The Second WoW War

The first WoW war took place in The Most Famous Pervert in China when one World of Warcraft user accused another of carrying on an adulterous affair with his wife.

The second Wow war took place in this Tianya Club post, when one World of Warcraft user accused another of taking advantage of his 18-year-old sister and then even taking nude photographs of her afterwards.

Here is the post from user jay_0915 (at Tianya Club).

[in translation]

I don't know where to begin.  I have a younger sister.  She has just turned 18 and she had many dreams for her future.

In January this year, she began to play World of Warcraft.  If I knew what awaits her, I would have opposed her playing this game!!

At first, everything was fine.  I am usually busy at work and my parents are busy with their business.  We did not have time to look after my younger sister, and it was also the holidays.  So we let her play.

On August 24, I remember clearly that my younger sister said that her friend in the game was booted out of the guild because the guild master was jealous of him.  So she wanted to meet him and give him some comfort.  "He" is "Flashing Soul."

At the time, I vehemently objected, because I have seen enough cases of young girls being deceived on the Internet.  At the time, my parents were out of town on business and I was working during the day.  When I got home in the evening, I found a note from my younger sister.  "Elder brother, I am going to meet the friend in the game.  I will be back in two days.  Don't tell dad and mom.  Help me keep the secret!"

In order to prevent my calling her, she shut her mobile phone off.  At the time, my state of mind was ... I'm sure that everyone who is an elder brother will understand.  I immediately called my parents, who put off the business affairs and came home immediately.

After the longest two days of my life, my younger sister finally came home.  But she was no longer my vivacious and lovely little sister.

When she came back, she ignored my parents and me and locked herself up in the room.  She refused to open the door no matter what.  Finally, after my mother cajoled her for a long time, she opened the door and let my mother in.  About an hour later, my mother came out and her eyes were red.  I wanted to ask what happened but my mother slapped in the case and screamed, "Why did you not take good care of your little sister!!!"  Then she fainted.  At the hospital, my father patted me and said: "Your mom is okay.  She is just over-excited."

"What happened to little sister?"

"Aiiii," my father sighed.  "I'll go and prepare the materials and make a police report tomorrow."  Then he ignored me afterwards.

At the time, I vaguely guessed what happened.  So I logged into the World of Warcraft zone and I found "Flashing Soul."

In order to protect my younger sister, I am concealing her name.

"I am XX's elder brother."


"My younger sister was with you a few days ago.  What did you do to her?"

"Oh?  She told you already?  We ate and we drank.  Then we did some things that adults do."

"She is only 18 years old!!"  At the time, I was very angry.  "I'll come after you!!!"

"Ha ha, an 18-year-old is an adult.  What can you do to me?  Sue me?  Do you have proof  She consented.  Will you find someone to beat me up?  I'll make sure that you can't get out Chongqing!  Ha!"

"I forgot to tell you.  When I was having fun with her little sister, I asked my friends to take photographs.  If something bad happens to me ... hmm hmm ... you know how developed the Internet is.  You know what is going to happen, eh?  I am busy right now because I have to lead my group out.  So don't bother me again!"

I was so angry that I could not say anything.  "You beast!!!"  But when I sent those words over, that piece of human waste had already blocked me off.

I don't know if the photographs that this piece of human waste claimed really exist.  If the piece of human waste actually puts them on the  Internet, then we can only send my little sister overseas to study.  I don't know if it is legally possible to sue that piece of human waste.

Therefore, I can only publish this piece of human waste's bestial acts.  If there are still other inexperienced young girls out there, they need to recognize him.

Anyway, I swear upon my blood: if it is not possible to bring this piece of human waste to injustice, I will hire an assassin to castrate this piece of human waste.

If any netizen has information on the person of "Flashing Soul", please email and provide your contact information.

P.S. In the comments, jay_0915 mentioned that the younger sister has disclosed the name and contact method for "Flashing Soul" but she is unwilling to testify against him because "he is a good guild master" who should not go to jail.  The parents have decided to send the girl to complete her high school education in Hong Kong and then immigrate elsewhere.  "If my younger sister continues to refuse to testify against this piece of human waste who will then escape the punishment of the law, I will use my methods to solve this.  I swear!"

There were three screen captures which recorded the conversation with "Flashing Soul."

Given the debacle that was the first Wow war, the netizens were more wary about this case.  New Express via has much more on the various reactions.  Here are some excerpts:

The netizens tended to be considering three possibilities:

Possibility #1: "Flashing Soul" seduced and threatened a young girl, and this is another sex scandal in the World of Warcraft.

Possibility #2:  The poster is a member of the Extreme Limit guild which has enmity with "Flashing Soul" and therefore created this rumor to exact revenge.

Possibility #3: The poster could be another unknown guild which wants to create conflict between the Extreme Limit and "Flashing Soul"'s Surpass guilds.

According to an industry expert, "Flashing Soul" is a Chongqing resident who joined the Extreme Limit guild with a large group of people based at a certain Internet bar.  Then he established the Surpass guild later.  According to a Surpass member, "Flashing Soul" had not been booted out of "Extreme Limit" and therefore there cannot be any case of "female members wanting to comfort him."

At 11pm on September 10, "Surpass" achieved a breakthrough in the game and became the strongest guild in the zone.  At past 10am on September 11, the forum post <"Flashing Soul" seduced 18 year old girl> was posted at the Tianya forum and then quickly spread around the Internet.  The timing inevitably caused people to look at possibility #2 and possibility #3.

Who can you trust these days?