The February Girl Pics

What really happens on the Chinese Internet?  The following type of forum post is more prevalent than political commentary.   I would not disparage such seemingly light and trivial pursuit, because this is an interesting, self-confident and humorous human being, teaching and challenging other people.  There is a huge 'cleavage' between such an individualistic person and political theories such as the Three Represents.

(Tianya)  Exposure?  Immoral?  Strip!  By February Girl (二月丫头).  March 5, 2006.

[in translation]

I have been posting photographs one after another at Tianya's True Self Community Forum.  Some were pretty, and others were ugly.  My eyes were popping in one, while my teeth were protruding in another.  I was happy in some, and I was sad in others.  But without exception, I was revealing my cleavage.  Many visitors saw those photographs.  Some said that I was sexy, pretty and of mixed blood.  There were praises as well as criticisms.  Some said that I was a transsexual.  Some said that I was exposing myself, exhibitionistic and filthy-minded.  Some said that I don't have the reserve and reticence of my forefathers.  Some said that I am a prostitute.

Let me state up front that I am a human being.  I am a woman.  I am not a transsexual.  I am not a prostitute.  In this social forum at Tianya, I have the right to show myself and the viewers have the right to like me or criticize me.  If you want to say showing yourself is exhibitionistic, exposing oneself is equivalent to losing the ancestors' moral qualities, then ... ha ha ... we are going to have a good chat about this.  I have plenty of leisure time anyway.

As a woman, I have the right to show my beauty.  I like to look at female nude bodies.  I always believe that beautiful things should be shown.  Unfortunately, I have received an education and I ate the "forbidden fruit."  Therefore, I cannot convince myself to strip totally.  Besides, I don't have self-confidence in my backside and I don't want to insult the eyes of my spectators.  After due consideration, putting aside my decent face (which has somewhat protruding teeth) for the moment, my proudest exterior asset as a woman are my rising cleavage -- the "ridge" that people talk about.

As a woman, my biggest flaw is that whenever I think of doing something, I must get it done no matter what (as long as it is not about hurting someone).  Since I was going to exhibit myself, then I must treat this seriously and get some good results.  So I went through the storage boxes and suitcases and took out all my summer clothes.  Thus, in the midst of the cold winds of February, I took all these cleavage-revealing photographs.

Here is a comment on the post:

If you want to take your clothes off, you might as well as take everything off!  Don't worry that nobody wants to look at you!  I am sitting here every day in waiting.

But February Girl had anticipated that kind of comment:

I am a human.  Just like you are a man, I am also human.  You have the right to look handsome, so I have the right to look pretty.  You can insist that we seek only inner beauty, but we can also pursue exterior beauty.  If I have smooth round shoulders, I would show my shoulders.  If I have a small smooth back, I would show my back.  If I have long thin legs, I would wear hot pants or mini-skirts.  I think that my breasts look good, and so I wear low-cut clothes.  Why do you insist that I strip totally?  It is one thing to wear a low-cut dress, but it is something else to strip totally.  Just as the same person can eat rice and defecate -- these are two completely different things altogether.  Sweetie, if you want to look at my naked body, you can calmly discuss it with me.  Don't try to provoke me into this, because I don't succumb to provocation.

A bonus photograph here of February Girl without too much cleavage ...