The Female Bronze Mustache Affair

The original Bronze Mustache affair was a malicious Internet prank that accused a man of adultery and and the resulting Internet manhunt/harassment temporarily ruined his life.  Now comes a similar story with the adulterer being replaced by an adulteress.  Tentatively, this is named the Female Bronze Mustache affair.

The following is the accusation from the aggrieved wife using the name "Slow Forgetting" (see Daqi):

I'm just an ordinary woman who could not be more plain.  Everyday, I busy myself with work and housework.  I have gotten pregnant recently.  My husband is a male chauvinist and he never does any household chores.  He loved me a lot and he was concerned that I might find it hard to work while pregnant.  So he asked me to take a long absence of leave and go to stay with my parents.  I was very happy with his concern.  At my mother's home, I waited for the baby to come.

At around noon yesterday, I bought my husband's favorite food and I went to see him.  Usually, when he rests in the afternoon, he is stuck in front of the computer playing his favorite game while forgetting to eat.  So I went to give him a nice surprise.  Instead, I saw a disgusting sight.  When I entered the apartment, I heard some loud groans.  I entered the bedroom and found my husband making love with another woman.  After I walked in, my husband told the woman to leave.  The woman got up slowly, eyed me over for a long time and smirked at my husband: "Husband, I am leaving now.  You deal with her.  Bye bye."

As she closed the door, I collapsed on the ground.  This was my husband, this was the husband who promised to love me forever ...

But then he got down on his knees and shed tears to beg for my forgiveness.  My husband is a male chauvinist.  He did not even cry when his own mother passed away.  But at that moment he cried.  His tears broke down my defense and I forgave me.  Perhaps it was a temporary lapse on his part.  Perhaps he had no sexual satisfaction after I got pregnant.  I forgave him.

I went back to my mother's home.  But I was a bit worried.  Therefore, I went back home the next morning while my husband was at work.  I turned on his computer.  I don't know his QQ password, but I found some photographs as well as the following chat transcript in the document folder:

Silver Fox: Let me come over
Silver Fox: You are waiting for me.
Silver Fox: You don't have to say anything.  I can tell from your attitude after your wife came.  You told me that you will get a divorce after she delivers the baby.  Since she now knows, why don't you have it out with her?
Silver Fox: I don't want to hear your explanation.
Silver Fox: She is pregnant and therefore she is to be pitied?  What about me?  Do you think that I'm fine, having been with you secretly for the past two years?  You keep procrastinating.  If you divorced her two years ago, our children would be calling you daddy!  Whatever happened to your courage when you told me to abort the baby?
Silver Fox: The sisters at the Foxy MM forum told me to treasure any emotional relationships.  Otherwise I would have broken up with you a long time ago.  It is not as if no one wants me.  Let me tell you -- if you won't leave her tomorrow, then you and I better break up.
Silver Fox: You would really choose her?
Silver Fox: What are you treating me this way?  Don't you love me?
Silver Fox: Husband, please don't ...
Silver Fox: Come over to my place.
Silver Fox: Come over to my place, husband.  We did not finish what we just did.  Come over.  She is over at her parent's place.  I want you.
Silver Fox: When I am around you, you won't have to worry about not being in the mood.  Husband, we can only do webcam?  I'm all wet below.  I want you.
Response: Alright.

Will the person known as Silver Fox please come out?  You are a woman too, so why are you slutty enough to seduce my husband?  When my husband chose to leave you, you use sex to seduce him again.  I know that you are younger and prettier.  But you can find a better man.  Why won't you let my husband go?

You are a member of the guild known as the Realm of the Foxes.  Must you be a foxy seductress?  As for the people who built that website, what are you doing?  Why do you want to build a place that specializes in seducing people's husbands and ruining families?  Does this make you happy?  Why don't you think about what if this were to happen to you?

(Daqi)  How to refute this?  This is fairly easy.  The first screen capture below shows the user ID information for the wife "Slow Forgetting" and the second screen capture shows the user ID information for Silver Fox.  They use the same IP address (  The wife posted at 11:31am on August 18, while Silver Fox posted at 11:54am.

If the story is fictional, then the target of this prank must be the guild of Foxy Girls.  This is not the first time that the guild has been slandered, and it won't be the last time either.


The so-called third-party female in the story has surfaced and contacted the Daqi website.  She complained: "I am not the wife and I am not the third-party.  I only the person in the photograph.  She made up a sotry and used my photograph!"  She faxed over her identity card and provided another information.

The first piece of evidence is the photograph.  The photograph was taken on April 29, 2006 and it was posted at a Chengdu forum where it can still be viewed.  It was clear that "Slow Forgetting" cropped the photograph from this one, removing a passerby as well as the date.

The female in the photograph is a resident of Chengdu and not Shandong as the IP address indicates.  For proof, she even provided a photograph of herself attending an exposition on the day when "Slow Forgetting" and "Silver Fox" were both posting from Shandong.

The female in the photograph said that the episode has caused her emotional distress and she has reported the case to the Chengdu Public Security Bureau's Internet Monitoring Department.