The Hong Kong 7/1 March: Media Coverage

(Apple Daily)

Red-hot demands
For democracy, against bad governance
47,000 people marched

According to the organizers (Civil Human Rights Front), 30,000 were estimated to have set off from Victoria Park and 47,000 people in total participated in total.  The police estimated 15,500 persons marched.

(Ming Pao)

Between 2pm and 5pm, Ming Pao interviewed 339 marchers who were randomly selected from the formation.  47% of the respondents said that they were marching to fight for double universal suffrage (for the Chief Executive and the Legislative Council) and 26% said that it was because they were dissatisfied with the governance in Hong Kong.

On July 1 2007, 80% said that they were marching to fight for double universal suffrage and 6% because they were dissatisfied with the governance in Hong Kong.  In December 2007, the central government announced a schedule for universal suffrage which cooled down the debate.  More recently, people have become focused on governance and inflation.  The rating for HK SAR Chief Executive fell down to 36.9 this year from 51.3 last year among the respondents.

(Hong Kong University Public Opinion Programme)

At the pedestrian overpass at the intersection of Hennessey Road and Arsenal Road, the team divided the roadway into numbered lanes.  Here are the counts by time:

16:27-16:39: Lane 1: 329; Lane 2: 346; Total: 675
16:40-16:59: Lane 1: 1,368; Lane 2: 1,394; Lane 3: 786; Total 3,548
17:00-17:19: Lane 1: 1,019; Lane 2: 1,479; Lane 3: 1,024; Total 3,522
17:20-17:39: Lane 1: 921; Lane 2: 1,356; Lane 3: 993; Total 3,270
17:40-17:59: Lane 1: 690; Lane 2: 893; Lane 3: 780: Total 2,363
18:00-18:02: Lane 1: 30; Lane 3: 12; Total: 42

Total: Lane 1: 4,357; Lane 2: 5,468; Lane 3: 3,595; Total 13,420

Between July 3 and September 21, 2007, HKU POP had conducted interviewed by telephone which indicates that 74.7% of July 1 2007 marchers had passed by this location.  This yields an adjusted estimate of 18,000 (=13,420 / 0.747) for July 1 2008.

(Sing Tao)  July 1st number of marchers set new record low

Hong Kong University Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science Senior Lecturer Yip Siu-fei and several colleagues set up counting stations at the Bowrington Bridge in Causeway and in Admiralty.  Between 3:15pm and 5:15pm, 14,000 persons went past Bowrington Bridge.  By 6:00pm, 10,000 persons went past Admiralty.  Through intercepting marchers at Admiralty, it was determined that 92% of them had started out from Victoria Park.  Therefore, Yip estimated that the number of marchers is around 15,000.

Historical records: