Sex, Drugs and Government In Fuxin

(Justice Net via Huanqiu)  November 19, 2009.

Shangguan Hongxiang reported the crimes

Part of the evidence collected after the orgies

On November 2, 2009, Fuxin city Haizhou district Sixteenth People's Congress delegate Shangguan Hongxiang began making posts under his real name to denounce Fuxin city Political and Legal Committee deputy secretary Yu Yang for persecuting him and seducing/coercing his company employees to engage in drugs and sex orgies.  Shangguan Hongxiang posted the names of several of the female principals as well as tape recordings and "self-confessions."  He also claimed to have retained evidence such as sperm-covered bed sheets, panties and condoms from those orgies.

On November 10, 2009, a fire occurred at the factory of Shangguan Hongxiang in Haizhou district, Fuxin city.  According to Shangguan Hongxiang, a lot of the case evidence was destroyed as a result.  On November 13, the Haizhou district police said that their investigation showed that the fire occurred because of unsupervised overheating in the electrical heat supply system.

Because there is so much information in the denunciation materials, our reporter decided to review everything with Shangguan Hongxiang in an interview.

Q: In your letter of denunciation, you said that Legal and Political Committee deputy secretary Yu Yang has been persecuting you for many years.  Why do you think that Yu Yang should have such a "grudge" against you?
A: My conflict with Yu Yang began around 2000.  Let me tell you about my personal history.  I was born in 1961 in Haizhou district, Fuxin city, Liaoning province.  I did not receive much education.  In my youth, I was in the business of selling and transporting coal and I made some connections.  At around 1992, I borrowed more than one hundred thousand yuan from friends and contracted a small mine belonging to the Fuxin Mining Affairs Bureau to mine coal.  Around 1999, I bought a coal well belonging to the Fuxin Mining Affairs Bureau.  I named it the Jingwei Coal Mine.  It is situated inside the Haizhou district of Fuxin city.
Since the state had just begun to permit private enterprises to mine coal, there were plenty of conflicts among the mines.  The local government and civic leaders were often asked to mediate.  Yu Yang was the Legal and Political Committee secretary and public security bureau director in the Fuxin Mengxian county.  He stated explicitly or implicitly that all the coal mining companies must give him "hidden shares" in the names of his relatives.  Those were the hidden rules in the coal mining industry of Fuxin Mengxian county.

Q: You "heard" about these things?
A: Every local person knew.  At the time, I was a delegate to the Fourteen Haizhou District People's Congress.  I had a certain reputation, and I was older than Yu Yang.  Apart from giving 30,000 yuan to Yu Yang every Chinese New Year, Yu Yang did not insist on me giving a "hidden share" in my Jingwei Coal Mine.  So we got along.

Q: When did the conflict begin?
A: In 1999, a businessman named Zhou Weiting bought a coal well named Beifeng Coal Mine right by the Jingwei Coal Mine that I owned.  But his coal mine was located in the jurisdiction of Fumeng county.  According to geological prospecting, each of the mines contained 50 million tonnes of coal in reserve.  But since both coal mines were located on the same vein, there were frequent clashes.
Sometime at the end of 2000, there was a fight between the workers of the two coal mines.  There were injuries on both sides.  But the Fumeng county Dongliang town police station chief Dong Xiaobu put the blame on me for ordering my workers to start the fight.  So we ended up paying more than 40,000 yuan in medical compensation to the Beifeng Coal Mine.
In June 2001, Fumeng county public security bureau sent people to arrest me.  I was very scared and I fled.  In September, I was arrested in Shenyang city.  On December 3, 2001, the Fumeng county court sentenced me to three years in prison (suspended for five years pending good behavior) for intentionally injuring others and stirring up a group to cause trouble.
I think that was how it began.  Yu Yang became my enemy since.

Q: How did your business disputes with the other companies involve the public security bureau director?
A: At the time, the Fumeng county public security bureau director got along with the Beifeng Coal Mine boss Zhou Weiting.  Everybody knew that.  Apart from deep economic ties, they share another common interest -- taking drugs.  I believe that I went to prison because Zhou Weiting and Yu Yang framed me.  While I was in trouble, the Jingwei Coal Mine was idle because management was missing.  Zhou Weiting took advantage and mined coal from my plot.  When I got out of prison, I found out that the coal reserve at my mines have all been exhausted.

Q: How did you feel after you got out of prison?  What business did you get into?
A: I thought that I was taken advantaged of.  I also knew that it was Yu Yang supporting Zhou Weiting behind the scenes.  But Yu Yang was too powerful locally.  So I never thought of taking revenge.  I only wanted to start a new life.
In February 2005, I invested in the Fuyuanxin Hotel in Haizhou district.  Then I opened the Yongxihong Machine Processing Factory to provide mechanical equipment to the Fuxin Mining Affairs Bureau.  I also established the Aiyou Labor Team.  My hotel was doing fantastic business with more than one million yuan in revenue each month.  The factory also produced almost ten million yuan in value.  I had almost one thousand people working for me (including more than 100 handicapped persons and more than 400 persons who had been laid off by others).  I was elected as a delegate to the Sixteenth Haizhou District People's Congress.

Q: When did you begin to feel that Yu Yang was "persecuting" you?
A: From 2006, I began to feel that there were very abnormal things happening at the three enterprises under my company.  The senior enterprise managers began to drift away.  They became indifferent to managing the business.  Many business managers were stealing company funds.
In retrospect, Yu Yang must have started at that moment to use coercion and enticement to lure the workers in my hotel, my factory and my labor team over to his side.  He used drugs to control them and formed an underground army inside my group to oppose and persecute me from the inside.

Q: We have read all the denunciation materials from you.  The initial feeling was shock.  But there was also the feeling that this did not seem real.  Is this just your personal speculation, or even paranoia?
A: I am reporting things that have happened.  Just like you, I could not accept these things when I first found out about them.  I was deeply pained.  But these things truly happened.  There are the tape recordings from the principals as evidence.  These are things that happened to my company workers over the years.  These are not my personal speculations.  At first, I was unaware.  I only found out after the female principals told me on their own.

Q: If Yu Yang really did these incredible things, he has to have a reason?  Could the conflict between the two of you be so serious?
A: I don't understand why Yu Yang persecuted me so relentlessly.  But if I have to find some reasons, I guess that there can be two things:
Firstly, at the end of 2001 when I got out of prison, someone was denouncing Yu Yang repeatedly.  Since I clearly had a grudge against him from before, he may have thought that I told those people to denounce him and therefore he hated me;
Secondly, after I got out of prison, my family would give Yu Yang a Chinese New Year present (30,000 to 50,000 yuan) each year.  But Yu Yang usually complained to my family: "This is far from enough but at least you have the right attitude.  When is your big brother coming over himself with his head bowed?"  When I became People's Congress delegate again, I did not send him any presents anymore.  Maybe Yu Yang thought that I disrespected him.

Q: That is hard to understand.  You say that Yu Yang wants to "persecute" you.  As a person with lots of power, he could taken more rapid and effective measures to "persecute" you.  Why would he spend so much time and energy to take these seemingly incredible measures?
A: I behaved very cautiously after I got out of prison.  My company paid all the taxes.  So it was very hard for Yu Yang to find "my faults."  Yu Yang forced my workers to come to the living quarters of my company, including my personal room, to engage in group sex/drug orgies while leaving behind disgusting evidence.  This was obviously the greatest possible insult against me.
The Yu Yang group wanted most of all to recruit my factory manager Yang Wensu (female, Chinese Communist Party, Fuxin city Communist Party Political Consultative Committee member) and my group chief accountant Yu Hong (female).  Both them became fellow drug users and mistresses of Yu Yang.  After becoming addicted to drugs, Yu Hong and them slowly became the accomplices of Yu Yang in persecuting others.  Thus, many of my workers from the senior managers down to hotel service workers were made to betray me.  My company core team was pried away.  In my personal life, I also had no one left.

Q: You mean that the people who participated in these group orgies were not just your company employees, but also the closest people in your personal life?
A: Given that things have reached this stage, I have to reveal certain personal secrets.  This is what bothered me all over these years.  In truth, Yang Wensu and I wre lovers for more than a decade.  This was open knowledge to local people, including my wife.  My wife managed my hotel while my girlfriend Yang Wensu managed my factory.  I want the women that I love to have their own careers and live stable lives on their own.
But beginning in 2005, my wife began to live separately.  She refused to live with me and she was very cold to me.  In mid 2007, my girlfriend Yang Wensu also began to turn cold against me.  I found out later that they both joined Yu Yang's sex/drug group.  After the Chinese New Year in 2008, Yang Wenxu left me altogether.  No one was in charge of the factory.  In April 2008, my wife left home, leaving no one to manage the hotel.  The work group was also disbanded.  My family life, my love life and my career were all in ruins.
When I think about all these events -- the departure of the dearest people in my life including my wife (now divorced) and my former girlfriend Yang Wensu all of whom became the lovers/toys of Yu Yang and them -- these are insults that are worse than death for a man and completely intolerable.

Q: When did you learn about these "truths"?
A: Around June 2007.  My girlfriend Yang Wensu was distressed and advised me to leave Fuxin city.  Under my persistent questioning, she finally told me that she was frequently told by Yu Yang, Han Jinyan (the traffic police department director in Fuxin city) and others to participate in group sex/drug orgies.  Yang Wensu said that Yu Yang and them thought that this would humiliate me to the maximum.

Q: "Group sex/drug orgy"?  That sounds too sensationalistic to believe.
A: Many local business people are aware of these things.  I heard about it a long time ago, but I never thought that people around me would be dragged into it.  In early 2006, Yu Yang was the Fuxin city Xinxian county Legal and Political Committee secretary.  He and Han Jingyan, Fuxin city Xinqiu district private coal mine boss Ma Zhiqiang and others began to "get happy" which meant group drug/sex orgies.  Over at the Fuxin city Xinshi Hotel and Yintong Hotel, they got these hotel service workers, university students and government workers to emulate the scenes in foreign videos to "get happy."  No ordinary people dared to talk about these happenings.  Nobody dared to intervene.

Q: What was your attitude after Yan Wensu told you?
A: I found it hard to accept the truth.  Actually, I was good friends with Han Jingyan.  Out of anger, I asked Yang Wensu to call Han Jingyan in front of me and then I cursed him out.  I warned him: I will be the enemy of Yu Yang and them.

Q: So that was when your conflict with Yu Yang began?
A: Yes.  We basically became enemies publicly.  At the end of 2007, Yu Yang was promoted to become the Fuxin city Legal and Political Committee deputy secretary.  So his persecution of me intensified.

Q: In your denunciation materials, you said that you preserved certain evidence.  What kind of evidence?
A: I was referring to the disgusting stuff that the Yu Yang group left behind after their sex and drug orgy.  Before they came down to my factory to do stuff, I would often get anonymous SMS to tell me to see what extra stuff showed up in my home.  In retrospect, many of these things were quite dismaying.  On the night of June 5, 2009 Yu Yang and them went to the grass field at my factory as well as my personal apartment to hold an orgy with almost 20 people.  My place was a mess.  Afterwards, I asked people to seal those rooms and preserve the evidence.  When I fled to Beijing to avoid retaliation, I asked someone to mail some of the evidence to Beijing so that they can be tested and examined by the relevant authorities.  On the morning of November 10, there was a fire at my factory office and private room, whereupon the remaining evidence was destroyed.

Q: In your materials, there was a female victim named Wang Dan.  What was her situation?
A: Wang Dan used to be my girlfriend.  In early April 2008, Wang Dan was hired as a manager by my company.  From the beginning, she cared a lot about me and gave me warmth and comfort at a time I was near mental collapse.  Wang Dan's concern for me was found out by Yu Hong and others.  Although she left the company because she believed in certain rumors, she was still tricked into joining the sex/drug scene.  In August and September 2008, she was sent back by Yu Yang to spy on me -- they wanted to see if I was going to denounce them or otherwise take revenge.  Very quickly, Wang Dan was touched by me and told me the whole truth.  She wrote down her story.  She walked out of my life later.

Q: There is another girl named Li Jing.  What about her?
A: In early 2009, I invested several million yuan to get a new aluminum alloy windows project.  Li Jing had just graduated from university and she came to interview for a job in March 2009.  She was chosen by Yu Hong.  At noon that day, Li Jing was tricked by Yu Hong to meet with Yu Yang and went to bed with him.  Afterwards Yu Yang and them placed her by my side to spy on me.

Q: In your second Internet post, you said that the three female victims denied their testimonies later.
A: They are still in Fuxin right now, so they must be under a great deal of pressure.  Wang Dan wrote materials about her participation in the the sex/drug orgies on two occasions.  The first time was on August 5, 2008 in Fuxin city.  Afterwards, she sent me many SMS's to encourage me.  I have retained those SMS's.  The second time was on August 7, 2009 in Beijing.  At the time, Wang Dan told me that Yu Yang sent her to Beijing to track me down.  But she had a conscience pang and gave me a written statement as evidence.  At around 7pm that night, I went with her to the Ganhou police station in Haidian district, Beijing.  Wang Dan told the police officer on duty how she was forced to take drugs before she came to Beijing.  If I had threatened or beaten her, would I dare accompany her down to the police station?
Li Jing make the recording on May 28, 2009 in Beijing.  There were other people present at the time and they can testify to that.  After Li Jing returned to Fuxin, she kept sending me SMS's to encourage me.  The message at 18:49 on July 17, 2009 said: "It has been raining all day and I thought about you all day.  This was the first time in many days that I thought back to all the things that happened before.  Every time that I thought about you, I feel pangs.  But the happy times were also good.  You taught me many things that I would have taken many years to learn.  Friend, teacher!  But you have now become my most familiar stranger!  Life knows how to place tricks on us.  I only wanted to lead a simple life!  This is the last time that I will contact you!  I will put you in the bottom of my heart!  I will seek my simple life and live on!  You be well too!  Please don't forget that you are a tiger!  Take care!!!  Li Jing."

Q: Did you report the matter to the relevant departments before going to the Internet?
A: In June this year, right after Yu Yang and his people held a mass sex/drugs orgy in my office/home, I began to make reports using my real name to many departments, including the Chinese Communist Party Disciplinary Committee Petition Office, the State Inspector Reporting Centre Office, the National People's Congress Petition Office, the Supreme Procuratorate Petition Office, the Chinese Communist Party Liaoning Province Disciplinary Committee Office, the Chinese Communist Party Liaoning Province Political and Legal Committee and others . Some of the departments replied to say that they have received the reports and will investigate in accordance with procedure.  So far, there has been no material action.
Then I sent denunciations to Fuxin city mayor Pan Guoli, city secretary Yao Zhiping and city public security director Yang Zhenfu.  In order not to put them into awkward positions, I did not name Yu Yang in those denunciations.
On September 30, secretary Yao Zhiping issued a note to the Fuxin city public security bureau to investigate the case.  This gave me encouragement because I saw the work spirit of the new generation of leaders in Fuxin city.
In mid October, a Fuxin city criminal investigation division worker called me and said: "We have seen plenty of denunciation materials like yours.  Anyone can write this up."  So I had no choice but to post some of the materials onto the Internet.  I also published the text of Li Jing's recorded statement.

Q: After you made the denunciations on the Internet, did anyone come to you as a part of an investigation?
A: On November 4, the Fuxin city public security bureau people came to Beijing and told my assistant: "Your Internet posts are suspected to be libelous.  We want to take you back to Fuxin to assist in our investigation."

(Huanqiu)  December 11, 2009.

Beginning in October this year, Liaoning province Fuxin city Haizhou district People's Congress representative Shangguan Hongxiang has been sending letters of denunciation to the Communist Party Central Disciplinary Committee, the State Council Legal System Office and other departments as well making posts on the Internet using real names to report Fuxin city Legal and Political Committee deputy secretary Yu Yang and others for engaging in sex/drug orgies.  He posted tape recordings and confessions of the principals on the Internet.  He also claimed to have preserved evidence of the group orgies as well.  This story quickly became the hot issue on the Internet as well as in newspapers.

An investigation team began to work on the case on October 21 and has contacted all 23 persons mentioned in the denunciation letters.  Another 12 related witnesses were also interviewed.  All the principals and all the witnesses denied the existence of the so-called group sex/drug orgies that were described in the denunciation letters.

According to the investigation team, Shangguan Hongxiang used force to coerce several women who had sexual relationships with him to write confessions and make recordings.  Yang Wensu, Wang Dan and Li Jing who were all mentioned testified separately that between January 2008 and August 2009, Shangguan Hongxiang assaulted and threatened them to make them write letters and make recordings to admit that they had been raped by Yu Yang and others and subsequently forced to participate in sex/drug orgies.

According to the investigation team, Shangguan Hongxiang fabricated evidence for these group sex/drug orgies.  The so-called evidence -- "hair, tissues with sperm, blood-soaked bed sheets, female panties" -- were examined by the Liaoning provincial public security bureau's criminal scientific investigation research center.  The DNA comparisons showed no match for Yu Yang and others.

According to the investigation team, Shangguan Hongxiang and his mistress Yin Dongfang managed to frame Yu Yang and others through mailing denunciation letters and making Internet posts in October 2009.  During this same period, Shangguan Hongxiang also actively contacted media reporters to give interviews to make his case.

According to the authorities, 48-year-old Shangguan Hongxiang is a private entrepreneur.  In 1978, he was sentenced to four year of labor reform for theft.  In 1985, he was sent to four years in prison for theft.  In December 2001, he was sentenced to three years in prison (with a five year suspension pending good behavior) for deliberately causing injuries and assembling a crowd to cause trouble. 

As for a motive for Shangguan Hongxiang, the authorities gave this explanation.  In 2001, Yu Yang was the public security bureau in Fumeng county and followed the directives of the provincial public security bureau to smash Shangguan Hongxiang's crime organization.  This caused Shangguan Hongxiang to hate Yu Yang and eventually plotted and planned to fabricate evidence to frame Yu Yang and others.