Little Moon Moon's Shanghai Vacation During National Holiday Week

(Xiaoxiang Chenbao)  October 7, 2010

On October 5, the netizen Rong Rong began a series of live updates to a post entitled "I thank this stupendous friend for bringing me such a dismal National Day."

According to Rong Rong who is working in Shanghai now, she was a high school classmate of Little Moon Moon.  "We share memories of our youth."  Xiao Yueyue is a kindergarten teacher 150 cm tall and 80 kilograms in weight in Wuhu city, Anhui province.

During the National Day period, Little Moon Moon came to Shanghai with her new boyfriend Little W.  Little Moon Moon's mother asked Rong Rong to look after them.

"I was somewhat excited.  After all, I am always excited to see people from back home.  I am working by myself in Shanghai, and I look forward to meeting some home folks," Rong Rong said.

But Rong Rong never anticipated that she and Little W (the boyfriend of Little Moon Moon) would run into a series of shocking disasters such as Little Moon Moon chanting poetry, attempting suicide, etc during the next two days and one night.

The story began officially on October 3.  According to Rong Rong, Little Moon Moon's train arrived at 10:30am in Shanghai.  "I waited until 11:10am without seeing them.  She did not answer her phone and she did not reply to text messages.  I thought that something bad must have happened to her.  I was worried."  At 11:15am, Little Moon Moon called Rong Rong and told her lazily that they had already gone to the hotel and were resting.

Rong Rong then began to describe the various actions of Little Moon Moon.  At the time that this news report was finished, that live broadcast post had reached 356 pages (including comments).  Rong Rong's last entry was about Little Moon Moon drinking water."  That entry was made at 9:27pm on October 7.  "I went out to deal with some things."  "I don't know if this post will reach an ending on this day."

The humorous and suspenseful story quickly drew interest, leading to Internet hit phrases such as "Floating clouds, everything is just floating clouds."  Little Moon Moon has become an Internet phenomenon which continues to brew.

At this time, netizens have set up pages for Little Moon Moon at the Baidu Encyclopedia and the Baidu Post Bar.  There is even a "Little Moon Moon" study group.  At the same time, Little Moon Moon has been elevated to be the most far-out woman ever, inspiring a new virtual group known as the "Moon Worship Religion."

Netizens also made a complete catalog of all the things that Little Moon Moon used (a grey sweater, the red high-heeled shoes, Rejoice shampoo, the banana, the congee with thousand-year-egg and thin pork meat), the persons that she came into contact with (the illegal taxi driver who took them to the Bund, the security guard at the hotel, the hotel front desk female receptionist) and the places that she visited (the Bund, the Temple of the City God, the Nanjing Road Pedestrian Walk, the Meters Bonwe shop.

Our reporter went to the page for the Little Moon Moon Study Group.  The page is divided into "Analysis of the persons," "Progress report on the human flesh search," "Vulgar sociology," "the Little Moon Moon affair as an experiment in communication" and other sections.  There were also two chat groups, of which the first is already fully subscribed while the second one has 425 members.

Some netizens continue to conduct "human flesh search" on the persons involved in the affair.  But it is no longer important whether Little Moon Moon is real or fake.  For example, in the Little Moon Moon Study Group Chat Group 2, netizens are just interested in forwarding, describing and expanding on all the awful things that Little Moon Moon did.

Here are some excerpts from the live broadcast post:

Little W thought it was getting too embarrassing.  So he said half jokingly, half seriously: "If you continue like this, then I am leaving ..."  I thought, "Good, that's the way.  It is a crime to let her scream and roll on the ground like that ..."  But I never imagined ... Little Moon Moon began to howl!  Yes, she began to howl!  Yes, she was howling even as she wiped her tears from the wailing!

She said, "AI YA YA!  My foot hurts and you don't care!  AI YA YA!  You don't love me!  AI YA YA!  You are a perfidious man.  AI YA YA!  You are the unfaithful husband Chen Shimei.  AI YA YA!  You made a promise to me but you can't keep it."

At that moment, I thought the air stopped.  There were only crows over my head.  GUA GUA GUA.

Little W could not stand it anymore.  He held a grim expression, stood up and said, "Where did you put my bag?  Give it back to me so that I can go home."  At that moment, Little Moon Moon suddenly smiled!  Yes, she smiled!  She changed her expression quicker than in Sichuan "Face Chance" theater!  Really, it was so quick that I can't even remember that she was howling just before.

Later I understood why Little W put up with her.  Their parents knew each other.  Since the parents of Little Moon Moon had World Expo tickets, they all wanted their children to go to the World Expo and get to know each other.


Little Moon Moon sat down in a flash.  Then she tossed her LV bag to my side.  She began to do her hair.  As she did it, she said to be in a haughty tone: "As for me, my advantage is that I am too pretty.  You just saw it.  The eyes of the men in Shanghai followed me.  They want to flirt with me.  HMMM!  I despise Shanghai people."  Little Moon Moon was talking about the dirty old man who was following her.

Little Moon Moon then whispered: "Actually I like Shandong people.  Also Henan people.  It is so nice to hug onto some muscle ..."  Then she played with the table cloth: "It is a pity that I already have Little W.  I have to be faithful, even though I am so pretty and so many people court me.  But I am faithful.  I am the legendary Liang Shango.  If Little W doesn't want me, I will go and be buried with flowers."


Little Moon Moon had been very spirited.  But after seeing Little W, she immediately turned into the complete opposite.  She -- please, everybody, don't be shocked -- she actually began to recite poetry!  Yes!  She was reciting poetry!  She pretended to have fainted, but she was whispering poetry lines.  I vaguely heard: "The flowers wilt, the flower petals cover the sky in white.  The broken red silk bunting, who is there to pity me?"

Slowly, she leaned over and put her head on Little W's shoulder.  Little W had already moved away and was occupying just one half of the chair.  But over the course of saying those two lines of poetry, she managed to slowly creep her way over to his shoulder.  When she finished reciting the lines, her eyes were even glimmering with tears.

She whispered to Little W: "Who will pity me?  Who will pity me?  If I should die, will you pity me?"

Little W tried to inch away slowly.  From his small plastic bag, he took out a cigarette and fumbled to light it.


So we finally managed to finish the meal.  Little Moon Moon said that we have to hurry over to the Temple of the City God.  She said that she wanted to buy a Little Dog Dog.  I was nonplussed.  Little Dog Dog?  There is no Little Dog Dog at the Temple of the City God.  Then she said, "No, it is a Little Bear Bear."  I was even more befuddled.  Little Bear Bear?  Dead or alive?  She continued to whine, "No, not Little Bear Bear.  It is Little Lovely."  Oh dear mother, what is Little Lovely?

I used my imagination to link Little Dog Dog, Little Bear Bear and Little Lovely together.  What is it?  She laughed at my ignorance.  She was shaking her body while she yelled at me: "Girl, you are so stupid!  It is Haibao (note: the Shanghai World Expo mascot)!"

It finally dawned on me!  I was really ignorant!  Haibao was the fusion of Little Dog Dog, Little Bear Bear and Little Lovely!

So I, Little Moon Moon and Little W marched towards the Temple of the City God with a large bundle of panties and bras in hand.


So I said without thinking: "Little Moon Moon, don't you wash your hands?"  Little Moon Moon smiled happily at me.  "No need!"  Then wiped her hands on her extra-large grey sweater back and forth, back and forth, back and forth ...  She wiped her hands N times back and forth ... Then she walked up to me and showed me her hands, "Girl, see!  Aren't they clean!????  I am a clever little bee ..."  I backed up.  Mother's cunt, don't touch me ...

She rushed right up to Little W and knelt down in front of him.  She grabbed Little W's trousers with one hand and touched her face with the other hand.  She whined: "My respected little master, can't you see that I obey you?  Oh!  My man.  I am your busy little bee ..."  I watched Little W in amazement.  I decided that I will never tell him about how Little Moon Moon wiped her hands before.  Little Moon Moon kept speaking to Little W.  Little W periodically turned her head back to breathe because the window was behind him ...

"Hubbie!  Why is your hair straight (and not curly)?  Why>
"Fuck!  It is naturally that way!"
"Then why is my hair curly?"
"I ... I fucking straightened my hair then ..."

Little Moon Moon stripped her down until she was wearing only a pair of high-heeled shoes.  She was making a show of the fat all over her body.  Then she raised her hands to let loose her hair! What!  Armpit hair!  Armpit hair!  Yes, very thick armpit hair!!!  Matching the thick hair in her crotch!  I quickly took off my glasses and look for some tissue to clean them ... I repeat, if I have balls, my balls would be in pain ... But I don't, so I am only hurting in my heart ... in my stomach ...

"Do you think that I should cut a hole down there!  Isn't that sexier!  If you saw it, would you get aroused?"

Little Moon Moon finally sighed and said that she found it.  She raised something like a thin piece of cloth ... purple color!  What!  The color of panties!!!!  I saw Little Moon Moon lower her head shyly and glancing at Little W, as if someone was teasing her.  Then she placed the piece of purple cloth over her crotch.  Fuck.  That was the piece that she cut out of her purple panties!!!!!

"Elder Brother, I am low on blood sugar ... I am fainting ... fainting ..."
"Heavens!  Why don't you just kill me!"

As she kicked back and forth, I accidentally saw her pussy, her anus, etc.  I think that if I had balls, my balls would be hurting.  But at that instant, it is was my eyes which were hurting ...

She said, "She wanted to go buy the Little Dog Dog ... I was befuddled.  Little Dog Dog?  There is no Little Dog Dog at the Temple of the City God.  Then she said, "No, it's the Little Bear Bear ..."

Little Moon Moon rushed to the entrance of the restroom in a flash, but she did not enter!  She really did not enter!  Because there was some yellowish feces inside.  She stood at the doorway, pointed her butt inside the restroom and fucking pulled her pants down!  There was a loud pfffttt sound.  A very loud one!  I did not dare to see what came out!  I really wanted to fucking rush out of the place.  Little W stood there, not daring to move.

They needed a small specimen of feces to analyze.  So Little Moon Moon reluctantly took over the container.  I waited outside the door of the bathroom.  I thought that there are many people at the hospital, and Brother Chun will protect us against trouble.  I waited a long several minutes before Little Moon Moon came out with a sad look.  I asked her, "Where is the container?"  She acted as if finally understood and she said, "Wait a moment!"  Then she turned back and I saw what she doing through the opened door!  What!  She was fishing!  Yes, she was fishing!

So she entered that way ... she entered the restroom ... then she slipped ... no, that is the wrong description ... she stumbled ... no, not like that ... she flopped ... yes, she flopped ... she fucking slipped on the floor ... I got goose pimples all over, because I clearly saw an elegant hair ball wearing no pants slipped down on the feces in the restroom.  I speculate that the feces was slippery ...

Little Moon Moon showed that cup of yellowish feces. I wanted to throw up ... I took a huge step backwards.  Little Moon Moon looked at me dubiously.  I said with some difficulty: "Little Moon Moon, they only need a little bit to analyze!"  She thought about it and she said, "Oh."

She actually began to recite poetry!  Yes!  She was reciting poetry!  She pretended to have fainted, but she was whispering poetry lines.  I vaguely heard: "The flowers wilt, the flower petals cover the sky in white.  The broken red silk bunting, who is there to pity me?"  Slowly, she leaned over and put her head on Little W's shoulder.  Little W had already moved away and was occupying just one half of the chair.  But over the course of saying those two lines of poetry, she managed to slowly creep her way over to his shoulder. 

Little Moon Moon always reacts before I can.  She rushed over and seized Little W's mobile phone.  Then she yelled towards me, "Girl, you see, you see, you see!"  Then she aimed the camera at her crotch ... I fucking want to vomit.  I only saw that Little W's mobile phone was black-and-red in color.   It was thin-bodied but I did not know make or model it was.  I was speechless by the time that Little Moon Moon aimed the camera at her crotch.  Little Moon Moon shouted at me again: "You see, you see, you see!!!!  He is his mobile phone one way or the other, because he got it!!!!  Anyway I want Little W to be responsible responsible responsible!!!!"  See, see, see,  see your mother's cunt!

What the fuck did I see!  Mother's cunt!  Wine bottles, bags, sweater and jeans on the floor.  This was fucking beyond my imagination.  There was even fucking blood on the bed!  I was shocked!  Did Little Moon Moon slit her wrists??  Fuck, then I suddenly understood.  There was a sanitary napkin on the bed.  Fucking depressing.  I won't describe any further ... sigh ...
I kept trying to remember whether Little Moon Moon used sanitary napkins at the hospital or hotel.  Fuck, I scrutinized this sanitary napkin carefull and I understood.  She brought it all the way from home.  There was blood on the bed.  It was very faint.  It came at the end of the menstrual period.  I was really fucking disgusted!  Little Moon Moon sat on the bed.  She turned to me and cried, "You see, you see.  This was my first time.  My first time!!!!"

I kept Little Moon Moon company from outside the door.  Our great Little Moon Moon cried while she scrubbed ... she cried while she scrubbed ... she used the sanitary napkin to wipe the floor.  She folded it and then wiped some more.  I found it hard to breathe ... Then I saw Little Moon Moon put her head down near the ground, with snot running out of her nose ... I fucking said: "Little Moon Moon, wipe your face first.  Your snot is running down ..."  Then she shocked me again by folding the sanitary napkin with which she had just wiped the feces off the floor and putting it over her nose ...

"Uncle taxi driver ... are you still doing it?  You know, it ... doing it!  Why won't you talk?  You are definitely impotent!  Hey, at your age, you should be impotent.  But I am telling you, there is this miraculous cure.  Every day, you drink a cup of your urine.  The morning urine.  The urine that you urinate the first thing in the morning.  All you have to do is drink once up!  One big up!  Since you haven't got much time left to have fun, I don't know if you can cope with it ... Anyway, you can drink as much as you can ... right or not? ..."

The doctor said something ground-shaking: "Lift up your sweater so that I can listen to your heartbeat ..."  I was fucking shocked.  Most people would wear s shirt underneath a thick sweater like this one.  I imagined that Little Moon Moon would refuse because she did not wear anything underneath.  But!  ... I was standing at the doorway and I saw this scene that not never Stephen Chow could imagine -- Little Moon Moon lifeted her sweater immediately!!!!  Really!!  That fucking sweater really stretches well!  I was standing behind Little Moon Moon and I saw her bare back!  I saw the outline of her flopping breasts.  Sadly, the young male doctor got the shock of his life!  His was a sad case.  He was assigned to the night shift and all he wanted to do was to check the heart rate.  But Little Moon Moon gave him the most tragic moment of his life.  A hair ball of flesh suddenly appeared in front of him.  Over the flab of the stomach were two floppy breasts.  Doctor, will you end up with a psychological trauma?

She fucking found the fake mobile phone again ... she fooled around with it for a while ... then she said to Little W: "Come, hubbie.  Let us make a recording.  You have have to say, 'I love Little Moon Moon.'  Then we will get married when we go home.  I will obey everything that you tell me!"  Before Little W could react, I was stunned!  What kind of miracle machine is this fake mobile phone!  But I was being rational!  A recording is a piece of evidence!  If Little W should say that, his life is over!

Amidst this harmonious atmosphere, Little Moon Moon launched another thunder bolt ... she tapped on the back of the driver's seat and asked loudly: "Master driver!  Is there any pharmacy along the way!"  The driver drove calmly and replied calmly: "Let me look for one.  What do you need from the pharmacy?"  I wondered, "What is happening?"  Little Moon Moon hollered: "AI YA YA!  We have to do it tonight!  How can we do it without buying some condoms!  Do you have any?  If you have some, I won't need to buy any!  Give me a couple to use!"  When I heard that, I was ready to stab myself to death!  Who cares about any loose women on the Internet?  Or Shou Shou?  Floating clouds!  They are merely floating clouds!

Little Moon Moon did not say anything.  She immediately found that sweater and put it on her.  Then she pulled at the bottom.  Because she was so short, the sweater reached down to the middle of her thighs.  Then she began to turn ... turn ... turn in circles in the small space in front of the television set.  She laughed coyly and said, "Do I look sexy?  Hubbie?"

Little Moon Moon spread open he bottom half of her sweater.  Then ... even as everybody stared in shock and going far beyond my wildest imagination ... she ... she ... she ... she fucking began to turn in circles!!!!  She was like the female character in a romance novel ... she turned round and round ... then she began to laugh ...

Little Moon Moon began to perform.  She hollered towards the Oriental Pearl Power: "How are you, Shanghai?"  Then like an idot, she cupped her left ear with her hand, leaned toward and acted as if she was trying to hear the response.  Then she yelled again to the Oriental Pearl Tower: "How are you, Shanghai?"  Then she cupped her ear again to hear a response.  Suddenly she seemed to have thought about something and told us with tears of happiness: "Girl!  Little W, both of you come over here and holler!  See!  Look at how genuine I am, how composed I am, how much happiness I have!"  Then she hollered again: "Hello, Shanghai!"

Yes, someone got the right answer.  She began to toss the bras around!  Yes, she tossed the bras!  She really tossed the bras around!  To the comrades on duty that evening at the Meters Bonwe flagship shop on Nanjing Road, you worked hard.  Do you remember the lightning fast speed?  Little Moon Moon tossed the bras at Little W who led the way.  When I saw what was happening, I applied the brakes and kept my distance.  I saw bras and panties flying everywhere.  Flesh colored.  They were all flesh-colored.

"Little Moon ... Moon ... what are you doing?"
She said coyly: "Staying healthy!  What do you know?  Didn't you see that the place of mine is pinkish in color?  I can keep it pinkish forever by using a banana! "  Then she told me in a serious one, "Girl, you should remember to do the same when you go home ... it will really turn pinkish ... then she picked up the two bottles of liquid and the two orange banana peels and waltzed into the restroom ...

"Adulterer and adulteress!"
She picked up the bowl of dark green asparagus soup on the table.  Yes!  She raised the bowl up!!!!  I was in conflict about what will happen next!  Will she throw it at me, or Little W!!!  Fucking throw it at me, or Little W!!!  Fucking throw it at me, or Little W!!!  Me or Little W!!!


The sudden explosion among the Internet media over this affair is definitely related to the people who stayed home during the long National Day holidays.  People had lots of time to spend on commenting and entertaining themselves.  Spoofing and faking are well-established traditions.  Many others have fabricated the truth and adopted false identities only to the exposed eventually.

But without additional information, such a story would die naturally as netizens turn their attention elsewhere.  After all, so much information exists on the Internet and new stories will emerge in a few days' time.

But we need to pay attention to the fact that the print media (especially the newspapers) are no longer the dominant player on the Internet.  Instead, they are only trailing behind in this suddenly happening news story and looking for a share.  There is nothing wrong per se because the print media are market-oriented and they must track the Internet happenings in order to survive and develop.

But there is a strange phenomenon now in that the print media is becoming just an echo machine for the Internet.  Today a story hits the Internet.  Tomorrow this story becomes a newspaper front page story.  There is not much difference between the substance of the stories.  The newspaper reporter/editor makes some changes in the story heading and the 'story' is ready to go.  This is a very dangerous trend.  If we don't think Internet stories are reliable, then the print media can't be all that reliable if they merely reproduce Internet stories.  The reputation of the print media as a whole will be tarnished when the stories turn out to be fabricated.

In the case of the Little Moon Moon, the entire <Xiaoxiang Chenbao> report was taken off the Internet.  There was no attempt to interview the principals or verifying the details.  The reporter only re-organized the Internet material in a simple manner. 

(Daqi)  Investigating the details of the Little Moon Moon case.

I was re-reading the story this morning and I came across this sentence: "Sadly, Little W and I got on the Number 2 Line, transferred to the Number 1 Line and rode all the way to the terminal station."

I suddenly remembered: According to the announcement from the city government, the Nanjing East Road station on the Number 2 Line is closed every day from 15:15 hours between September 29 and October 3!

According to the post, the event took place after 9pm on October 3.  How did they manage to take the Number 2 Line?  The next stop west of Nanjing East Road is People's Plaza, which was the transfer point to the Number 1 Line.  They wouldn't need to make any transfer there.  The next stop east of Nanjing East Road is the Lujiazui station.  If they walked to the Lujiazui station, they would need to swim across the Huangpo River first ...

So I sent a SMS to Rong Rong at Tianya to ask for an explanation.  No reply.  I re-read the more than 100 pages of comments on that Tianya post.  Someone had asked a similar question to no avail.


As someone who lives only a five minute walk away from the Nanjing East Road station on the Number 2 Line, I went down to the Meters Bonwe shop tonight.

I asked the store guide whether she saw this woman on the night of October 3.  The store guide said: "Are you talking about the one who tossed the underwear around?  Many people have asked me already.  No such thing took place ..."  I was not completely assured, so I asked the security guard.  He said: "I know what you are asking about.  It is unlikely to have occurred.  During lunch today, we discussed this matter among ourselves.  But it was very crowded that day.  It is possible that we didn't spot it."

So I reserve my opinions with respect to Meters Bonwe.

But I am disappointed.  Apart from this store guide and this security guard, any other witness would be telling each other if this extraordinary scene actually took place.


I also walked down to the Babela restaurant on the sixth floor of the Hongyi Plaza. 

The service worker was very excited: "AI YA!  That business!  We received many calls today about it!  But what happened!  We searched on the Internet, but we couldn't find it!"

I remembered this sentence: "The young Babela guy looked at me worriedly from behind with a walkie-talkie in his hand.  Mother's cunt, why can't I pay my bill?"

So I asked: "Is there a skinny male service worker holding a walkie-talkie?"

They said: "Ha ha ha ha!  We have never used any walkie-talkies ever since we opened business here!"

I was ready to faint!

They comforted me: "But we do have skinny service workers ..."

I explained what happened to them, and I used my mobile phone to show them the story-only version of the story on Douban.

When they came to: "We reached the entrance of the Babela restaurant.  There were a lot of people.  The Babela receptionist gave us a card with the number 311," they got excited and said: "Let us check the record on the evening of October 3.

So I checked the waiting list on the evening of October 3.  There was no number 311.  I said feebly: "Can I take a photo?"  They said no.  I understand that because this was their internal record.  But I told them: "Don't throw it out."  They said alright.

That's it.  That's how far I got.