An Incident in Shenzhen

(Wenxue City)  

In Shenzhen, an old man who was collecting old newspapers was run over by a van.

Yes, but so what?  What has this story become the focus of public outrage?

According to many eyewitnesses as well as the close-circuit television tapes in the community, it was a case of cold-blooded, depraved indifference on the part of some municipal administrators.

At the time, the municipal administrators had confiscated the device by which the old man weighs his collected materials.  In order to it back, the old man sat down on the ground in front of the van.  But as soon as he sat down, the municipal administrator started the car and drove forward.  The old man was pushed for a short distance, before the wheels rolled over him.  Then the van just went ahead.  Eventually, the van came around the block and the driver asked the crowd how the old man was doing!

Shenzhen TV's broadcast

Eyewitness: We saw the van over there.

Eyewitness: He was complaining that
the municipal administrators took away his weighing device

Eyewitness: So the old man sat down in front of the van

Eyewitness: Then the wheels rolled over the old man

Eyewitness: The van went around the block and came back

Eyewitness: I don't think that
they have any sense of humanity

They took away the old man's weighing device

You can see him sitting there

You can see the old man being propelled forward

How can you not be aware after so long?

Now the car is beginning to ...

... roll over the old man.

The van even bumped around a bit.

The old man is now underneath the car.