Donald Tsang Blames The Media For His Troubles

(The Standard)  Angry Tsang lashes out.  By Scarlett Chiang and Diana Lee.  October 28, 2009.

Donald Tsang Yam-kuen came out swinging yesterday in the face of allegations he has been putting family interests ahead of his responsibilities as chief executive.

A "groundless smear campaign" by some media organizations was aimed at his and his family's integrity, snapped Tsang, who should have been in good shape after a four-day break in Japan ahead of today's start of a three-day debate in the Legislative Council that is supposed to lead to a motion of thanks for his policy address on October 14. Instead, Tsang showed he was bruised by claims that his son's father- in-law, a leading distributor of light bulbs, would benefit from a plan to promote energy-saving lighting - an initiative in the policy address - and that a younger brother's wife received preferential treatment in recovering part of a doomed investment in Lehman minibonds.

"Some media agencies have recently questioned my integrity," Tsang said after an Executive Council meeting. The allegations appeared part of a "growing trend," he said, and "I deeply regret the groundless attack, which is aimed at undermining the credibility of the government." It was unfair for media to say that a HK$100 coupon scheme for energy- saving light bulbs was meant to benefit son Simon Tsang Hing-yin's father-in- law, Anthony Mok Kam-chuen, he went on. "The open, transparent and consistent government policies were twisted to become an idea for personal gain." He then hit at a "purely empty accusation" that sister-in-law Lam Suk- jing was helped when she recovered 60 percent of a minibond investment three months before most other investors were made an offer. "When my relative went to negotiate with the bank, I was totally in the dark," he said.

On why he should be made a target, Tsang retorted that it is a "fact you can see in the media." Apple Daily, Oriental Daily and The Sun are three newspapers that have set the pace in churning the accusations.

Wouldn't you like to see what Apple Daily, Oriental Daily and The Sun have been saying over the past two weeks?  Here are their respective front page covers from October 14 on:

Apple Daily

October 15, 2009:
Kept mistress administered poison and burned charcoal
to end love affair
Young brother and sister died unjustly

October 16, 2009:
Relative sells light bulbs
Bowtie force-sells energy-saving light bulbs

October 17, 2009:
Bowtie becomes Ah Bian?

October 18, 2009:
Groups organize to stop paying electricity bills

October 19, 2009:
Hard-sell of energy-saving light bulb
Bowtie had the plan beforehand

October 20, 2009:
(Secretary for the Environment) Edward Yau Tang-wah
slaps himself in order to save the Chief Executive

October 21, 2009:
Bowtie worse than Old Tung (Tung Chee-hwa, his predecessor as Chief Executive)

October 22, 2009:
The pro-establishment camp criticizes Donald Tsang strongly

October 23, 2009:
Bowtie rouses public ire once again

October 24, 2009:
After taking Tamiful, 4-year-old child
became mentally deranged

October 25, 2009:
Chief Executive speaks up
Sister-in-law gets money

October 26, 2009:
Father died when knife wound went untreated
Son is arrested

October 27, 2009:
First gold medal for Hong Kong at National Games
Wong Kam Po wins, marries

October 28, 2009:
HKU public opinion poll shows worse ever job rating
Bowtie's policy address
Loses all popular support

Oriental Daily

October 15, 2009
Donald Tsang relieves hardship
Save it!  (meaning Spare us! or Don't bother!)
100 dollar coupon to buy energy-saving light bulbs
but citizens have to face higher electricity bills

October 16, 2009
Big scandal over energy-saving light bulb
Donald Tsang benefits his in-law
Concealing status as distributor
"Worse than Antony Leung's car purchase"

October 17, 2009
Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC)
investigates Donald Tsang
Energy-saving light bulb for in-law
Nepotism arouses public anger

October 18, 2009
Donald Tsang lies completely to the people of Hong Kong
Energy-saving light bulb scandal
Words don't match intent

October 19, 2009
Energy-saving light bulb reveals evil
Bowtie Tsang must apologize
Environmental protection groups name Philips
Feigns ignorance, credibility bankrupt

October 20, 2009
Legislative Council takes action: censure
Donald Tsang in deep trouble

October 21, 2009
Donald Tsang hides inside his tortoise shell
Executive Council general mobilization to put out fire
Two policies divert attention

October 22, 2009
Bowtie Tsang tries to look good
But the people suffer
Energy-savings light bulbs benefit in-law
Illegally raise electricity price
Political parties propose review

October 23, 2009
The whole city is after him
Donald Tsang goes on vacation to escape trouble
Illegally raise electricity price to benefit in-law
Explosion of review calls

October 24, 2009
Cheung Bing-leung forcefully slaps Donald Tsang
Weakened government faces mass desertions
Sing opposite tune to advocate building new housing

October 25, 2009
Relative of Donald Tsang received advantage
Promote energy-saving light bulb policy: Benefits in-law
Sister-in-law trapped with mini-bond: Receives settlement quickly

October 26, 2009
Legislative Council applies pressure
Public trial of Donald Tsang
Hong Kong becomes the capital of scandal
Donald Tsang's explanations make things worse

October 27, 2009
The whole city is against Tsang
Scandal-plagued, sneaks back to Hong Kong
Unable to avoid mass criticisms

October 28, 2009
Donald Tsang throws a hissy fit
Smears the media to divert attention
Legislative Councilors accuse him of shifting responsibility
and ask him to give account quickly

The Sun

October 15, 2009
Donald Tsang tells citizens to save (meaning "Don't bother")
Policy report contains nothing about helping poor people
100 dollar energy-savings light bulb coupon treats people like fools

October 16, 2009
Donald Tsang does environmental protection
Benefits given to relative
Father-in-law of elder son is energy-saving light bulb distributor

October 17, 2009
Independent Commission Against Corruption
investigates Donald Tsang
In-law distributes energy-savings light bulbs
Admits that no filing made

October 18, 2009
Donald Tsang: Ace liar
Energy-saving light bulb benefits in-law
Environmental protection groups sent two letters
to warn of conflict of interest

October 19, 2009
Environmental groups denounce
Donald Tsang pretends to be ignorant
In-law distributes energy-saving light bulbs
Government departments already use them

October 20, 2009
Legislative Council gets ready
To censure Donald Tsang
Investigate whether in-law benefited
Five steps await

October 21, 2009
Donald Tsang public opinion support dives through the floor
Seeks Executive Council for rescue
66 billion dollars spending to divert attention

October 22, 2009
League of Social Democrats exposes plot
Donald Tsang lawless
Neat trick to allow electricity price increase
Gift for in-law
Citizens foot the bill

October 23, 2009
Wong Wing-ping angrily denounces
Donald Tsang destroys the rule of law
Energy-savings light bulbs benefits in-law,
linked with increased electricity bill
Citizen rights are stripped away

October 24, 2009
Wen Jiabao meets Hong Kong reporters in Thailand
First comments on the energy-saving light bulb scandal
"Deal with in accordance with the law"
Donald Tsang admits sister-in-law is Lehman Brothers victim

October 25, 2009
"His sister-in-law got money back, but we had to suffer"
Lehman Brothers victims angily howls
Down with Donald Tsang

October 26, 2009
Legislative Council promises to go after Donald Tsang
The Grand Inquisition
Obviously benefiting relatives, more stink as more secrets come to light
Evasions and cover-ups rouse public discontent

October 27, 2009
Mass encirclement/assault of "Power-abusing Tsang"
Sneaks back to Hong Kong after going away to avoid problems
Groups will relay to hold daily protests

October 28, 2009
Donald Tsang smears media
Arouses public rage