The Zhoushan Sexy Photo Gate


I am a worker at <Zhoushan Daily>.  I used to be optimiistic about the future and I led a happy life.  I got married in 2006.  After our marriage, my husband and I looked forward to the arrival of a child so that we can have a happy family of three.

But everything was destroyed by a sanctimonious prick in 2006.  The man is named Yuan Songhua and he is the manager of the advertising sales department at <Zhoushan Daily>.

In the second half of 2006, I had surgery and returned to work.  One night, I worked late.  Since there were no transportation by that late hour, Yuan Songhua offered to drive me come.  On the way, he said that there was a problem with broadband access at his home and he wanted me to help him take a look.  If I couldn't fix it, he would call someone from the technical department the next day.  Since I have good relationships with people at the office, I agreed.  When I arrived at his home, I found out that his computer was working normally and there was no problem with Internet access.  He said that there must have been a network problem before.  As I got ready to leave, he said, "Since you are here already, we can chat a bit about work!"  So he poured some milk for me.  I thought that there was nothing wrong with having a chat with the leader.  So I sipped the milk and chatted with him.  Then he asked unexpectedly to have sexual intercourse.  I instinctively rejected this unreasonable request.  But I found myself dizzy and weak.  So this was how he shamelessly took advantage of me.  I did not even remember how I left his home.  My mind was blank at the time.

I never imagined that this would be the start of a nightmare.  In the following days, Yuan kept asking me to have sexual intercourse with him.  I kept refusing.  But he threatened me: "I will tell your husband that you went to bed with me.  You won't clear your name even if you jumped into the Yellow River.  I will then find an excuse to get you fired, so that you have neither job nor family left.  This is the last time.  If you agree, I won't tell anyone."  At the time, I was really scared of losing my family.  I was afraid that I could not face my relatives and friends if this should be revealed.  That was how Yuan Songhua took advantage of me repeatedly.  The year 2007 was a nightmarish year during which I lived in agony and pain.

By 2008, I felt that I could not continue to live this way.  I did not want to lie to my husband.  I had to do everything possible to get away from the evil paws of Yuan Songhua.  By early 2008, that hooligan Yuan Songhua wanted me to have nude chat sessions with him.  I said that we did not have a webcam at home.  So he demanded that I watch him masturbate via QQ video.  He threatened that if I turned off the video, he would inform my husband about us.  So I began to take screen captures of his disgusting behavior.  I was hoping to use these images as my bargaining chip.  In November 2008, my husband accidentally came across these images.  After he found out what happened, he wanted to kill Yuan.  I did not want my husband to get in trouble on my account.  So I had to come forth bravely to denounce this hooligan Yuan Songhua, who is even more lowly than a beast.  I wanted the leaders and other relevant departments to pay attention to this matter.  I began to denounce this Communist Party member Yuan Songhua to the newspaper leaders and supervisory departments.

Although I tried through many channels to make Yuan Songhua get his deserved punishment, the newspaper leaders had complicated relationships to consider and therefore they made up excuses or refused to act.  I tried to petition to the Zhoushan city publicity department and the city disciplinary committee.  But I found out that the person in charge of the case was deputy director Du, whom Yuan Songhua speaks of frequently.  Du in fact backed Yuan for his job.  I was transferred away from my department.  Since the case wasn't resolved yet, the newspaper asked me to continue to work there and I had to face this hooligan every day.  I feel that officials tend to protect each other, so a poor woman like me is helpless without any powerful relatives to petition on my behalf.  Therefore, I can only describe this matter to the public and let them judge why such a hooligan should not be severely punished.  How can such a disgusting thing not be seriously dealt with?  Where is the justice?  If hooligans like Yuan Songhua are not severely punished, there will be more incidents of a similar nature.  Must justice for every citizen be paid for with their own blood and lives?

December 29, 2008

(Xian TV)  Official statement from <Zhoushan Daily>.  December 31, 2008

At past 9am on November 28, 2008, the advertising sales department employee named Shen lodged a complaint of sexual harassment against Yuan Songhua (advertising department manager hired for that position in January 2008).  The complaint included a letter and a laser disc containing videos.

The newspaper leaders immediately forwarded the material to the newspaper disciplinary committee and asked for a serious investigative and proper handling in accordance with the regulations for the purpose of discipline.

For the investigation, the newspaper disciplinary committee interviewed the complainant Shen, the principal Yuan Songhua and the husband of Shen a total of 8 times.  Other relevant persons were also interviewed.

Shen and her husband demanded that Yuan be dismissed or transferred away from Zhoushan.  If they do not get their way, they will continue to petition at higher-level departments.  On December 10, Shen complained to the Zhoushan city publicity department.  The publicity department leader took the charge seriously and sent the deputy director to the newspaper office to listen to the progress report.  He also demanded that the newspaper party committee get to the facts and handle the matter seriously.

As a result of the in-depth investigation, the newspaper disciplinary committee believes that Yuan Songhua and Shen were involved in an adulterous affair.  The reasons are: (1) The first time that sexual intercourse took place was at the place of the male.  The female went there at the request of the male to install a computer.  But the female knew that the wife of the male was normally away.  They had intercourse inside the home of the male.  Afterwards, the female did not complain to the relevant departments.  (2) Both persons admitted that they had sexual intercourse multiple times over a period of almost two years.  At the time of the first sexual intercourse, Yuan Songhua was not yet the director of the advertising department.  The conflict blew open when Shen's husband discovered that there was an improper relationship between Yuan and Shen when he found the material on his home computer on November 23, 2008.  Afterwards, Yuan could not reach an agreement with Shen and her husband.  Shen then complained to the newspaper.

On November 17, the newspaper party committee heard the report from the newspaper disciplinary committee about the investigation.  Based upon the report and the recommendations, the following decisions were adopted: Yuan Songhua has seriously violated socialism morality.  According to Article 150 and Article 154 of the Chinese Communist Party disciplinary rules, Yuan Songhua will be given a severe warning.  At the same time, the newspaper party committee determined that Shen shall be transferred to a new job position and be given critical education.