A Matter Of Taste Or Tastelessness

This is a case of one incident, many versions.  I'll leave it up to you to think about why these newspapers decide to present the same incident in these ways.  The texts are mostly the same because there were no eyewitnesses and much is left to speculation and conjecture.  Nevertheless the newspapers went ahead to show photos of varying degrees of revelation as well as graphical illustrations drawn by artists.

(South China Morning Post)  Crash death driver not wearing his seat belt.  By Phyllis Tsang.  January 4, 2008.

A minivan driver was thrown out of his cab and killed yesterday in Sha Tin when he lost control and crashed into the kerb, apparently with his seat belt unfastened.

Ng Ho-wing, 31, was on the Tsing Sha Highway going towards Tai Po Road at about 7.50am when the accident occurred. He was thrown out the right door and caught between the van and a fence, tearing his body into two pieces. The van travelled 400 metres before stopping. Ng was to get married this year and had been working extra hours recently, driving the minivan for a transport company by day and delivering newspapers by night. His fiancee and family members performed religious rituals at the site.

Acting Superintendent Wong Kin-wing, of the New Territories South traffic unit, said: "The seat belt is not damaged, so we suspect the driver didn't have it fastened when the accident happened." Ringo Lee Yiu-pui, the president of the Institute of the Motor Industry of Hong Kong, said it was highly unusual to have a body thrown from a vehicle and torn in half in an accident: "The van must have been travelling very fast," he said.

(Apple Daily)

Front page: Future husband ripped into two pieces in car accident

Top tarpaulin covered the lower half of the body; lower tarpaulin covered the top half of the body

Removal of top half of body

(Sing Tao)

(The Sun)