 yuan each.  We met at the Sijie Jinyuan Hotel (which is a five-star hotel close to the Central Party School with daily raes of almost 2,000 yuan), and we went to the big Beijing shopping malls (such as Yansha Commercial City, Friendship Mall, etc) to buy clothes, jewelry and mobile phones.  According to Chen Yachun, his monthly salary is 7,000 yuan.  After deducting the monthly expenses for himself and his son, the living allowance and medical expenses of his parents, etc, how much could he possibly have left?

Chen Yachun owns an orchard of several tens of miu's in land area in Yangmei town, Fazhou city.  Inside the orchard is a private luxury villa.  Chen Yachun also has an upscale apartment in Guangzhou city with a nanny.  How many lifetimes would he have to work his regular job in order to amass these homes?

Thirdly, Chen Yachun has participated in graft and bribery.  As the Fazhou City party secretary, all cadre job assignments must be approved by him.  An ordinary cadre pays 80,000 to 100,000 yuan to transfer from the rural towns to Fazhou city; the job of senior town cadre goes for 200,000 yuan; a senior town cadre pays 300,000 yuan to transfer from the rural towns to Fazhou city.  The former Fazhou city Namu town party secretary Mo Guanjia and former Fazhou city Water Works Department director Chen Chunyu got their promotions through Chen Yachun.

During Chen Yachun's tenure Fazhou city party secretary, all public and private construction is levied an urban beautification tax.  The annual tax total is several tens of millions of yuan, which is held at the urban construction bureau.  At the time, Chen Yachun's wife Zhu Xiuzhen was the urban construction bureau director.  Chen and Zhu ran a husband-and-wife shop.

In return for illicit gains, Chen Yachun also leveraged his job position to work on behalf of local bigwigs.  The Maoming City Jinxun Rice Company director Zhang Jinwang and the Fazhou city Guanghui Breeding Station general manager Li Xueshen paid bribes to Chen Yachun in return for corporate favors.

I have audio recordings of Chen Yachun taking the bribes from Zhang Jinwang and Li Xueshen.  I have sex videos of him with me.  I can prove what I said.  I don't care if I get in trouble, but I have to make sure that the scoundrel Chen Yachun get his just punishments!  I want to tell the truth to the public!

[Zhang Hongfeng's comments:

The above contents were published at the Maoming Forum on September 9 and were soon "harmonized."  On October 6, it was re-worked as a denunciation letter with promise of providing a sex video.  This generated a lot of re-posts and media coverage.  On October 26, four photos of a nude man was posted at the Yahoo! forum.  The photos were quickly deleted.

From the contents, the writer is a female reporter and the essay is written like a media report.  The four photos are probably captured from a video, and they look fuzzy.  But a comparison to the photos of Chen Yachun in the official government websites suggests a resemblance in hairstyle, physique, nose, smile, etc.

This blogger plans to the Guangdong Provincial Party Discipline Committee to see if they are investigated this popular Internet incident.  If the facts are there, then this cannot be made false.  But if this is false, then the principal and the relevant department ought to investigate and hold the rumor monger legally responsible.]