20 Mazda 6's PK Hummer


In Nanjing, the Mazda 6 automobile drivers' association organized an excursion to Lianyungang.  More than 20 modified Mazda 6 got on the Ningbo-Lianyungang expressway and presented quite a site.

"The most interesting part is when we worked together to harass the Q7 and Hummer on the expressway.  Each car was equipped with a radio and we follow the central command to pass the cars from behind.  Then we collectively slowed down our speed so that the target car could not move ahead, fall behind or go sideways.  The worst case was the Hummer which was surrounded as the Mazda 6's which began to crawl at 30 kilometers/hour on the Ningbo-Lianyungang expressway.  This continued for more than 10 minutes, and the Hummer driver was going crazy as he honked his honr.  So the Mazda 6's also honked their horns together!!! The Hummer driver was ready to cry as his face turned gree.  We were laughing our hearts out in our cars ... it was a lot of fun."

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This is the type of story that generates 'adverse comments':

It is not surprise that people who buy Japanese cars would act this way.  This is especially true in the city of Nanjing, in which the Japanese perpetrated a massacre.  I feel that that it is quite normal for them to do this.  I just wonder why the Japanese did not kill their ancestors in Nanjing.  Probably because they were Chinese collaborationists.

These Mazda 6 drivers have the nerve to upload the DV onto the Internet.  This is really embarrassing for the people of Nanjing.  If you are so tough, why don't you harass an expressway police patrol car and then upload that DV.  Now that would be really awesome!  ... If the Hummer had bumped into a Mazda 6, the latter would be turned into a junk heap.  Besides, a Hummer is worth nine Mazda 6's.

Meanwhile, there is an Internet campaign to read the license plate numbers of the Mazda 6's, look up the identities of the their owners and then to dig up all their private confidential information (e.g. telephone numbers, email accounts, QQ numbers, places of work, etc) for a counter-harassment campaign.  For example, here is a video of one of the women who was alleged to be involved.


There are at least three warnings about uncivilized behavior.

First, there is the civilized behavior of driving a car.  According to the DV uploaded by the Mazda 6 drivers as well as the preliminary investigation of the police, these drivers were breaking the law in both the manner of the driving as well as the blocking of the Hummer.  30 kilometers per hour is lower than the 60 kilometers per hour minimum speed on expressways; during the blocking, the car fleet took over all the lanes including the lane for emergency stopping; the cars were privately modified; the cars were equipped with police sirens, which are not allowed on ordinary cars.  It is the basic requirement for civilians to observe the laws.  That is a basic part of civilized behavior.

Secondly, the "Mazda 6 PK Hummer" affair may seem "cool" and "hip" to a certain extent.  The DV carried the conversation among the drivers, with one person yelling; "Whoever leads the way will be appointed webmaster."  There is nothing wrong with being cool, hip, being in a small group of griends or even admiring people.  The key is that the incident took place on a public expressway and the drivers were infringing upon the rights of other drivers when they took over the entire road and blocked traffic.

Thirdly, this affair became an Internet incident.  At first, the incident was reported only at a Mazda 6 website, where it was featured on the front page.  This caused other websites to repost it as well.  Through these links, the post got a lot of traffic.  In terms of netizen commentary, it was fit that netizens should offer criticisms.  But certain irrational comments border on being mental violence.  Individual netizens equated this incident with patriotism, the Nanjing massacre, the class of rich people and privileged people, etc.  They even published the license numbers, names, work offices and mobile telephone numbers of the car owners.  It is an open question about how to become a civilized netizen.


You should not think that we are scared just because you published our names and telephone numbers on the Internet.  Actually, you poor people are just jealous about our nice cars.  If we are not good enough, we would not be out having fun.  There is no need for you to go digging around.  Today, we are showing our photographs to you.  Let us see what you can come up with.  Aren't you saying that we broke the law?  We are just sitting here waiting for you to arrest us.  You are going to need the evidence.  If you don't have it, you better scram.  Even if I patronized your prostitute of a mother, there isn't a thing that you can do without the proof.  That is why we are holding up these placards that say "prostitute's client."


The police penalized one driver to 7 days of administrative detention plus a 200 yuan fine.  Four other drivers were fined 200 yuan a piece, plus three points deducted from the drivers' licenses.  These five individuals were the ones who were ahead of and to the sides of the Hummer on that particualr day.

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