Tracking Down the Rui'an Blogs

Some of the videos have been tracked down at Danwei, especially at the PhotoBucket site.

Here I am interested in the primary blog sites, specifically with respect to how the bloggers position their content.

Originally, the best source was run by Jewel at (URL: ).  Here is the screen capture of her blog.

Here are the important points from the above in translation:

Since then, the contents of the blog have been made into an intranet that was accessible only to members.  Even so, the comments are still viewable by the general public.  Here is one:

Translation: Post those video clips and photographs onto international websites and let the world see the so-called democracy in China.  Kill the corrupt officials, eradicate the rich bullies and let the victims have a bright and clear day!

Next comes the blog Doraemon at URL: (note: this can only be seen through the Google cache

Here is the translation of the description of the letters in red: "When people make comments, please be careful and don't get my blog blocked again.  I would be very grateful!"  And then it explains that the ensuing content was copied from Jewel's Bingfang blog.  Thus, in accordance with the notice on Jewel's blog, this action constitutes a copyright violation.  But that is a moot point now, because the Doraemon page is no longer accessible.  Clicking on the home page of the domain itself yields this message:

Translation: "Hello, I'm sorry that my blog has been shut again because the supervisory department identified "Topic: Rui'an Middle School Number 3 teacher Dai Haijing fell to her death; 1,000 students went into the streets to march" ( as illegal information.  The server was shut down and I was asked to delete the content and then the website can re-open.  I am deeply sorry for the inconvenience that this may have caused you."