The Mass Incident in Dazhu County

This is a restricted story right now.   You can Baidu the keywords (such as Dazhu, Nest Business Hotel, Yang Daili, etc) and most of the unofficial links are dead (except through the Baidu cache).  Here is the official version:

(Sichuan Online via Phoenix TV)

[in translation]

At 4pm on January 17, 2007, a mass incident occurred due to the death for unknown reasons of a female employee at the Nest Business Hotel in Dazhu county, Sichuan province.  Peace has been restored, and the suspected rapist Liu Chikun (who was an employee at the Nest Business Hotel) has been detained.  The militia policeman Xu Daxiang was suspected of being a partner in the hotel against the rules has been placed the "double regulations."

At around 4am, Decmeber 30, 2006, the Dazhu county public security bureau received a report from the county's Nest Business Hotel: hotel female employee Yang Daili has died of unknown reasons after being sent to the Dazhu county People's Hospital.  After receiving the report, the county public security bureau mobilized its forces to investigate and solve the case.  On the afternoon of January 15, the family relatives of the deceased plus several hundred citizens assembled in front of the Nest Business Hotel to demand a rapid resolution of the case.

In order to speed up the case investigation and educate the public, Dazhu county immediately formed a special incident leadership group including the principal leaders of the county party and government as well as relevant department heads.  On the afternoon of January 16, the Dazhou city party secretary Li Xiangzhi and city party deputy secretary and city mayor Luo Qiang paid a high degree of attention to this matter and made three clear demands.  First, the police must be mobilized to solve the case as quickly as possible and mete out punishment in accordance with the law.  Secondly, the family of the deceased and other realtives must be assuaged.  Thirdly, the disciplinary and audit committee will take the lead to investigate the allegations from the masses that the police had business stakes in the hotel as against the rules, and mete out punishment in accordance with the law.  At the same time, the city deputy secretary Xu Jian, city part standing committee member and deputy mayor Deng Hongzhi proceeded to the scene to take command.

At 4pm on January 17, a small number of persons charged into the hotel and clashed with the staff.  There were physical assaults, vandalism and arson, as several thousand people watched.  After the incident, the provincial capital leaders paid a high degree of attention and issued important directives on the work.  The major city party and government leaders arrived personally at the scene to take command and quickly put a stop to the incident and make sure the citizens would not be hurt.  The public security police, firemen and various cadres worked together to put the situation under effective control.  The fire was rapidly put out and the surrounding crowd was persuaded to depart.  The incident was over.

At the moment, following the preliminary examination and investigation of the provincial capital public security bureau and the disciplinary committee, the suspected rapist Liu Chikun (who was an employee at the Nest Business Hotel) has been detained and the militia policeman Xu Daxiang has been placed under "double regulations" for suspicion of being involved in the hotel business.  At the same time, the proviincial capital disciplinary committee and public security bureau has established a special case squad to pursue further investigation.  If there are dereliction of duty or abuse of power, then those responsible will be severely dealt with in accordance to the law and the disciplinary rules.  There will be no mercy.

Now that you have read the official release, you have to wonder what really happened on December 30, 2006?  What exactly made so many people go into the streets?  Well, you will have to go to the blogs and forums (to be more precise, to the Baidu and Google caches of the revelant blogs and forums).

First, here is a photo of the burning hotel.  Does this seem to have been "quickly put out"?

Now for some forum/blog posts at the CYOL BBS.  Please remember: the information has not been verified and they are in conflict with each other in certain details.  But you can see plausibly why such details were not disclosed in the official version.


I'm an employee at the hotel and I want to share with you what I saw.

There is a bar in the hotel known as the Slow Rock Bar.  I work in the bar.

The deceased is 16-year-old Yang Li.  She is a hostess at the Nest Business Hotel KTV.  She is 1.7 meters tall and very pretty.

On that evening, three big clients showed up.  These were friends of the boss and senior officials in Sichuan province.  They liked this girl and they asked her to keep them company.  Then they wanted to take her out.  So Yang Li asked our boss for time off, and he agreed.  At around midnight, Yang Li returned.  At around 2pm, we closed up the place but we discovered that she was motionless and unconscious.  We took her to the hospital and she was already dead.

This is what happened.  The three men put drugs in Yang Li's drink.  You know what kind of drug.  But the dosage was too strong.  They also f*cked her.  They f*ck her to death because her vagina was bleeding.  Later when someone took her to the Dazhu county People's Hospital, she was dead.

During the negotiations between the hotel and the family of the deceased, a compensation of 800,000 RMB was offered.  The family of the deceased rejected the offer, because they really wanted the murderers brought to justice.  But since the murderers were three senior officials, that was out of the question.

Actually, several people have died at the hotel already, but the hotel managed managed to keep the lid on.  Previously, two girls and a security guard had died.  The security guard witnessed their secret, so they had to eliminate him.  As for the girls, they put some needle holes in their arms and said that the girls overdosed.

This is a black hotel.  They do everything, including selling drugs.

Be careful.  Don't talk.


At the Nest Business Hotel at Xinhua Plaza. Zhuyang town, Dazhu county, Sichuan province, three young girls have died even though it had opened less than six months ago.  The third one died on December 31, 2006.  She was the 16-year-old only daughter who worked as a KTV hostess!  She died sometime after 9pm and her body was discovered by the service workers the next morning when they cleaned the place up.  At the time, the service workers were shocked because of the horrible death scene -- several of her teeth were knocked out; there were three black bruise marks caused by fingers on her neck; her vagina was bleeding; there were many needle holes on her body.  The service workers took her to the county hospital.  The county hospital was then sealed off and some of her body organs were sent to Chengdu for analysis ... as of now, the hotel has not yet provided a definitive answer.  They even dared to suggest that she died from alcohol poisoning. 

As of January 12, 2007, the family of the deceased demanded an explanation from the hotel while spectators watched.  During that period, an old man listened to the story and said some fair words in public.  He was assaulted by the police ... By January 15, several thousand people showed up to watch.  So a car full of police officers was sent there to "maintain" order.  The hotel did not want any more trouble and offered 500,000 RMB for a private settlement.  The family was unwilling.  The hotel saw the gathering masses and quickly posted a notice to the effect that the deceased is unconnected to the hotel (Unconnected?  She died while on work duty at your hotel.  She was murdered there and it is unrelated to you?  What sort of environment is your hotel?  The two girls who died previously had their cases settled for 40,000 people -- they were reportedly from the outside).  When the family of the deceased wanted to go up and rip off that lawless and shameless notice, the security guards attacked them!!!  Their daughter wass dead and they wanted an explanation, but they ended up being beaten!!!  Anyone with a conscience who sees this will be angry.  So the masses knocked over the hotel flower bases and started yelling ...

The incident occurred when some coal mine owners invited government officials to the KTV.  Then these drunken rotten officials raped and killed the KTV hostess at around 9pm.  The killing was also very perverted and sadistic!  Just think!  If the hotel wanted to continue to operate, it couldn't say who did it.  Some service workers knew about this, but the hotel has made them inaccessible.  This hotel was operating illegally.  It was able to conduct business without passing fire inspection.  Obviously, the government was behind them.

This is risible!  It was reported that at the special meeting of cadres held by the county party and government, the county party secretary Wang Wei faced more than 100 county officials and then said that the death of Yang Daili was as important as a fart!  So the death of a service worker is a fart of a matter?  The life of a commoner is a fart of a matter?  This is so sad that the people of Dazhu county should have such a county leader of such quality!  Does this sound like what our leader should be?  What if it was Wang Wei's daughter who had died?  Then maybe he would be enraged and start to curse!!!

Today, the angry masses spontaneously gathered together to demand the murderers be found.  But the government brought out large numbers of anti-riot police and assaulted the unarmed students, causing many serious injuries ...


The incident occurred on December 30, 2006.  At the Xinhua Plaza in small Dazhu county, there is a totally incongruous Nest Business Hotel.  Since the government has share ownership, it is especially impressive looking!  A 16-year-old girl named Yang Li worked at the hotel.  She was a student working as a hostess during vacation, because she is pretty and tall (1.7 meters)!  On that night, three senior officials at the hotel asked her to keep them company.  They spiked her drink and they raped her.  When the service workers opened the door to the KTV suite the next morning, they discovered Yang Li drenched in blood with strangulation marks on her neck.  Her vagina was ripped!  Her colleagues carried her to the Dazhu People's Hospital where the doctor pronounced her dead.  The hotel wanted to conceal the truth and put needlemarks on her arm to say that she had died from a drug overdose!  Her parents wanted an explanation from the hotel, but the security guards prevented them from entering.  An old man came out to say some fair words, and the security guards assaulted him.  When the fellow students of the girl found out, they came to the hotel to demand justice.  But the hotel had government backing, so the students were dispersed by high-pressure water hoses!

Dazhu county party secretary Wang Wei made some speeches at meetings in which he said that the death of a service worker is as important as a fart!  Do these officials think that the lives of common people are worthless!?

For almost a week, more and more facts were being revealed and the number of people in the spontaneously organizing masses outside the hotel run into several thousand.  People were angry.  The hotel negotiated with the family and offered 500,000 RMB to settle the matter.  But yesterday, the anger of the masses went into flames!

On the evening of January 17, 2007, there were 10,000 people assembled outside the hotel.  The fellow students of the girl charged into the hotel to pour gasoline and set fire -- the people were pleased!  When the hotel sent for the fire fighters, the extremely angry crowd resolutely refused to let the fire trucks go through.  One fire truck was vandalized!  Thus, a four-star hotel worth several tens of millions of RMB was set ablaze by the raging fire of the masses.  Seeing that the event was getting out of control, the Dazhu county government requested armed police and public security personnel from Dazhou, Guang'an and Quxian to a total of 5,000 persons!  The public security personnel even assaulted the students ...


Dear poster, please pay attention to your personal safety.  Please come to CYOL BBS every day.

If you fail to show up five days in a row, we will assume that something has happend to you.

(RFA)  Thousands Riot, Burn Sichuan Hotel After Girl's Death.  January 18, 2007.

Thousands of local residents have converged on a four-star hotel in the southwestern Chinese province of Sichuan, setting fire to the building in protest at the death and alleged rape of a 16-year-old girl who worked there.

Mobile phone footage taken Wednesday (see above clip) outside the hotel in Dazhu township showed confused and raucous crowds in darkness in front of a burning building as crowds gathered outside. Witnesses said the crowd reached 20,000 at its peak late Wednesday.

“There are still around a few thousand people on the scene and they protested outside the hotel this afternoon,” a shop owner near the Nest Business Hotel in Daizhu told RFA’s Cantonese service.

Hotel worker Yang Daili, who some Internet accounts said was a karaoke hostess, was found dead in a hotel room on Dec. 30. Police enquiries initially yielded little evidence, and the hotel said she had died of an overdose.

But the girl’s friends and classmates pursued the matter and began a protest in the hotel, drawing public attention.

The riot was triggered, residents said, after the hotel posted a notice denying any involvement in the girl’s death. Protesters stormed the hotel and vandalized it, then set fire to it.

Police announced Thursday they had arrested two suspects in the case of the girl’s death. One was described in official media coverage as ’suspected rapist Liu Chikun’.

The report, by Sichuan Online and rebroadcast by Phoenix TV(ZH), said local leaders had ordered an investigation into possible business links between local police and the hotel.

An officer who answered the phone at the Dazhu police station declined to give further details.

“I have just com on duty and we haven’t got any updated information yet. How can I tell you the current situation outside?” he said.

Two Chinese-language forum posts translated into English by Hong Kong-based blogger Roland Soong said Yang was drugged and raped repeatedly by karaoke room clients until she died.

China sees thousands of “mass incidents” across the country every year.

While many are civil rights protests over land disputes, unpaid wages or environmental issues, spontaneous outbursts of anger and violence are occurring over numerous issues, including changes in business licensing regulations, perceived miscarriages of justice, or fraudulent advertising claims.

(Apple Daily)

[in translation]

A 16-year-old girl in Dazhou city, Sichuan province was believed to have been gang-raped and murdered by three government officials in a hotel.  Her tongue was bitten off and her breasts were cut out ... the family had asked for justice for almost half a month without success.  Finally, the masses got angry.  Beginning Monday (January 15), more than 10,000 local people gathered outside the hotel to demand the arrest of the perpetrators and clashed with the anti-riot and armed police.  On the day before yesterday, the incident escalated into a disturbance.  Several hundred angry people charged into the hotel, vandalized the place and set it on fire.  It took five hours to put out the fire.

The incident took place at the four-star Nest Business Hotel in Dazhu county.  The victim Yang Daili was a graduate from a junior high school.  She is 1.7 meters tall and very pretty looking.  Since last October, she became a hostess at the Slow Rock Bar at the hotel.  According to reports, Yang complained to her grandmother last month that she disliked the hotel because the situation was too complicated.  She wanted to collect this month's wages and then resign.  But on the evening of December 29, she was asked by three government officials to keep them company.  At around 2am on December 30, she was found unconscious in the suite room, with massive bleeding from her vagina.

According to information, Yang was believed to have been drugged and then gang-raped and tortured to death.  "There were many needle marks on her body, several teeth were broken, her tongue was bitten off, her breasts were cut off, her vagina was ripped, etc."  When she was brought to the Dazhu People's Hospital, she was pronounced dead.  The local authorities said that she died from alcohol  poisoning.

The Nest Business Hotel was built as a joint venture by a police station director and other local government officials with several tens of millions in investment.  The hotel opened half a year ago.  According to information, two other girls had died there already.  The deceased all had needle marks on their arms, so that people have the impression that they died from drug overdose.  Another security guard was also killed because he witnessed what the officials did.  The series of evil deeds caused the local citizens to be dissatisfied with the government officials.

On Monday, several thousand people gathered outside the hotel in support of Yang's family members.  The hotel did not want the incident to escalate and offered to settle privately for 500,000 RMB.  The family refused.  Meanwhile, the authorities sent anti-riot police to the scene and fired water cannons at the people.  On the day before yesterday, more than 10,000 people assembled outside the hotel.  At around 4pm, the hotel security guard began beating people and this caused the matter to escalate.  Many students and several hundred citizens charged into the hotel, vandalized the place and someone set it on fire.

After the disturbance, Internet information has been locked down.  The Sichuan websites are publishing the official announcement, which claimed that the mass incident is under control.  It pointed out that the cause of the incident was the death of a hotel employee for unknown reasons and that the authorities have arrested Liu Chikun has been detained for suspicion of rape.  Also the militia policeman Xu Daxiang has been placed under "double regulations" for suspicion of illegally partnering in the hotel business.

(CYCD)  January 19, 2007.

[in translation]

On the night of December 29, 2006, the 16-year-old hostess Yang Daili died at the Nest Business Hotel.

The next day, the popular version was this: Yang was called at work by three important friends of the boss to keep them company, she got drunk, she was gang-raped until she died.

On January 14, 15 and 16, 2007, several hundred people gathered in front of the hotel.  My wife went by and she told me that she sensed that a certain group emotion was swelling.  If things don't work out, we could have an incident like that one in Guang'an.  I did not believe her at the time.  In retrospect, I have to admire female intuition.

At past 3pm on January 17, I went out to stroll with my wife and we arrived at the Xinhua Plaza.  I was fortunate to witness the entire incident.

There should be an important additional note: One of the owners of the hotel is the Western District police station Chief named Xu.  More than ten days after Yang's death, the public security bureau wanted to close the case on the grounds that Yang had died from alcohol poisoning.

By the time when my wife and I arrived at the hotel at just after 3pm on January 17, there were more than 2,000 people present already.  The hotel security guards used three high-pressure water hydrants to disperse the crowd.  There were more than 30 police officers in front of the hotel trying to maintain order.  The people then began throwing rocks and bottles at the hotel.  My wife took a look and said, "This is going to be bad!"  I agreed.  As the crowd maintained a stalemate with the police, its size kept snowballing.  At after 4pm, with support of the crowd, a dozen or so students used a sprayer to smash the steel-glass in the hotel.

More people charged up.  The security guards and police officers were being attacked.  The police withdrew.  The hotel doors and windows were smashed.  More than one hunded people charged inside the hotel.  Then we began to see the upstairs windows being broken and stuff being tossed out into the streets.

Many people kept going in and out of the hotel.  My memorable sights were one girl coming out while waving a few flowers in her hand, two young men bringing out a television set to destroy, a middle woman strolling around with a blanket, and several dozen police men standing in formation in front of the entrance, not daring to disperse or take action.  Soon a heavy smoke appeared from the fifth floor guest rooms.  Someone had started a fire.

Then two other rooms caught fire.  The fire were contained inside the rooms and did not spread to other rooms.  The first time the fire trucks came, the crowd turned them back.  At after 630pm, someone set fire to the third-floor hall using the clothing material in the decorations.  The fire was roaring and the crowd was at an emotional peak.  The fire trucks came a second time.

The first fire truck stopped less than 5 meters away from me.  The crowd immediately surrounded it.  The car windows were smashed.  Three firemen were dragged down and beaten.  The second fire truck saw what happened and turned around.  My wife showed her courage and shouted for the crowd to stop hitting the firemen, who were able to escape.  The fire was getting bigger and bigger.  The entire floor wa engulfed in flame.  I looked around and saw a huge crowd.  The entire city of Dazhou must have come out.

Night came gradually.  Electricity was cut off in all the neighboring houses.  There were only the street lamps and flames.  Mobile telephone signals were cut off.  It was windy.  But people kept arriving.  When I got home, I leanred that even my cousins in the rural village 35 kilometers away was there.  My wife said that she was worried that the building might collapse.  The people around us laughed at her.  She kept quiet.

The people have wrought most of the destruction.  They stood in front of the building to stare and talk.  One plaza, three streets, more than 10,000 people.  Some time after 8pm (I'm guessing, because my mobile cameraphone did not have too much battery power left), several fully armed anti-riot police officers began to arrive.  A young man was seized, beaten on the ground and later sent to the hospital.  A group of middle school students threw firecrackers into the ranks of the police and some of them were arrested and put into the police wagon.

More and more anti-riot policemen came.  My final estimate was that there were about 2,000.  The situation changed.  The anti-riot police officers protected the fire trucks to fight the fire.  The fires were put out, but only after just about everything was burned up.  The more timid people have left, but several thousand stouter people remained in the plaza.  I went around the plaza and saw all sorts of police vehicles, including from Huaying, Dazhou, Guang'an and so on.  The most awesome one was an Sichuan public security armored car that had a satellite dish and various antennae on top.

I went home to take a quick meal.  The Dazhu radio station kept repeating the public notices and the speech from the deputy county mayor.  They asked us to trust the government to deliver justice and go home quickly.  I have nothing to say.  When I woke up in the morning, I turned on the television and I found a new explaination: police station chief Xu has been placed under "double regulations" and the suspected rapist named Liu has been detained.  Liu is the bartender at the Slow Rock Bar at the hotel.  He found Liu drunk and raped her.  Afterwards, he found that Liu was not breathing and took her to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead.  The people are not satisfied with the story about Liu, because they believe that Yang was gang-raped by three important persons and Liu merely picked up after them.  The three people have not need found.  But at least, the government department has admitted that there is a case of rape.  Previously, on the evening of January 16, the government held an emergency meeting to announce that the autopsy showed that Yang had died from alcohol poisoning.

(Southern Metropolis Daily)  January 17, 2007.

Yang Daili was from the Luojia village, Erlang town, Dazhu county, Sichuan province.  She was 16 years old and began working after she graduated from junior high school.  She began formally working at the Nest Business Hotel last December 1.  "On December 20, she told her mother that she will resign as soon as she receives this month's wage.  There was too many abnormal things going on in that hotel, including a lot of drug abuse," said her father Yang Wanguo.  They did not know that the daughter was never able to collect the wages.

"In a report that the hospital provided me, she was said to have died before arriving at the hospital.  That afternoon, the public security bureau found a forensic doctor and make an examination in the mortuary.  But they have not given me the autopsy report as yet."  Yang Wanguo said.  "At the hosptial, I examined her body carefully.   There was no sign of injury.  There was just some blood inside the mouth.  Later on, after the examination in the mortuary, they said that there were many bruise marks on her neck and back, her vagina was bleeding and there were four needle marks on her arm."

"Yesterday, the country government found a report from who knows where that said my daughter had been raped.  But I have yet to see this report."  Yang Wanguo said.  "Today, the provincinal judicial department came to do two autopsies.  They said that the four needlemarks were fake.  We are totally befuddled."

Yang Wanguo said that they have gone down to the hotel many times over the past few days.  But nobody would even tell them who the hotel owner is.  "The local people tell me that the boss is the Western District police station director Xu Daxiang.  The newspaper today said that the suspected rapist Liu Chikun and the policeman Xu Daxiang have been arretsed.  But we wonder if this Liu Chikun is the real culprit."  Yang Wanguo said that he will believe if after he sees the analysis reports.  Yang Wanguo said that he has met Liu Chikun.  "He was at the hospital early that morning.  I understand afterwards that he was the bartender at the hotel.  He is from Henan province."

As for the death of Yang Daili, there are multiple versions going around on the Internet.  A person who claimed to be an employee of the Nest Business HOtel said, "On that evening, three big clients showed up.  These were friends of the boss and senior officials in Sichuan province.  They liked this girl and they asked her to keep them company.  Then they wanted to take her out.  So Yang Li asked our boss for time off, and he agreed.  At around midnight, Yang Li returned.  At around 2pm, we closed up the place but we discovered that she was motionless and unconscious.  We took her to the hospital and she was already dead.  Here is what happened.  The three men put drugs in her drink but the dosage was too large.  They also raped her, causing massive bleeding in the vagina."

Concerning these rumors, Yang Wanguo said, "I have not seen them.  I cannot make irresponsible talk."  He said, "We are watching the body at the funeral home.  We will allow cremation only after the real murderers are found."

(Sichuan News Net via NetEase)

According to information, the Dazhou city party committee has decided to suspend Dazhu county public security director Lai Jingsong for lack of effort and inappropriate handling and also Dazhu county party secretary Wang Wei for lack of effort and inadequate performance as local leader.

(Boxun via 我的偶像时代) (大竹莱士德  dazhu117,

(SCMP)  Pair suspended over death of teen waitress.  By Zhuang Pinghui.  January 22, 2007.

A county party secretary and a police chief in Sichuan have been suspended after hundreds of sympathisers and family members protested over the government's mishandling of the death of an underage hotel waitress.

Wang Wei , Communist Party chief of Dazhu county, and Lai Jinsong , head of the county's Public Security Bureau, have been suspended from duty and ordered to undergo "self-criticism" over the mishandling of the death of Yang Daili , a 16-year-old waitress at Nest Business Hotel, on December 30, a county police officer said yesterday.  He said Xu Feng , the hotel's legal representative, was also under investigation.

According to residents of Dazhu county, news of the suspensions was announced on Saturday night on local television and came after hundreds of protesters - some accounts put the figure at more than 2,000 - gathered outside the county government offices that afternoon.  But the police officer, who declined to be identified, denied the decision to suspend the two officials was related to the protest.  "The disciplinary committee [of the party] had already made the decision, but we were not obliged to announce it," the officer said, adding that only several hundred people "gathered peacefully" outside the government offices.

"There was no confrontation during the gathering. Nobody was injured and no property damaged. The gathering was very peaceful and the crowd left after 7pm," the officer said.  He added that authorities had not mobilised riot police even though several roads near the government buildings had been blocked during the protest.

Yang, who had been working at the hotel for less than a month, was allegedly gang raped after drinking spiked wine while entertaining three clients. She died later in hospital. Her classmates and family members, who have been gathering outside the hotel daily since January 12 demanding a quick investigation into her death, have drawn a crowd of sympathisers.

The crowd grew to more than 4,000 on Wednesday, when the hotel put up a notice saying it was not linked to, or responsible for, Yang's death, triggering a riot in which the hotel was almost burned down.

That night, breaking the silence they had maintained since Yang's death, local authorities announced that a hotel bartender and a police station director, who was involved in the hotel's operations, were being investigated.

News reports said top leaders in Sichuan province had ordered a quick investigation into the case while stressing that any conflicts should not be intensified.

Beijing recently issued a directive demanding that local police chiefs carefully handle social unrest, warning that they would face disciplinary action or lose their jobs if "mass incidents" - a euphemism used by officials for protests, riots and mass petitions - resulted in serious consequences.

( 凤凰山下论坛)

(in translation)

The suspect Liu Chikun in the 12/30 case has been detained by the public security organ in accordance with the law.  The Dazhu county judicial department's legal aid center received the request from the suspect Liu Chikun and send two lawyers to provide him with legal aid.  On this afternoon, the two lawyers from the Dazhu county judicial department's legal aid department met Liu Chikun in the interrogation room of the county public security bureau and interviwed him.  The entire interview was tape-recorded.  The contents and photographs of the interview are posted here (note: it was impossible to post the film on the BBS due to technical reasons, but it will be shown on the Dazhu television station tomorrow).

The suspect Liu Chikun came out escorted by the militia police.  First of all, following the legal procedure, Liu Chikun signed a letter of authorization to state that he was willing to accept the legal assistance provided by the judicial department's legal aid center.

Lawyer: I want to ask you some questions.  Concerning the public security organ detaining you and accusing you of rape, do you accept that as fact?  Do you have an opinion?

Liu: That's correct.  I have no opinion.

Lawyer: In the second question, we want to ask if the public security personnel acted in an uncivilized manner towards you during the process?

Liu: No.  At no time.

Lawyer: The third question: We want to ask if the public security personnel used torture to extract confession and other illegal methods.  For example, beating, physical punishment, torture and so on?

Liu: No.  At no time.

Lawyer: The fourth question: What is your present physical condition?

Liu: It's alright.  It's quite alright.  It's fine.

Lawyer: Finally, we want to know if you have any request of us?  What are you thinking yourself?

Liu: I don't have any requests.  My thought is that I should apologize solemnly to the family of the deceased.  I am very grieved by this incident.  I fell very ashamed.  I'm sorry!  [After saying these words, he made a deep bow]

(Sichuan News Net)  January 27, 2007.

[in translation]

At 2pm on January 27, 2007, the Dazhou city government information office held a press conference in Dazhu county.  The Dazhou city (Sichuan province) public security bureau together with the special case squad reported on the investigation of the death of Dazhu county Nest Business Hotel employee Yang Dali, and found that Yang Dali had died of chronic pancreatic acute bleeding.

In order to solve the puzzle about the death of Yang Dali in accordance with the requests of the provincial party and government, the provincial and Dazhou city public security formed a joint case squad and mobilized police resources to work day and night to obtain detailed evidence.  The special case squad visited Guangzhou, Chengdu and Dazhou many times, accumulating more than 10,000 kilometers in travel distance.  They spoke to the relatives, friends, schoolmates and co-workers for a total of 235 times.  They wrote 690 pages of investigate materials, and collected almost 2,000 pages of combined material.  They collected 36 pieces of documents and physical evidence.  The provincial public security bureau evidence examination center, the Sichuan University Huaxi Medical Center Basic Medical and Legal Science Academy, the Chengdu institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Dazhou City Central Hospital participated in testing and verifying the information along with 12 nationally and provincially famous expert pathologists and toxicologists and 8 expert instrumental analysts who visited the crime scene 5 times and conducted 3 autopsies with 9 detailed test reports.  A total of 24 meetings were held over the analytical results.  After these repeated examinations and analyses, the cause of death of Yang Dali has been confirmed.

Though the examination of the crime scene, autopsy, testing, investigations and joint diagnosis, the special case squad knew about the activities of Yang over the 33 hours prior to her death.  The squad excluded the possibility that Yang Dali died from physical struggle, violence, strangulation, poisoning and so on.  IT also excluded the possibility that Yang had consumed alcohol or went out of the hotel.  The pathology analysis showed that the cause of death of chronic was pancreatic acute bleeding.  The laboratory reports showed that her amylase index was obviously high and her heart exhibited bleeding spots.  Combined with the crime scene analysis and other material evidence, it was concluded that Yang Dali's death was: chronic pancreatic acute bleeding.

According to the DNA analyses of the body fluids on Yang Dali as well as residues on her underwear, the DNA elements were identical to those of bartender Liu Chikun.  It was then confirmed that at around 230am on December 30, 2006, Liu Chikun and two other employees (Ou and Li) were checking the rooms after the KTV had closed.  They found Yang lying on the floor unconscious.  They took Yang back into the suite and left her there.  At 3am, Liu went back there and saw that Yang was still unconscious with no one else around.  So he raped her.  Afterwards, Liu found that Yang was pale in color and her lips were purplish.  So he called the hotel leader.  At 340am, the hotel sent someone over to help Liu to take Yang over to the Dazhu county People's Hospital.  Yang was found to have no vital signs.  The hospital attempted to revive Yang but they had pronounce her dead at 4:35am.  The suspect Liu Chikun has confessed to his crime.  On January 18, 2007, Liu Chikun was detained by the Dazhu county public security bureau for suspected rape.  On January 24, Liu was formally arrested with the approval of the Dazhou county procuratorate.

In addition, the provincial and city disciplinary committees also reported on a small number of Dazhu county cadres being involved in businesses against regulations and dereliction of duty in the investigation of the death of Yang Dali.