Do-It-Yourself Product Endorsement

(Daqi)  Only You Are The Most "VANCL"

Here is the template for creating a product endorsement print ad:

To the top left, add the name/logo of the brand.
To the left, add the price (in RMB).
In the middle, add the image of the endorser.
To the right, add the description and the identity of the endorser.

Remember the key to the exercise: No Photoshop, No Fun!

Here are the entries:

Huang Xiaoming

Jun Tang endorsing Western Pacific University diploma at US$2,595 apiece

Sister Phoenix

Comedian Zhao Benshan

Magician Liu Qian

Comedian Guo Degang

The Tang monk from "Monkey Goes West"

Singer/actress Faye Wong

Writer Guo Jingming

Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo

Ultra Man

Actor Liu Neng

Gossipist/Rumor monger Song Zude

Actor Jackie Chan

Director Feng Xiaogang

The Empress in palatial drama

Brazilian footballer Kaka

Sister Hibiscus

Juli Group's Zhang Zi

Actress Li Bingbing

Writer Han Han

Actor/singer Edison Chen

Singer Zeng Yike

Brother Sharp

Actor Jackie Chan for Wangba shampoo

Singer Li Yuchun

Lady Gaga

Entrepreneur Song Shanmo, currently under arrest for sexual harassment of female employees

North Korean footballer Jong Tae-se

Comedian Xiao Shenyang, aka "the most vulgar person in China"

Singer Li Yuchun