The Faithful Mistress

(Beijing News via Southeast Express)

Yao Zhuanrui was the president of the Chinese Foreign Construction Corporation's Shenzhen office and he was suspected of gross economic crimes.  As a result, he was placed under "double regulations" in Beijing.  This meant that he had to provide an account of his dealings while under supervision.

Yao realized that he was in a very bad situation and therefore he hatched an escape plan.  The mastermind on the outside was his mistress Liu Qian and other members of this family.

Yao proposed four plans:
(1) My security guards will just let me walk out if paid enough and all you have to do is to get a car and wait on me outside.
(2) The building behind where I am detained is a school.  You break into the school and then take down the window in my room to get me out.
(3) You pay for drugs/gas to knock out my security guards and then take me out.
(4) You pretend that you are the food delivery people and enter to take me out.

In the end, Yao went with Plan #4.  On February 27, Yao's niece arranged for three cars on the outside of the place was detained.  About 20 people followed the bribed food delivery person.  When the door opened, the mob rushed in and jostled with the four or five security guards while Yao fled.

The next day, Yao and other suspects were arrested on the Tianjin-Shanghai train.

The trial of the gang is ongoing.


AT the trial, Liu was asked about her relationship with Yao.  "We are friends."  Then she paused and added that they have been together for eight or nine years and they have a child.  At that moment, the reporter noticed that a family member of Yao had a quiver in the facial expression and then covered the face.

So what?

But this is China, and the Internet is filled with surprises.  So here we have a case in which a mistress organized a gang of 17 persons in order to help her man escape.  The result?  A great deal of sympathy and praise for the faithful mistress!  This is not because the netizens like corrupt officials who steal public funds and keep mistresses.  But in a country in which everything depended on financial considerations, it was a rare thing to find someone doing something (or anything) in the name of love and loyalty.  This is an expression of the yearning to see any form of love and loyalty, especially when bravery is required.

Here are some netizen comments (via Boxun):

This woman values love and loyalty.  It is rare.  When things were had, she risked her own self to save him.  Such a woman can rarely be found today ... I strongly recommend that she be punished lightly.

This type of mistress should be praised.

We are proud of this kind of female compatriot.

Liu Qian: Please introduce your younger sister to become my mistress!  Because I love you too much.

I salute our great comrade mistress.

I am moved by such a woman.

She qualified as one of the "Top Ten Most Moving Persons In China 2006."

The state laws are merciless, but the mistress has loyalty.

At least this woman has some conscience!!!! She is a lot better than those heartless corrupt officials.

(Sigh!)  Should the man get the death penalty?  Should the mistress get the death penalty?  Who am I to say?