The Top Ten "Very Yellow, Very Violent" Websites

In "Very Yellow, Very Violent", a school girl told the CCTV reporter that she came across a "very yellow, very violent" web page and had to hastily close it down.  Since then, some enquiring minds want to know what that offending page was.  Since she is not talking, we don't know.  Meanwhile, Nings blog has just produced a top 10 list of "very yellow, very violent" web pages.  The significance of this list is that these are not obscure illegal web sites trying to dodge underneath the radar of the authorities.  Instead, these are the biggest state-owned and commercial web sites.  The point being made here is that if you want to look for "very yellow, very violent" material, it should be very easy.  Conversely, if you want to avoid "very yellow, very violent material," you should just stay away from the Internet.

No. 10.  Xinhua Net

[in translation]  Through the Internet, we must have seem the challenge that the movie <Lost in Beijing> is posing.  Therefore, the ban imposed by the State Administration for Film, Radio and Television proves that <Lost in Beijing> surpasses <Lust, Caution> in "stripping down quicker and more thoroughly."  Of course, compared to the editing "treatment" that <Lust, Caution> underwent before being released to the public, the total ban on <Lost in Beijing> carries a "more powerful sense of ecstasy."

Comment: This entry was chosen because of the naked language used to discuss a banned film.

No. 9.

[in translation]  School principal seduced three under-aged female students and received a sentence of 11 years in prison.  An elementary school principal who appeared to be gentlemanly and dutiful turned out to be a "sex fiend" with no conscience ... the victims were under-aged female students and the scene of the crime was the bathroom at the school.  On January 4, this "sex fiend" who had been donning the cloak of an educator ...

Comment: This entry was chosen because it presented a "very yellow, very violent" news story that maliciously smeared all elementary school teachers in China as well as anyone who behaves in a gentlemanly fashion.  This story propagates criminal behavior.

No. 8.  Netease

[in translation]  Two men took a massage girl out for the night, held her hostage and gang-raped her repeatedly.  Late night on December 17, two men kidnapped a massage girl to Jiujiang, Jiangxi province.  They raped her repeatedly and asked her for 100,000 RMB in ransom.  On the evening of December 18, the woman slipped out barefooted and reported the matter to the police.

Comment: This entry was chosen because it presented a "very yellow, very violent" news report and suggested the idea of using the service of a prostitute without paying.  This story propagates criminal behavior.

No. 7.

The photograph is labeled "20 photographs of female stars taking baths." The story titles on the left include entries such as "Gratuitous violence in <The Warlorfds>, politics in <Assembly Call>," "The complete collection of breast-feeding movie stars," "Child star strip naked with 14-year-old fan on broadband video,"...

Comment: This entry was chosen because of the "very yellow, very violent" low-brow, poor-taste news stories as well as the 'yellow' photograph with the hints of nipples and pubic hair.

No. 6.

Comment: This entry was chosen because of the "very yellow, very violent" low-brow, poor-taste news stories.  The story on the right also maliciously slanders female university students and propagates illicit behavior.


[in translation]  "The complete photo album of the beautiful breasts of movie stars" and "Sex-crazed white-collar female lawyer"

Comment:  This is the website of choice for "yellow" material.

No. 4.

[in translation]  "Karen Mok: Underwear commercial to showcase her seductiveness" and "Andy Lau's hand got scratched by fan again."

Comment: This entry was chosen for obvious reasons: one story was "very yellow" and the other was "very violent."

No. 3.

Comment: Wouldn't you say that this illustration is graphically "very yellow, very violent"?

No. 2.  The Ministry of Civil Affairs website

Comment: Ahem, ... take a look at the logo on the left ... what is the person doing? ...

No. 1.  CCTV

[ in translation]  Because the notion that "Sex is filthy" has long been ingrained in the minds of the Chinese people, they think it is shameful to utter the words "Jiba" (note: the colloquial term for the male reproductive organ) and "Bi" (note: the colloquial term for the female reproductive organ).  In order to avoid the "filthiness," some people write down homonyms instead, as if they become civilized by avoiding the direct mention of the apparatus at the lower part of the torso and between the legs.  Of course, they are only kidding themselves.

Comment: "Very yellow, very violent."  Surely, this must be what the female student saw?