Taiwan Weekly, or Politics as Farce

(Taipei Times)

A new Chinese-language newspaper, Taiwan Weekly, currently on a trial run, accused Ma Ying-jeou's wife, Chow Mei-ching, of stealing newspapers from Harvard University's Harvard-Yenching Library when she was a student there and claimed it had evidence to back its claim.  The Ma campaign team's lawyer, Lai Su-ju, also a KMT Taipei city councilor, lashed out at the publisher and spokesperson of the publication for dodging legal responsibility by using pseudonyms.  Lai said the Taipei City Police Department could not find the name of the publisher, listed as Tseng Tien-hsiang, and the spokesperson named Wang Mo-san, when the camp tried to file a lawsuit against the publication on Tuesday.

Wang held a press conference yesterday afternoon and rebutted KMT allegations that Frank Hsieh's campaign team funded the publication.  She did not specify where funding for the newspaper came from.   Wang, a radio host, also denied she used a pseudonym to avoid legal responsibility, noting that she has been using the name for more than 10 years.


Q6. Recently, a publication named Taiwan Weekly accused Vincent Siew of owning luxury mansions and Mrs. Ma Ying-jeou of stealing newspapers.  Do you think that this publication is connected to the Frank Hsieh campaign team?
35%: Yes
23%: No
10%: Never heard of Taiwan Weekly
31%: Don't know

However, there is a bitter debate over the background of Taiwan Weekly.  On one hand, the pan-blue supporters are saying that this is yet another "dirty trick" from the Frank Hsieh campaign.  On the other hand, the pan-green supporters are saying that Taiwan Weekly is so transparently clumsy and ridiculous that the Ma Ying-jeou campaign must have concocted it in order to pin the blame on the Hsieh campaign.

How clumsy and ridiculous was it?  Below are translations from some excerpts from page A3 of issue number two of Taiwan Weekly.  The original scanned image is here.

If there is full Three Communications with mainland China, the Eight Occupations in Taiwan will be under Red Alert!

[Even though the Three Communications have not take place yet, Taiwan has 
arrested large numbers of mainland Chinese girls entering illegally and working
in the sex entertainment occupations.  If mainland Chinese girls were to show up in large numbers,
the consequences would be appalling beyond imagination.]

If Ma Ying-jeou is the most popular candidate among women, then his policies should show more consideration about the needs of women.  But the truth is that Ma Ying-jeou does not concern himself with the happiness of our women.  Instead he advocates a Cross-Strait Common Market with Three Communications.  When that time comes, the mainland Chinese girls will rush in to dig gold in Taiwan.  They will create marital tensions among Taiwan couples and also directly impact the Eight Local Occupations in Taiwan, so that there will be the tragedy of "dancing girls becoming bar girls, bar girls becoming prostitutes, betel nut girls selling their bodies, call girls becoming street walkers."  And then it will too late to blame Ma Ying-jeou.  You will only know to laugh bitterly.

Within the Eight Occupations, the mainland Chinese girls are younger and less pricey than the Taiwan girls.  In mainland China, a 25-year-old woman is considered old; by 30, they are ready to become mama-sans.  In Taiwan, a woman in the 30's can still work well; mama-sans are more like 40 or 50 years old.

According to a Taichung informant, the mainland girls in Taiwan can charge NT$2,000 to 3,500 per 40-minute trick if they are of 'high quality."  For the same looks and physiques, the Taiwan call girl charges NT$3,500 to 5,000.  The competitiveness in the human meat market is obvious.

Once communication with mainland China is opened up fully, the mainland Chinese girls can legally enter Taiwan to dig gold.  They will impact the existing situations within the Eight Occupations.  The mainland Chinese girls are younger and less pricey.  They will win over many clients.  The Taiwanese women who are now working in the Eight Occupations will have nothing left.  Even the call girls will have to walk the streets!

Please note that this is happening even before the Three Communications have been implemented.  Once the "One China Market" has been created and the Three Communications are implemented, will there be any room left for the Eight Occupations in Taiwan?  Many Taiwanese businessmen say sarcastically that the Eight Occupations will be reduced to "calls girls being forced to walk the streets, the betel nut girls being forced to sell their bodies."

There is a doggerel for this: "The guys cannot find any job, the women cannot find any husbands, the children shipped off to Heilongjiang."  This will be such a tragedy!  The proposal of Ma Ying-jeou will cause a survival crisis for the Eight Occupations!  If communication with mainland China is opened up completely, the mainland Chinese girls can come here to work legally and then dig gold in Taiwan.  Once, the Three Communications get implemented, the Taiwanese men will go over to mainland China to spend their money and the Taiwanese businesses will suffer!

A president should seek happiness for the people, and that includes the happiness of Taiwanese women.  But the Cross-Straits Common Market and Three Communications advocated by Ma Ying-jeou must not be implemented!  If that should happen, the Taiwanese women will have no happiness to speak of!

Even the Betel Nut Girls Will Have To Sell Their Bodies

If Taiwan should adopt the Three Communications and the One China Market advocated by Ma Ying-jeou, the legal businesses will be facing unfair competition and they have no choice except to die.  The Eight Local Industries in Taiwan will also be impacted directly and be faced with the tragedy of "dance girls becoming bar girls, bar girls becoming prostitute; betel nut girls selling their bodies, call girls becoming street walkers."  It would be too late by then to blame it on that bum Ma Ying-jeou.

Recently, a Taiwan businessman said that mainland girls from Pingtan in Fujian province have said that two-thirds of the hometown girls have come over to Taiwan through various channels.  These channels include genuine marriages, fake marriages, business visas, tourist visas and smuggling.  Their ultimate goal is to make money here.

The best opportunities for mainland Chinese women in Taiwan are in commerce and cultural exchanges.  This is followed by low-cost labor (such as nurses and dishwashers).  The worst option would be to sell their bodies: a rare few can enter high-quality consumer outlets such as hotels, dance halls and clubs; the young and pretty ones can set up and sell their bodies by making the rounds at the various  hotels around the clock; those with lesser qualifications have to work the snack shops, hair salons, etc and compete directly with the cheap and fun-loving Indonesian and Vietnamese girls.

According to informed industry insiders, nine out of ten single Chinese girl come over to Taiwan to earn money.  Their best legal advantage in competition is their low labor costs.  For a dishwashing job at NT$18,000 per month, very few Taiwanese woman are willing to take on.  But the Chinese women will take this job, work overtime and take on part-time jobs as well.  They only want to send more money home.  If the Taiwan market becomes fully open, millions of mainland Chinese women will be rushing over and taking away all the traditional service jobs of the Taiwanese women.

Among the Eight Occupations in Taiwan, the quickest moneymaker is the erotic entertainment occupation.  The vicious competition from the mainland Chinese women will be even more immediate.  According to a Taichung source, a mainland Chinese girl can come over now with a fake marriage that would cost NT$250,000 for the airplane ticket, fake husband as well as the deposit.  A young high-quality girl can make NT$2,500 to NT$3,500 for each 40-minute sexual intercourse session, which she can do 15 to 20 times a day.  Every month, she gets one day off for menstruation.  That leaves 30 working days.

In practice, the mainland Chinese girl only personally receives NT$800 to 900 per trick.  So a young and pretty girl can earn back her NT$250,000 upfront payment as quickly as 1 month or at most 3 months.  Afterwards, she only needs to pay off her fake husband as well as the commission to her agent.  The rest goes into her own pocket.  By comparison, a Taiwanese call girl with the same looks and physiques earns NT$3,500 to NT$5,000 per trick with rarely over eight tricks per day.  Their competitiveness is immediately clear on the human flesh market.

At the dance halls, the dance girls are facing competition from the mainland Chinese girls already.  According to the rules, the  mainland Chinese girls cannot work in the Eight Occupations even if they entered Taiwan legally.  Therefore, the mainland Chinese bar girls and dance girls do not show up for work until after midnight.  During this time period, the more popular Taiwanese girls would have been taken out by their clients already, and that is why there is room for the mainland Chinese girls.  Still, the local Taiwanese girls would sometimes make denunciations to the authorities.  That is why the mainland Chinese girls do not work regularly.

But these mainland Chinese girls work very hard and they seize every opportunity to get their clients to take them out for the night, where there is no risk of being arrested at the workplace.  When a Taiwanese girls goes out with a client for the night, she asks for NT$8,000 to 10,000.  But the mainland Chinese girls are willing to perform the same work for NT$3,000 to 5,000.  Then they come back to the workplace and try to find another client.

According to a Taiwanese businessman who has been to dance halls and hotels in both mainland China and Taiwan, the hotels in mainland China operate under a different model.  They have many more girls.  The smaller ones may have 200 to 300 girls, and the bigger ones have 800 to 1,000 girls waiting per day.  The girls also have to pay money to the hotel and the mama-san per day (about 50 to 100 RMB per day).  So if they don't get more than 3 clients per day, they would be losing money.  But the truth is that many of the girls do not even sit at a single table per day.

A pretty mainland Chinese girl would be lucky to make NT$30,000 to 50,000 per month at a mainland Chinese hotel.  If they come to work at a Taiwanese hotel, it will be easy for them to earn NT$50,000 to NT$80,000 (not including the special trick fees and tips).  It is no wonder they jump at the opportunity to come to Taiwan.

This is the situation before the Three Communications have been implemented.  But if Taiwan were opened up to the mainland Chinese girls, what room would be left for the Eight Local Occupations in Taiwan?

[The daring, fun-loving mainland Chinese girls are willing to do anything to earn money,
to the astonishment of the Taiwanese people]

The Only Thing Needed For Unification Is A Bed

Ma Ying-jeou insists that he is the New Taiwan Person and he proposed "One Market," "Cross-Straits Common Market" and "Three Communications."  Each of his proposals has tremendous impact on the economy and society of Taiwan.  The so-called "One China, Separate Interpretations" is "Unification" in political terms.  The so-called "Cross-Straits Common Market" is "Unification" in economic terms.  The unification in economic and political terms should be clear to any clear-headed person is the same old tactic of "using commerce to force politics and using economics to achieve unification" tactic used by mainland China against Taiwan.  Such is the tactic by which Ma Ying-jeou hopes to achieve "ultimate unification."

Under the proposals of Ma Ying-jeou which go under the theme of liberalization on both sides of the Taiwan strait, the cheap labor and products of mainland China will invade Taiwan.  The various local Taiwan industries will be impacted severely.  The economy of Taiwan will suffer, and marital relationships will be facing tough tests.

The proposals of Ma Ying-jeou will not only cause martial breakups in Taiwan families, they will create a survival crisis for the Eight Occupations!  Once communication with mainland China is opened up fully, the mainland Chinese girls may use the excuse of finding work to legally enter Taiwan and gain a foothold to dig gold.  Once direct airplane flights are established under the Three Communications, the Taiwanese men will go to mainland China to spend their money whenever they have time, and the women in the Eight Occupations in Taiwan will be forced out of work.  Some of those in the entertainment business may be forced to become street walkers leaning against the lampposts!

Most worrisome is that Ma Ying-jeou's proposals have given China a new strategy for unification with Taiwan.  This is the "human wave of mainland Chinese girls."  The mainland Chinese girls are willing to become first mistresses, even second mistresses and they will take over the sex entertainment industry in Taiwan.  Even if the two sides of the strait are not yet politically unified, they will become economically unified.  With the soft and gentle invasion of the mainland Chinese girls, family values in Taiwan will be dissolved, marital relationships will be broken up, the sex entertainment industry will be taken over and the Taiwanese men will be slaves.  As the doggerel says, "The men won't be able to find jobs, the women won't be able to find husbands and the children will be shipped off to Heilongjiang".  Such is the tragedy!

Although bullets and arrows are frightening, they actually tend to stir people up to resist the enemy.  The friendliness of women may look gentle, but it is even sharper than knives and swords.  The ability of the Chinese Communist Party to use sex as a weapon goes far back in time, as it was their single most valuable weapon in winning the civil war against the Kuomintang.  How many senior Kuomintang military officials had a woman planted by his side to spy for the Communists?

According to the Three Big Communications of Ma Ying-jeou by which the two sides of the straits will interact liberally, Taiwan will end up in the honey trap of the mainland Chinese women.  When that time comes, China will have accomplished unification with Taiwan with just a bed, without using guns nor bullets!  This future is not far away, and we must be wary!