Hong Kong Internet Stories

Apple Daily has a number of these Internet-related stories today.  But if you think about it, Sunday is a slow news day whereas the Internet-related stories are out there to be picked up without needing to do too much work.  And they have all been pre-screened and known to be popular.

Story #1: The Ballack of Ma On Shan (馬崇波歷克狂屌丫嬸).  

In a 2-minute-long YouTube video, a young man wearing a jersey for German national football team captain Michael Ballack is having an argument with a mother whose son had been hit by a ball.  The young man said some unkind things and used certain rude words.  After the video was posted, public opinion was one-sided against the young man.  

People actually found and published his name, telephone number, school and blog.  When his school found out, it punished him with two hours of after-school detention each day for 150 hours total plus 20 hours of community service.  

On his blog, he apologized but that only drew more abuse: "佢 肯 定 驚 街 畀 人 打 先 道 歉 (What is for certain that he is apologizing only because he is afraid of being beaten up."  The principal said: "On the Internet, many people are cursing him with foul language and even threatening him.  This was caused him and his family to worry.  His personal information has been published on the Internet.  The consequences are unknown."  He added: "Should this kind of Internet culture be encouraged?"

Balanced opinion: Hong Kong Association for Computer Education president Ng Hok-ling said that as the Internet become more popular, the corresponding problems are snowballing.  A small affair on the Internet can become a huge problem.  "On the Internet, anything can happen and it is difficult to control effectively.  The situation is really worrisome."

Story #2The Lovey-dovey Series (甜蜜蜜 )

A school teacher runs a photo blog at 文邪照相館.  The most controversial are the snapshots of couples in lovey-dovey moods in public.  Usually, the blogger also adds some amusing comments.  This has drawn a lot of criticisms about invasion of privacy.  A subject has even left a strongly-worded comment on his blog and demanded the removal of pictures.  Someone has even gone and photographed the blogger in reverse.

The blogger explained: "They were getting it on in a public area.  I am just a photographer who wants to capture city life.  I take the photographs openly."

"You have a big pimple on your face!
Let me squeeze it for you!"

"These photos are proof of your intimacy.
There is no need to thank me."

"A kiss in the manner of resuscitation."
Breathe ... breathe ... breathe ... come to!"

"On the To Kwa Wan mini-bus,
I noticed that she has the preliminary stage of
gray toenails and foot fungus."

Balanced opinion: According to Professional Photographers Association vice-chairman Mok Shiu-lun, it has been common for photographers to ignore intellectual property and privacy and post photographs that have been processed for negative effect.  The government should consider legislation to control the situation and require website administrators to filter and delete problematic photographs.

Story #3The Teacher Was Arrested By The Students (gay變之奴比度被捕事件簿)

A 87-second video on YouTube shows a group of students putting handcuffs on their teacher and then claiming that there is no key.  The teacher looked confused and panicky and after some negotiations, the students freed him.  The teacher then asked the students to go back to their seats and there was no punishment.

The school has been identified as the Pochiu Catholic Secondary School in the Yau Tong district.  According to the principal, the incident occurred on the last day of the school year and it was all a joke.  This teacher was supposed to be well-respected at the school and this incident does not demean his standing.

Balanced opinion: Education Convergence vice-chairman Ho Hon-kuen said that the students went too far: "To lock up your teacher and not let him leave this way is too much even for a prank."