The Cadillac Incident At Hunan University


[in translation]

At around 9pm on May 31, a Cadillac car with license plate Hunan AA8**6 was exiting out of the Tianma student dormitory and collided with a male student (reported to be 2006 graduate student at the School of Business Administration).  At the time, the Cadillac driver was there to pick up a female student at the Tianma student dormitory (an eyewitness claimed that the female student and the male student knew each other).  According to eyewitnesses, the male student appeared to be slightly intoxicated at the time.  The driver made no apology to the male student and did not offer to send him to the hospital.  Instead, the driver grabbed the male student by the head and rammed it into the ground.  Then he used his feet to kick the male student, causing him to bleed in the head as well as feeling dizzy.

According to some eyewitnesses, the male student was slightly intoxicated and he happened to see his ex-girlfriend inside the Cadillac in front of the Tianma Apartments.  He blocked the car from leaving while he cursed the girl out, seizing her mobile phone.  This caused the driver to assault the male student.  But our reporter has not been able to verify this story.

After the incident, students from the Tianma Apartments came out and surrounded the Cadillac and its owner.  Certain extremist students smashed the window of the Cadillac.  The university counselors and the student affairs office leaders came to the scene.  Several minutes later, militia police officers also arrived.  But there were too many students and the militia police could not get near the Cadillac.  During this time, the students called to the driver: "Kneel down" and "Beast."  The situation went out of control at one time.  Afterwards, the victimized student addressed the crowd, who calmed down.  The male student was magnanimous and said that he was prepared to forgive the driver.  But the other students were angrily adamant that the driver had to get down on his knees and apologize.

Half an hour later, the University Party Deputy Secretary Tang Yayang and the Student Work Office director Yu Xiangcheng arrived at the scene and tried to calm the students.  They asked the students to return to their dormitories and promised that the university will look after the interests of the students.  But the impassioned students would not accept the pleas and demands of the leaders.  They said that they did not trust the university.  The situation went out of control once again.  The driver then showed his ID to Tang Yayang.  The reporter noted that this name was named Yang and lives in the Tianxin district of Changsha city with ID 4401021981****5214.  The driver used a megaphone to inform the crowd: "I offer my most sincere apologies to this student.  I also apologize to everyone."

But the surrounding students insisted that the driver must "kneel down."  They began to throw beverage bottles at the driver.  In order to reduce the pressure, the driver knelt down briefly to express his regrets.  But this move after a long stalemate did not make the students feel better.  Certain outsiders began to demand that the car be overturned and the driver be assaulted.  The situation once again threatened to spin out of control.  The Changsha police then came to restore order and they took away the driver and the car.  They also took away a student for unknown reasons.  The injured male student was sent to the Changsha Number Four Hospital for treatment.  At around midnight, the students dispersed slowly.

(Tianya)  The Cadillac Incident At Hunan University.  June 1, 2008.

[in translation]

A big incident occurred at the Tianma Apartments.  The counselors have sent SMS to tell students not to participate.

Reportedly, a driver drove into a student.  The student kicked the car once.  The driver got out of the car and beat the student.

The student was beaten until he knelt down and and apologized.


It was reported that a car hit a student and the driver was surrounded to demand that he kneel down and apologize.  The police are escorting the driver away ...

The tough car driver summoned many thugs to assault the graduate student.

The guy even boasted, "I happen to have money.  I have money.  I drive a Cadillac.  I drive a Cadillac and I pay your Hunan University female student to be my mistress.  I hit a student upon leaving my apartment.  What do you want from me?  You want me to apologize?  I have money.  I beat students!  I have money.  I can get this settled.  Do you believe it or not?"

The driver also boasted, "If you keep causing trouble, I will make sure that none of you will graduate!"

He refused to apologize.


At around 8:50pm, I stepped out of the Tianma Apartments to get a snack.  A male student was blocking a Cadillac (license place Hunan AA8268), which costs around 580,000 RMB.  I paid attention to them.  At first, the male student was blocking the car and not letting it leave.  He was also cursing out the female student inside the car (at that time, I had the suspicion that the female student was a kept mistress since this was Saturday night).  The car moved forward a bit and touched the male student.  But it did not knock him down.

Then something despicable happened.  The driver got out of the car and punched the male student twice.  Then he cursed and got back into the car.  The male student was obstinate and refused to hit back.  But he grabbed the driver and refused to let him go.  The driver saw that the male student was not going to let go, so he turned around and beat him again.  The male student fell to the ground, and the driver kicked him hard.

During the process, I tried to stop the beating.  The two friends of the male students also tried to stop the beating.  But the scene was too explosive as the driver was like a wild animal, cursing and beating.  We did not join the fray.  The driver boasted in a threatening manner: "I am beating him.  You stay out of it."  We did not dare to say anything.  Two female students condemned the driver, who cursed them out.  All the students passing by were also disgusted.  The scene was getting ugly.  Even the owner of the cold beverage store nearby disapproved of the driver.  More and more people assembled.  More than 50 people were there.  The driver was still talking tough.  He said that the male student had damaged his car, and he demanded compensation!!! During the process, the driver administered three separate beatings.

This made our fellow students very angry.  The driver had beaten the male student until he had 'panda eyes,' with bleeding at the corner of the eye, but he was still more concerned about his own car.  Besides the male student had not damaged the car.  (Wouldn't you say that this car deserves to be smashed up!)

At the time, I was very angry.  With the majority of the other students, we cursed the driver for being a beast and the female student for being a prostitute ... About half an hour after the incident started, there were more than 100 people.  There were some useless police officers who were trying to help the car driver.  They wanted the male student to get into their car, presumably to settle this in private at the police station.  But the student refused and everybody chanted, "Apologize!  Apologize!"  The driver was still very boastful: "What are you shouting about?  This business of ours does not concern you."  He shouted loudly at the students. 

Then the teachers and the party secretaries showed up.  I don't have to say more because everybody knows what happened next.  In the end, the driver knelt down to apologize.

At around 9:40pm, the newspaper reporter showed up ... frankly, he was just listening to this or that person and he did not have a clue ... his report seemed to be very objective but he glossed over many of the more heated scenes ... the police tried to push the crowd back and I was stepped on a few times. The police looked like they eat shit -- they are there to help the wealthy people suppress us students.  They had no say and they were there to maintain order.

But things were not so simple.  The female student and the driver got out of the car with hand in hand.  The female student told the male student in an intimate manner: "I beg you not to create a scene.  Can I beg you?"  Those were her own words.  I swear to that.  I heard it myself.  There were not that many people yet.  About fifty or so.

P.S.  Had the driver apologized when there was only fifty or so people, things would have been okay.  But he did not apologize.  Not only that, but he threatened us in a contemptuous manner.  That drew more and more spectators.  People should be more low-keyed instead of being so aggressive.  Half a hour after the incident, he still had no intention of taking the male student to a hospital.

Also, I suspect that the driver and the female student must have some personal relationship.  The female student was also very arrogant!  So that was why spectators were offended and told her: "Why are you  pretending to be pure and innocent?  You sell your body and you still want a chastity stele?" "[Censored word], if you dare to do it, you shouldn't be afraid of being exposed."  The female student then began to cry!

Addendum:  When the female student saw the students surrounding the car and shouting, she raised her hand to ask for them to stop in the manner of a leader.  But people kept talking.  So she yelled out aloud:  "Stop yelling!  Why don't you stop!"  In return, she got cursed out: "You are a kept mistress and you dare to talk!" "You prostitute, you scram aside!" Actually, this was when they started calling her a prostitute.  So she began to cry.  Then she got back into the car.

We strong demand that the female student be expelled.  Hunan University should not have its reputation blackened on her account.  She caused the entire Cadillac incident.


This began when the male student blocked the car from leaving.  He was also cursing out the female student.

If this was a question of the car hitting him, he should be cursing out the driver.  Why was he cursing out the female student?

So this was probably a case of the male student losing a girlfriend and therefore blocked the car from leaving out of anger.

Since the girl was leaving in someone's car, the message should be clear.  If the male student was dumped, then it was either because he was not good-looking enough, or because he did not have enough money, or because there are other problems.  With these problems, shouldn't he make more money, or else get plastic surgery?  What the fart good does blocking the car do?  Why not get a Benz 600 or BMW 7 and win the girl back?

Why isn't the male student studying?  Why the fart does he go looking for romance?  Has he passed Level 6 English yet?  How much does he have in scholarship awards?  Why does he want to fight over a girl instead of doing his job?  What do the Hunan University counselors do for education?

The driver was wrong as well.  He is already in society but he still wants to find a girlfriend at the university.  He can't compete in society, so he grabs a university girl.  He is obviously not so tough.  There are so many entertainment places in Changsha, with movie stars and models readily available.  Instead, he does as low-down as picking up university girls and beating up university guys.  Does it think that he still is the school bully?  He'll never get anywhere.

The Hunan University students were even more ridiculous.  When someone beats someone else, they should just condemn that person.  Why curse out the female student for being a prostitute?  They guessed that the female student and the driver have an intimate relationship.  So when a female student has a boyfriend with a car, she is automatically a prostitute?  All the female Hunan University students are prostitutes as well if they should have boyfriends with cars?  They have studied so many years already and they are still clueless.


At around 9:30pm on May 31, 2008, our full-time School of Business Administration 2006 MBA graduate student Yang Liang drove his father's car (license plate Hunan AA8168) to pick up his female friend named Liu (also a 2006 graduate student at our School of Administration) to go to her aunt's place.  On the way out, the car braked suddenly and made close contact with Liu Chang (also a 2006 graduate student of our School of Business Administration and the former boyfriend of the female student Liu).  Yang Liang apologized, but the inebriated Liu Chang was given a shock by the encounter and challenged Yang Liang.  There was an argument followed by physical contact.  Liu Chang was injured by Yang Liang.  At the time, many students had come back to the dormiitory from studying and therefore there was a large crowd of spectators.  This in turn drew a large crowd of our students and students from the Hunan Normal University in the Tianma district as well as outsiders who did not understand what was going on.  The crowd demanded that Yang Liang apologize publicly.  The university leaders, student affairs office staff, the university security staff, the public security officers and the university counselors arrived at the scene to maintain order.  At around midnight, Yang Liang was taken away by the police to assist in the investigation.  The car was towed away.  Three Hunan University students were taken away by the police for education because of their excessive actions.  Afterwards, the university leaders visited Liu Chang at the hospital and also went down to the police station to ask them to handle the matter in accordance with the law.  At this time, Yang Liang is still being detained to assist in the investigation.  The public security bureau is investigating and obtaining evidence, and they will deal with the matter in accordance with the corresponding laws.  The university will study the decision of the public security bureau and apply school discipline as appropriate.

During the incident, apart from certain unidentified outsiders and individual students, the broad mass of students cooperated with the university and public security department to maintain order and put the incident to rest.  They showed the good quality of our university, defended the reputation of the university, sustained the overall image of the university and maintained social stability.

Hunan University Security Office
June 1, 2008