With Parents Like These, It Follows That ...

This following is a translation of a post by a Hong Kong blogger.  

(Learned Friend blog, 一個人在途上 之 從絲路的盡頭開始 )  July 23, 2006.

[in translation]

When you think about the Chinese people, what comes to your mind?

"They are over in the mainland!"
"It depends upon where they are.  If they are in mainland, then they are mainlanders.  We are Hong Kong Chinese.  I don't want to be called a Chinese person, but it does not upset me.  I'll just have to tell them that I am a Hong Kong Chinese person.  When we're different, we're different."
"I was born in Shunde (Guangdong province) and so I am from the mainland.  I don't feel that people harbor prejudice against me.  I have been in Hong Kong for seven years.  Even the mainlanders now say that I am a Kong-chan (
港燦).  Whoever has the money gets to be boss."


When you think about Filipinos, what comes to your mind?

"Tak-shing Building!"
"They know how to sweep the floor!"
"I see them in Central all the time."
"Bun-bun.  Filipina girls.  But I have never met a Filipino guy yet."

Do you feel that you disrespect them by calling them such names?
"Hey, they come here to work.  We have more money than they have.  They are getting paid, so wouldn't you say that they can be ordered around?"

Someday, you will be working and earning money too, and you will give spending money to your mother.  Does that mean that you can order your mother around?
"But how can that be the same?  My mother is not a Filipina."


When you think about Indians, what comes to your mind?

"They're very ugly!"
"Some of them wrap their heads up.  Some have a red dot in the forehead.  They have big beards."
"They're Ah Cha (
阿差).  Why do you have to ask?"
"Hey, how can you be like that?  Do you know what they call us Hong Kong people?"  "I don't know."  "They call us 'friends'."

Finally ... finally I heard something that passes as acceptable!!!  I went from wanting to cry out of despair to wanting to cry out because I was touched!  A three-hour class with twenty young Hong Kong students between the ages of 9 to 15.  Sixteen of them said the above, three maintained their silence and a girl said that last thing ... luckily, among the twenty, one of them was decent.

To the parents of the children -- how are you teaching your children!!!!!

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