The Virtual Sit-In in Taipei

In Taipei, there is the real-life A Million People Sit-In To Dump A-Bian campaign under miserable rainy conditions.  If you don't want to get wet, you can stay home and participate in the virtual online version of One Million People Sit In Quietly Doing Nothing 百萬人沒事靜坐.

(Apple Daily)  

One of the conventions in this particular game is that all the players names are nicknames that sound like specific political figures or places (e.g. the president office is 蔥桶府 instead of 總統府; and 隨隨扁 stands for the president 陳水扁; etc).

Of course, this game is not about sitting around and doing nothing.  What joy would there be?  Some of the game actions are:

Whenever the presidential figure says: "I won't quit.  Could A-Bian be wrong? (我就是不下台、阿扁錯了嗎)," he is mobbed by the users.

There are not enough red chairs in front of the presidential office for people to sit.  So a game of musical chairs is periodically played.  If you can't grab a chair, you must take off all your clothes although you can keep your wig (in reference to legislator Chiu Yi.

The president's daughter's domestic helper A-Ching goes out with bushy hair and broom in hand while saying: "Don't film me.  I don't have any inside connection. (不要拍偶,偶沒有內線。)"  You can play Stone, Paper and Scissors with her.  If you lose, she'll blow you a kiss and you will fall over and pass out.

According to the organizer, the game has no stated political position and was offered as an emotion-releasing channel that was safe and free from wind and rain.  The game has been drawing more than 1,000 persons per day from Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China.  All extreme speeches such as "Taiwan awash in blood" and "Taiwan independence" are filtered out.

Here is a screen capture.  My favorite is the cat woman with the fly swatter -- can you find her?