Poster Slogans with Unique Chinese Characteristics


Develop progressive education,
Implement progressive demands
Retain progressive character
[Alternate version:
Develop progressive sex education,
Implement progrssive sexual demands,
Retain progessive sexual character]

Forever protect the progressive education of the Communist Party members
[Alternate version:
Forever protect the progressive sexual education of the Communist members]

Warmly Celebrate March 8: International Labor Day

The spirit of all the people to resist [Chinese national flag]
exists for all eternity

If you pay loving care to public health, you will live to 100 years old
If you throw garbage everywhere, your children will die

Go out less often so that international friends face less traffic

"Three represents"

"Greetings to the Leader"

Whoever is opposing attracting businesses to invest here
is opposing the people of Jiaohe

League Branch Library Room
Special Female Cadre Room
[Alternate version: Special room to fuck women] 

The people upstairs pay attention:
Please do not flush your used condoms down the toilet
You must do so for the sake of water hygiene downstairs

It is against the law to refuse to pay your farm taxes
When you oppose the government, who is going to come off worse?

China Mobile telephone phone card
Make telephone calls while you till the farm fields

Please do not pry the door open again
There is nothing inside

Satisfy your yearning to enhance your breasts
Jiaxing city June 1 children dance competition

Specialists in repairing American aircraft carriers

Recycler: Sell me any women that you don't want anymore

Anyone who steals the well covers
will have their hands cut if arrested

Peddlers are prohibited from entering
Violators will be beaten viciously with violent blows

Determined: to defend the legal rights of the workers
Despised: Illegal auction of state lands
Despicable: Opportunistic evasion of legal monitoring
Shameful: Repeated deception of the workers
Detestable: Illegal manipulation of bankruptcy process
Hateful: Illegal violation of worker rights
Abominable: Breaking up the law to effect bankruptcy

Whosoever sets off a fire will be jailed
Jinyan county people's government, October 1999

Resolutely strike against the leading elements
who instigate and plan mass petitions in order to create chaos

Care about your family
Please stay far away from the female streetwalkers

Experience the Golden Toilet
the early realization of Communist Society
Shao Hua, 2005.12.30

Hold meetings + No follow through = 0
Arrange for work + No inspection = 0
Catching the projects that were not followed through +
Holding accountable those who failed to implement
= Being practicable

China Railroad 11th Bureau Group reminds you:
You wait a moment more and you will be safe,
you make way for others and you will be there,
you tolerate a bit and there will be harmony

Stock Market University
Top University in the World

People of the world unite
Defeat the American invaders and all their running dogs!

Safety First

Chinese People's Liberation Army Lushan Sanitarium
Everything to heal the leaders
For everything to heal the leaders
In order to heal everything about the leaders

Special great news: Experts believe that
Zhenping still has South China tigers!

Confucius said: Benevolence always involve two individuals.
Unity is strength

Must be prepared to go to war -- Mao Zedong

Banner 1: Implement the important thoughts of "Three Represents"
Fully enhance the construction of the Party!
Banner 2: Expel the poisonous elements from your body and feel totally relieved

Rear fewer children, grow more tobacco

It is the same to have a son or a daughter;
a daughter can also carry your family bloodline

Scientific Evidence
Flower thieves can easily get strokes and paralyses
The families of flower thieves go to hospital surely because of the flower thefts
If the stolen flowers are returned, your fortunes may be turned

Watch your own door,
Beware of those next to you

Blow!  This is the stage where you show your brilliance

People live here: Demolition not allowed

All those who used cars to commit robberies
will be shot dead at the scene if they resist arrest!

Gun makers shall be arrested
Arms caches shall be destroyed
Protection rackets shall be busted

Strictly forbidden to download and install
all Trojan horse programs to steal QQ passwords;
Violators will be fined 50 yuan
and then taken out and beaten!!
<Half Life> players are strictly forbidden to cheat!
Violators will be fined 20 yuan!!

Out Patient Department
Defend the sanctity of hospital
Stop all "red envelop" kickbacks

Swimming is banned
[Question: Where is the water?]

Turn towards the future

Little Japanese ghouls --
I want to challenge you to a duel!
Junichiro Koizumi, if you pay tribute to your dad --
I will then fuck your mother!

One child per family means you won't lack food
Develop family planning

Strictly forbidden for party cadres
to participate in mass petitions!

It is shameful to be poor

Sub-contract security services, guaranteed to work!

If a train should run over a cow,
it is against the law not to pay compensation

Stay away from narcotics, stay away from AIDS
No fee charged to call 110

Taiwan must be liberated

Guangzhou Telecom Broadband
Family special discounts
Monthly fee: 50 yuan
One-time-payment (400 yuan for 6 months) (plus installation fee)
One-time-payment (600 yuan for 12 months) (installation fee waived)
Note: free gifts for one-time-payment of 600 yuan
[Alternate version:
Sexual intercourse one time (400 yuan for 6 months) (plus installation fee)
Sexual intercourse one time (600 yuan for 12 months) (installation fee waived)
Note: free gifts if 600 yuan paid in full for sexual intercourse one time]

Service Schedule
(1) Bathing (10 minutes)
-water snake around the waist
- search for the moon in the water
- travel around the world
- paradise in water
(2) Erotic dancing (10 minutes)
- The silver snake's wild dance
- The lovesick wild cat
(3) The Emperor Faces The People (20 minutes)
- Gentle gentle
- Every possible care
- Tall mountains, flowing water
- Single dragon drill
- Soar to the heavens like a fairy
(4) The Back (30 minutes)
- Playing piano with ten fingers
- Brushed by the waves
- Piano, chess, books, drawing
- Kiss of the red lips
- The dragonfly skits the water surface
- Desert sandstorm
-Venture in the dragon's lair
- The monkey steals the peaches
- Overwhelming the mountains and oceans
(5) The Front (30 minutes)
- The Goddess with the jade hands
- The beauty pushing the mill
- The kiss of the moon goddess
- The sweet fruit dew
- Tropical rain forest
- Lips on the foot
- The beauty watches the moon
- Icy heaven and earth
(5) Acrobatic Skills (25 minutes)
- Backstand
- Celestial girl spreads flowers
- Swinging on the swing
- The wild goose and the dove
- The golden chicken stands on one leg
- The horse rides through the river
- Bountiful wealth for all four seasons
- The dragon and the phoenix are joined as one