'Pornographic' Art Exhibitions in China

(SCMP)  'Pornographic' art exhibition closed.  By Bill Savadove.  May 25, 2006.

Shanghai officials have shut down an exhibition by nearly 40 Chinese artists for showing "pornographic" images and other works considered offensive, the second time an art show has fallen foul of city authorities in seven months.

Cultural authorities closed "Solo Exhibition" after just one hour on Saturday night by shutting off power at the venue, in part because of photographs of naked women displayed by artist Zhang Ding , organisers said yesterday. 

"From the artists' point of view, these are good works, but cultural inspectors didn't like them," said an official from the privately run Zendai Museum, which served as curator of the exhibition.

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Unfortunately, the contents of the "Solo Exhibition" are not known.  In the following, there is another art exhibition that was providing some shock-and-awe in Nanjing.  This is how the war will be won, one city at a time.  So maybe Shanghai is resisting, but Nanjing has fallen into the wrong hands ...

(NetEase, Chinese Daily via Wenxue City, Tom)

On May 21, 2006, Chengdu Art Academy instructor Wang Chengyun brought the works of more than 20 of his students to hold an exhibition titled "Experimental Space" contemporary art at the Nanjing Museum.

Many of the sculptures and photographs at the exhibition depicts human reproductive organs and sexual intercourse, and are considered quite bold and avant-garde.  One of the series of photographs are different close-ups of the female reproductive organ that were most probably by the photographer as a mirror reflection.  The author, 22-year-old Chengdu Art Academy second-year-old student Wang Guiquan stood on the side to answer questions.  When asked what she came up with these creations, she smiled and explained: "Actually, it is very simple.  At first, I only wanted to look at what I am really like from a mirror."

22-year-old Chengdu Art Academy second-year student Wang Guiquan (

Wang Guiqian's self-portrait

On the second day of the exhibition, there were more attendees with Wang Guiquan's work being the focus.  Many television reporters were there to interview her.  But during the interview, Wang Guiquan's eyes suddenly watered and she began to sob.

What caused the emotional turnaround in the previously self-assured Wang?  This reporter spoke to the television reporter.  During the interview, Wang Guiquan was cooperative and answered all the questions openly and naturally.  "But as the interview was about to be concluded, some old comrades came up to her and offered their support to her.  They said that society should not be giving her so much pressure.  Wang Guiquan was quite touched by their goodwill, her eyes got red and she began to sob.  Thereafter, she wore sunglasses."

In the television reporter's view, this 22-year-old female student was very straightforward and candid.  "She did not give too much thought.  But perhaps because she was not sufficiently prepared, she could not take the doubtful voices about hyping, fame and eroticism.  It was quite normal to burst into tears."  But when this reporter asked her if she cried, she said, "I didn't cry.  I didn't cry."  Then she smiled at the reporter.