The Most Beautiful Female Reporter in China

The title was claimed by Cao Aiwen (曹爱文) of the Henan TV metropolitan channel through the following series of photographs (via

(Henan Commerce News via

At 5pm on July 10, Cao Aiwen was on duty and took a hotline call -- a girl had fallen in the Yellow River while playing.  Rescue was in progress.

At 6:10pm, Cao Aiwen was at the scene.  Based upon past experience, she was not optimistic that the girl could be found.  Suddenly, someone said that the girl has been found.  Cao Aiwen immediately raced towards the river bank.  Her first reaction was that there would be some news to report.  But when she saw the girl, she was stunned.  Several spectators picked up the girl upside down, and water and food residues began to flow out.  Cao Aiwen said, "This method does not work.  The girl's throat may become obstructed and that will only worsen the situation."

Cao Aiwen said, "I called 120 immediately.  They told me that it will be some time before they arrive.  Although I know some rudimentary first aid, I am not sure about mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.  But there was no choice.  I could only talk to 120 while I administer help."  There were many people at the scene trying to massage the girl, but nobody offered to give her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.  "Since nobody was doing it, I had to."

After about ten minutes, Cao Aiwen was physically exhausted and the girl had not revived.  Cao Aiwen was in tears.  Then the 120 personnel arrived.  After some effort, the girl was pronounced dead.

At 4:06 on July 12, a post titled "Henan TV metropolitan channel female reporter looking sad in tears" appeared at the Dahenet forum.  The post described the scene with text and photographs.

On July 14 afternoon, featured the report as "China's most beautiful female reporter".  As of 7:35pm, that post had collected 983 comments.  Meanwhile, the incident was also covered at, Xinhua, Tom,, Hexun, Qianlong and other websites. 

Here is part of an interview:

Reporter: I heard that you were the first reporter on the scene.  But you could not complete a report because you were trying to save the girl.
Cao: Yes.  I was trying to save the girl.  I did not even find out what her name was.  After 120 arrived, I had to cover another case.  I did not even know which hospital the girl was sent to.  I found out that the girl died from colleagues at other media outlets.

Reporter: I saw that on the report card in front of your office that you were among the top.  Your colleagues praise you for being hardworking and professional.  But this time, you put your work aside.  Did you hesitate?
Cao: A life is more important than a report.  If there should ever be another occasion like this, I would hope that I knew more about first aid techniques.

Reporter: The netizens are calling you "the most beautiful female reporter in China" and there are also some who said that you changed their attitudes towards people from Henan.  What do you think?
Cao: When an incident occurred and not enough people help, a rescue becomes a news item.  It is a sad thing that people should pay any attention to me.  I don't really care about what netizens have to say.  I have a suggestion -- don't report on me but trying to get everybody to reflect instead.