An Incident On A Long-distance Bus

(Tianya)  Posted by Southern Mountain Flying Fox.

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On August 13, 2008, I got on a long-distance bus from Longgang district (Shenzhen city) to Heshan (Guangxi province).  Due to many stops on the way in Shihui and Zhangqing, the bus did not enter Guangxi until the evening.  The bus is a sleeper bus with upper, middle and lower berths.  I was in the upper birth on the left row.  The lower berth is where the bus driver sleeps when he takes a break.  A young girl about 18 years old in a green dress had the lower berth on the second row.

At around 9pm, the passengers were all asleep.  One person was on the right of the young girl and he had his hand on her waist.  At around 9:30pm, the young girl was struggling.  The person next to him -- the fat bus conductor -- was pretending to be asleep but his hands were on her breasts.  The girl wanted to get up, but the paws held her down.  The girl shoved the hands away, but the hands reached down to her lower body.  So the bus conductor was able to molest the girl at will.  When the girl turned over to her side, the bus conductor moved behind her.

This action continued for more than two hours.  Because it was very unexpected and I did not know what t heir relationship was, I did not know what to do.  At 11:30pm, the bus made a restaurant.  I noticed that the girl went into the restroom with tears in her eyes, and only got out before the bus left.  Meanwhile the bus workers ate by themselves.  I came to the basic conclusion that the girl was unrelated to the bus workers, and that the bus conductor was a thug.

Half an hour later (at midnight on August 14), the bus set off again.  She did not put a blanket on herself and she dared the thug to do it in public.  At 12:30am, the bus conductor covered the girl with his own blanket and continued his molestation.  I took out my mobile phone and pressed the key so that the light came on.  I hope that the thug would stop when he saw the light.  But he couldn't care less.  When the blanket slipped off, I could clearly see his bands groping under the girl's clothes/pants.

Though the headlights from the cars coming down the opposite lane, I could see the young girl had closed her eyes through which tears were streaming down.  When the bus went through a toll booth, I saw that the bus conductor had pulled the girl's hand down to his own private part.  No matter what the girl did, he was not going to let go.

I called the  police.  Because I could not speak aloud, I was not able to communicate the time, place and nature of the incident.

We reached Guigang city by 3am, and the bus stopped for a break.  I went out and called the police.  I described the incident in detail.  I breathed a sigh of relief as I thought that I would get justice for the young girl.

Several minutes later, I got a call back from the police who could not find the location.  I gave them the names of the restaurants and shops near by.  I returned to the bus and waited for the police to show up.

Finally, there was a commotion.  The police came and I immediately reported that the young girl was molested.  The girl did not say anything.  She was just shivering because she was scared.  The police asked her if she wanted to file a complaint.  When she did not reply, they left.  I asked the girl: "Do you want to file a police complaint?  I'll be your witness."  The girl said with tear eyes, "You come here.  I've got something to tell you."  She grabbed my arm (and I can feel that she was still shivering) and whispered into my ear: "Brother, I know you are a good person.  Forget it.  I need them to tell me where to get off later.  I need to transfer to another bus to get to XX."  I was speechless.  I knew that this was an inexperienced girl who had probably never traveled before.

When will her hurt be healed?  When will this bus conductor be punished?  When the victim does not want to complain to the police, what should an observer do?  Is it rational for the people not to complain and the police not to act?  The fact is that even if the girl does not speak up, a crime has actually taken place.

The bus carries license plate number Guangxi G-00556.

Note: On the afternoon of August 15, I reported this matter at the Tianya Miscellaneous Chat forum.  People reacted strongly, with more than one hundred comments in a very short time.  But because my post had sensitive content, it was harmonized.  I modified the most and eliminated more than half the content before it passed inspection.  The truth and other details in the case will likely emerge gradually.

At 9:30pm on August 19, I met with two other netizens and went to the bus depot in the Longhua district (Shenzhen city).  On the way, we thought about the difficulty and the likelihood of conflicts, but we did not back off.  We believed in the triumph of good over evil.

At the Longhua bus depot, we waited about 30 minutes without seeing the bus, which was lae.  I called the bus conductor at 13978153556, and I learned the bus had already gone past Longhua and is heading towards Fuyong district.  So we decided to chase the bus down on the expressway to Dongguan.

At around 11:30am, we arrived at Chang'an town in Dongguan.  After some twists and turns, we found the bus.  I tried to see if I can spot the bus conductor, but I did not see him.  Instead, there was a female bus condcutor.

When the bus arrived at the Fumen district of Dongguan, it stopped to pick up clients.  Since we had not gotten good photos, I and netizen 'splendidtige' decided to park our car 500 meters ahead and walked back to take photos.  During our filming, the bus workers spotted us.  Immediately, four or five dudes came out and chased us with steel poles.  I and 'splendidtige' split up.  Two guys chased me, and two guys chased 'splendidtiget'.  I was able to escape by running into the dormitory of a car company.  I called the police and I was ready to go out.  But the dormitory security guard said that I had intruded and they called the police.  More than twenty minutes later, the police came and I told them what happened.  The bus had done.  But the netizen who had stayed in the bus, 'Jade tree in the wind' had been savagely beaten.

'Jade tree in the wind' had bruises on his eyes, face, years, chest, shoulders and back.  His front teeth were loosened up.  According to his narrative, the thugs did not catch us but they spotted our car.  So they dragged him out.  Right there on State Highway 107, they used steel poles, bricks and fists to beat him for about twenty minutes while they hollered: "We are trying to make a living.  Our lives aren't worth much.  But if anyone messes with us, we will take their lives ..."  "Who dares to mess around with the Liuzhou gang?  It does not matter whether it is in Longgang, Dongguan or Heshan.  If we want you dead, you are diead ..."  "If we don't show you some colors, you won't know how tough the Liuzhou gang is ..."  They threatened 'Jade Tree In The Wind' to call me and 'splendidtige' to go back or else they will kill him.  He refused and they continued to beat him until they were tired.

We took 'Jade tree in the wind' to a hospital nearby, where the doctor diagnosed "mild brain concussion" and "multiple wounds on the body."  We left the hospital and we filed a police report at the Fumen Public Security Bureau in Dongguan city.

(Southern Metropolis Daily)  August 22, 2008.

The initial post by "Southern Mountain Flying Fox" has aleady accumulated almost 500,000 page views at the Tianya Forum by 7pm last night.  Many netizens requested the human flesh search engines to go into action to locate information about the bus.  According to one netizen, there are three long-distance buses between Longgang (Shenzhen) and Heshan (Guangxi), and their license plate numbers and schedules were published.  Yesterday, the reporter checked with the Longgang bus depot and was told by a worker: "I've heard about a passenger accusing the male bus conductor of molesting a female passenger.  This bus is still operating at this time."

Another netizen reported that the bus owner was man named Tan, the driver was named Zeng and the bus conductor named Chen.  The netizen also published several mobile phone numbers.  When the reporter called those two numbers, two of them were turned off and the third yielded no answer.

(Southern Metropolis Daily)  August 24, 2008.

Police at Heshan (Guangxi province) announced that they have found the four bus workers and are conducting an investigations.

According to reporters who had seen the four, the owner named Tan is obese while the bus conductor named Huang was thin.  'Southern Mountain Flying Fox' said during a telephone interview: "I have seen the news photos from the Guangxi News Net.  I and my friends are more certain that Tan was the molestor.  But the Internet photos are not crisp and clear, so I will wait for the police to do their investigation."

The bus owner Tan was interviewed by Guangxi News Net.  He said that the bus workers did not molest any young girl.  Concerning the netizen being assaulted in Dongguan, he claimed at first that some passengers got off the bus to assault people.  Then he admitted that the two drivers recognized that one of the people as the person who called the police in the early morning of August 14 and he got angry. 

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