A Hot And Spicy Rape Case

(Tianya via XYX.org)  Let us gossip about a hot and spicy rape case today --- sister, you were wrapped in joy ...     By "Light Listening Under A Cold Moon."  October 6, 2009.

Today, we received a telephone phone call from a man who wanted to report the rape of his wife two months ago to the police.  Although we were somewhat perplexed about why it took two months for a rape to be reported, we had to act responsibly towards the principals.  Therefore, the case had to be accepted.

Thirty minutes later, our police colleagues brought the man and the woman back to police station.  According to custom, the job of interviewing female victims was given to me, the only female police officer on duty, because there may be many sensitive issues.

The female principal became agitated upon entering the police station.  During the process, she broke down in tears three times.  This was a situation in which both the speaker and the listener were both in tears.  I escorted the female principal into our record room and found the softest chair for her to sit in.  I also brought some hot water.  I offered her words of comfort (we are sympathetic towards victims).

When her emotions became more stable, I began to ask her about what happened two months ago.  If I didn't ask, I wouldn't have known; since I asked, I was astonished by what I learned ...

She began her narration and went on with some interruptions.  As she wiped her tears, she said: "I am a gentle and weak woman.  My husband works away from our hometown and he seldom comes home.  My child is more than two years old.  I live with my child and my mother-in-law.  The young man who raped me is our neighbor and he is in his 20's.  He looks like a honest person, but he has been touching me suggestively over a long period.  On that night, my mother-in-law had gone to her hometown.  That god-damned guy came over to my home to watch television.  He asked me to turn the light off.  As soon as I turned the light off, he jumped over and raped me ..."

When I got to this point, I sensed that something was wrong.  I asked: "If he has been harassing you over a long period, why didn't you tell your family?"

She lifted her innocent eyes and said: "How can I say it?  If this matter should ever get out, how can I face anyone?"

"When he raped you, did you resist?"

"I resisted.  How can I let him take advantage of me for no reason?"

"How did you resist?"

"I whispered 'No' to him.  Then I grabbed my panties so that he cannot pull them off."

"Did you yell loudly for help?"

"Yell loudly?  Are you kidding?  If people find out, how can I face anyone?"

"But why did you turn the light off yourself?"

"He asked me to turn it off."

"You did whatever he asks?  Didn't you say that he harassed you over a long period?  Why did you still heed what he says?"

"I never imagined that he would rape me.  He also took some drugs.  He raped me five times that night.  Comrade Police Officer, you must get justice for me."  After she said that, she began to cry again.  "That night, he followed me wherever I went.  We did it once in the bathroom, twice in the kitchen and twice on the bed."

"You did not yell during any of those five occasions?"

"No.  I was afraid that people might know.  In the middle of the night, he wanted to leave through the curtain door.  I stopped him from leaving, because the sound of his departure might be noticed by the neighbors in which case I can never face anyone again.  So he did not leave and he raped me one more time."

"Now let me ask you.  Why didn't you call the police after he raped you?  Why did you wait until now to report to the police?"

"A couple of days ago, my husband found out that I was pregnant.  That child must certainly belong to that god-damned guy.  If I weren't pregnant, I wouldn't let my husband and the police know.  If people find out about this sort of thing, how can I face people again?"

"Did he issue any threatening words while he raped you."

"He said, 'You husband is away from home most of the time and I am not married.  Do you want it?'  I said, 'Even if I want it, it wouldn't be with a migrant laborer like you'."

"And afterwards?  Did he harass you again?"

"We had intercourse a few more times afterwards.  Each time, he came over and raped me."

"You should know that rape means using violence, threats or harm to force the victim to engage in a sexual act.  You were half resisting and half obliging.  What does it imply when you won't let him leave?"

"I was only afraid that other people might find out.  I didn't want him to rape me.  Comrade Police Officer, I don't really want to go to the law against him.  How about speaking to my husband and advise him not to file a police complaint?  We can go home and spend our days quietly."

By this time, I realized that this woman was involved in adultery by half resisting and half obliging.  She made her husband a cuckoo but she couldn't say so.  But she has been found to be pregnant, so she said that she had been raped.  But she was also not intelligent at all in making her statement ...

"Since you have made a complaint, the case cannot be privately settled.  We must set up a case file.  We will notify you about the details later."

After taking her statement, I found out that she went to get an artificial abortion at a private clinic this morning.  Her husband is an honest man who believes everything that his wife tells him.  He even felt that his wife has suffered a great injustice.  He did not respond whenever his wife scolded him.

The case file was established.  We will be bringing the suspect in for questioning.  When the statement is taken, I can continue to provide more gossip if you are interested.

The person who made the post claimed to be a female police officer (note: human flesh search found out that she is a female police officer at a certain police station in Shifang county, Deyang city, Sichuan province and the only female police officer on duty on October 6).  She claimed to be the person who took the statement of the complainant in the rape case on October 6.  At the Tianya Forum, this female police officer described the case as "most astonishing."  As the police officer in charge of taking down the statement, her job should be to record the circumstances.  Instead, she was making fun of the complainant through "Actually this woman was involved in adultery by half resisting and half obliging.  She made her husband a cuckoo but she couldn't say so.  But she has been found to be pregnant, so she said that she had been raped.  But she was also not intelligent at all in making her statement ..."  She joined with those heartless netizens in delight at making mockery.

First of all, the police are not supposed to be rendering verdicts.  It is up to the court to decide whether a rape took place.

I think that it is understandable that a woman in a small county town would be unwilling to be exposed as a rape victim.

But none of that is important.  The important fact is that this matter has been accepted as an official police case.

What happened to the police's responsibility to maintain privacy when the details of the victimization as reported by the complainant are put on the Internet to be mocked?  The police regulations state clearly that the details should be kept confidential; the oath of police officers also state clearly that confidentiality shall be maintained; the case file should also be stamped "confidential."  Whatever happened to the professional quality of this female police officer?  What is the ethical quality in mocking a victim?  Was she busy getting an abortion while getting her police training?

The confidential details of a rape victim has been made public on the Internet by the police.  Although I am aware of the ethical standards and professional qualities of the Chinese police, I must still say that I find this sort of black human affair quite deplorable.

Today, they expose the case of a rape victim and treat it like a joke.  Tomorrow, they will expose the victims of murder/kidnap cases and treat them as jokes!!!!

Fortunately, this female officer showed her low-down ethical concepts right after she started her job.  At least we have the ability to eliminate her from the ranks of public servants.  We have plenty enough public servants.  Liu Bei's final will contains this sentence: "Please do not think that there is too little good in something and therefore it is not worth doing."  Let us send this post to the top of all the websites and wipe out this soiled spot!!!

(Chengdu Business News via iFeng)  Sichuan woman pretended to be a police woman and published the statement taken down in a rape case investigation.  October 11, 2009.

"The writer is not a real police officer.  The Deyang city police are following up in accordance with the law and will deal with the matter in a serious manner!"  Last evening, our reporter learned from the Sichuan province Deyang city public security bureau that the self-proclaimed police woman-netizen "Light Listening under a Cold Moon" who posted "the interrogation statement in a rape case" will be facing security punishment.

On the evening of October 6, a self-proclaimed police woman-netizen "Light Listening under a Cold Moon"  posted a "narration" on a rape case that she handled while one duty during the National Day holiday period.  She not only posted the details of the case, but she also characterized the case as "astonishing."  This post quickly drew hot discussion among netizens, which generated a series of chain reactions.

At 16:53 on October 6, the netizen "Light Listening under a Cold Moon" made a post in which she claimed to be a police officer.  On October 6, she was on duty at the police station.  A woman claimed to the police that she had been raped two months ago.  So the police woman took down the statement that day.  In the post, she disclosed many of the details that she learned while taking down the statement.  She reflected: "If I didn't ask, I wouldn't have known; since I asked, I was astonished by what I learned ..."

This post drew the attention of netizens.  Within a few days, the post was viewed more than 140,000 times with as many as 1,000 comments.  "Light Listening under a Cold Moon" was criticized by many netizens who are familiar with the law and she counter-attacked.  But in her counter-attacks, she disclosed two more cases.  During the debate, netizens criticized her for leaking the details of the case on the Internet in her position as the police officer in charge of taking the statements while also mocking the victims alongside other malicious netizens.  This was not only inappropriate but also a breach of confidentiality.  "Light Listening under a Cold Moon" rebutted that she did not disclose neither the location nor the names and therefore there has been no breach of confidentiality.

During the debate, perhaps in order to establish her "innocence," "Light Listening under a Cold Moon" even posted the telephone number of her boyfriend on the Internet forum.  Subsequently, netizens called and sent SMS to that telephone number to "protest."

Between October 7 and 8, "Light Listening under a Cold Moon" issued a post of apology in the face of the netizen criticisms and the telephone SMS protests.  But her apology did not mollify certain netizens, some of whom ran a "human flesh search" on her.  Through their efforts, they determined that her IP address was in Deyang city and determined that "Light Listening under a Cold Moon" is a female officer at a certain police station in Shifang county, Deyang city, Sichuan province.  Yesterday, a Deyang city forum administrator Mo Fei told our reporter that she was also angry when she saw that post.  On the day before yesterday, Mo Fei informed the Deyang authorities about this case.  Mo Fei said that on the afternoon of the day before yesterday, "Light Listening under a Cold Moon" called up and emphasized that she is not a police officer.  During the conversation, Mo Fei sensed that the other party has been under a great deal of pressure.

On the day before yesterday, our reporter contacted the Shifang city public security bureau.  The bureau's Political Work Department director Wang said that she had only just learned about the case.  She promised to report the matter to the bureau chief and the police will consider asking the Internet Monitoring Department to assist if necessary.

Yesterday, the Deyang city public security bureau person in charge said that the police investigators have determined that "Light Listening under a Cold Moon" is not a police officer.  The Deyang police are now investigating in accordance with the law and the writer will face security punishment.

Yesterday afternoon, the relevant Deyang public security bureau department reviewed the post from "Light Listening under a Cold Moon" and organized a full picture of this Internet public affair.  At around 2pm yesterday afternoon, "Light Listening under a Cold Moon" apologized again: "When I first made that post, my understanding about the law was shallow and it led to very serious consequences.  Yesterday, our local Internet Monitoring Department has contacted me and gave me thought re-education ... yesterday night, I fully recognized the seriousness of this problem and made a deep self-reflection."

On yesterday and the day before, our reporter made interview requests to "Light Listening under a Cold Moon" via Mo Fei.  But she did not respond.  According to informed sources, she is a temporary worker at a certain unit.  Presently, she is very rueful and under a great deal of pressure.  On October 8, she changed her "mood sign" to "I am sorry, I was wrong."

With respect to the case, Sichuan Henghuoxin Lawyers' Office lawyer Guo Gang said that legal responsibility also applies to speech made in virtual space.  This netizen is not a police officer but she pretended to be a police officer to disclose the details of a case, thus creating a public incident on the Internet.  That is clearly against the law.  In addition, if the disclosed content is true, then this is a possible violation of the privacy of the principals in the case.  The police should deal with this matter seriously.

At around 8pm last evening, the relevant Deyang city public security bureau department leader told our reporter that the investigators are working on the case but there has not been any decision on the punishment.  "The police will act in accordance with the law."  This leader said.