The Cross-dressing Super Idol

(China Entertainment Net)   By Zhu Yiqing.  May 23, 2010.

Last evening, the Chengdu regional elimination round of the Super Guys singing competition was held, with 35 advancing to 25.  The cross-dressing Liu Zhu was eliminated and will therefore not advance to the national finals.

Recently, there has been street talk about how "Sister" Liu Zhu will not be allowed to advance.  This rumor came from an Internet post titled <The State Administration of Radio, Television and Film has issued a warning to the competition organizers; cross-dresser Liu Zhu may be "ousted">.  In this essay, it was claim that since cross-dressing is not mainstream culture, therefore it would be contrary to the SARFT's edit that all such competitions must be consistent with mainstream values.  Thus comes the "speculation" that Li Zhu will be "kept off the air."

I don't have (and I cannot have) any opinion about the SARFT demand to eliminate Liu Zhu.  But if Liu Zhu was the only person thus targeted, then it would be very heartbreaking.  There are other even more disgusting clowns such as "Sister Phoenix" in various entertainment shows.  Compared to Liu Zhu, they are much more vulgar and repulsive.  How some that kind of "non-mainstream" culture are allowed to continue?  Should everybody act like "Sister Phoenix"?  What is the difference between that and nude running?

When I was interviewed by a certain newspaper, I said that "the popularity of Sister Phoenix is one trend for Internet celebrities.  The reason why she draws attention because she acts against conventional thinking and she behaves abnormally.  It can be said that she is the butt of jokes for bored netizens."  She is popular only because people have nothing else better to do and this is an opportunity for them to release some pressure.  When newer and more exciting characters show up, Sister Phoenix will be ousted sooner or later.

Conversely, the "fake woman" Liu Zhu is a man who is more "woman" and not "fake" to me.  At least he is not putting on an act.  On stage, he showed himself.  Compared to the fakery of the so-called gold-diggers Ma Nuo and the cosmetician Yan Fengjiao, Liu Zhu would leave them far behind with his character and charisma.  The audience who listened to her singing her own song <Float> can recognize his ability.  Although his singing is far from perfect, he can at least present a genuine male voice.  You can treat him as an alternate character, but you cannot deny his ability!

A singing competition is meant to select the truly skilled singers instead of judging them on the basis of their looks and dress.  The audience do so and the organizers do so.  The relevant government departments should do the same too!

(Sootoo)  May 23, 2010.

Previously, it has been rumored that the cross-dressing Liu Zhu has been ordered "banned" via a verbal order from the State Administration of Radio, Television and Film.  This rumor was quickly denied by the organizer Hunan Satellite TV.  There were also some speculations that the rumor was promulgated by Li Zhu fans for publicity purposes.  In the end, Liu Zhu was eliminated as rumors.  Liu Zhu's fans are disappointed, and the SAFRT rumor will now remain a mystery.

On the early morning of the contest, Liu Zhu updated his blog: "I can tell whether the news about the ban on me is true or false.  There is no way for me to verify this.  But I understand that no matter what, I will have to prepare and compete seriously.  If I did my best, I will have no regrets even if I am eliminated.  If I advance, it will be the result of my efforst.  I ask all those friends who support me not to get too emotion about tomorrow's outcome.  Don't forget, we said that we are going to be classy people!"

In the end, Liu Zhu was eliminated.  The judges praised him.  Judge Wu Qixian spoke about being "tenderly moved" by the performance.  Judge Ting Mei said: "Many people classified you being the likes of Sister Furong.  They said that people only wanted sensationalism.  I don't look at it that way.  I hope that you can do better and work a little harder so that you are not just a flash in the pan in the year 2010."

The elimination of Liu Zhu has disappointed his fans greatly.  But we wish him the best of luck in going farther in the future and not be just a "legend" in 2010.

Preliminary audition in Chengdu regional competition

120 to 50 in Chengdu regional competition


Final 50 to 35 in Chengdu regional competition

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