The Ten Most Disgusting Chinese Women of 2005

Please remember that this Tianya post is all in jest.  Still, this reminds us just what went on during last year as certain individuals previously unimaginable burst into the public sphere in unexpected ways, largely due to the Internet effect.  If the Internet did not exist in its present state, we would be looking at a very different kind of list.

The Tianya post had lots and lots of comments.  After all, this was the idiosyncratic post of one particular individual (大大眼贼 "The Big Big-eyed Thief"), and others may disagree with the rankings or the choices.  But I sense that there are more people who want to move person #4 higher on the ranking, and this is another case where social morality has quietly trumped entertainment.

Number 10: Hooligan Swallow (流氓燕)

Comment: Originally named Ye Haiyan (葉海燕), she uses the pen-name of Hooligan Swallow (流氓燕).  She is a middle-aged Internet hack (one cannot use the term 'writer' for her) and has written certain influential essays.  She became hot this year through distributing two sets of nude photographs.  Unfortunately, more people attacked her than praised her because her looks and figure were disgusting.  My reaction: it is bravery to take your clothes on the Internet for the first time; when you do that a second time, then it is just a habit.

Number of Baidu pages: 377,000

Most memorable saying: 爷,男人我肯定要,牌坊我也拿走了! ("Daddy, I want the men, but I will also take the chastity archways too!" )

Number 9: He Jie (何洁)

Comment: Let me state that I once liked this little Super girl.  In my memory, this was the adorable girl who wore the little apron, waved the magic wand and jumped around singing "I love bathing myself."   But when I saw her wearing that ugly outfit in the Hangzhou Super Girl show, that image fell apart! 

Number of Baidu pages: 1,810,000

Most memorable saying: 谁差了?("Who is wrong?")

Number 8: Wang Xinling (:王心凌)

Comment: The "Founder of the Cult of Sweetness" got popular quickly this year.  I don't want to say anything about her singing, but her looks ... I don't know why anyone would think that she is the second coming of Jolin Tsai.  Every time that I see the stupid smile on her disproportionately large mouth, I feel disgusted.

Number of Baidu pages = 1,730,000

Most memorable saying: (I can't remember anything that she has said)

Number 7: Li Xiang (李湘)

Comment: Congratulations to Li Xiang for making the list for the third year in a row.  I thought the recently married Li Xiang might hold back a bit, but she continued to create entertainment news for us.  First, she was interviewed by a television station while wearing clothing that had the word "Vamp" printed on it.  Then she flashed her 4 million RMB diamond ring at an award ceremony.  Oh, Li Xiang, why are you always so vulgar?

Number of Baidu pages: 2,060,000

Most memorable saying: 好听~~~ ("Nice sounding ...." with the last sound drawn out very long to create goose pimples ...)

Number 6: Ke Yimin (柯以敏)

Comment: The Super Girl show made the singers popular as well as the judges.  Without Ke Yimin in the panel of judges, the Super Girl show would not have been as exciting.  Mama Ke was sarcastic and nasty, and created a great impression.  But then afterwards, all she left us with was a sense of distaste.

Number of Baidu pages: 732,000

Most memorable saying: "Very very very g-o-o-d! 相信我,你做得到的!答应我,好吗?" ("Very very very g-o-o-d!  Trust me, you can do it!  Promise me, okay?")

Number 5: Yang Chenglin (杨丞琳)

Comment: I have no idea whether she is ignorant or shameless.  In the "My guess" program, she was asked about how many years the War of Resistance Against Japan lasted, and she looked lost and guessed "Eleven years."  Another guests reminded her "You have added three more years," but she disinterestedly said, "Oh, it was only eight years!"  ... 

Number of Baidu pages: 785,000

Most memorable saying: 八年而已喔 ("Oh, it was only eight years." ) (I would like to send her to serve at a Japanese Comfort Women center for eight years and see if she still says this)

Number 4: Zhang Weiying (张惟英)

Comment: Who is Zhang Weiying?  If you don't pay attention to current affairs,  you may not be familiar with the name.  But she caused a big stir on the Internet when she prosposed a system of admission into Beijing city.  In an age where we have overturned several thousands of years of feudalism to build a "harmonious society," a member of the Political Consultative Committee is advocating dividing people into classes and selecting the right people to admit into Beijing city.  This was an explosive proposal.  No wonder people compared her to the Nazist eugenic theorists.

Number of Baidu page: 18,100

Most memorable saying: 大量在北京找不到工作或是没有合适工作的人。这些人素质比较低,长期没有工作后,往往会铤而走险,给社会治安带来不安定因素。北京城市发展并不太需要这些人。 ("There are many people who cannot find work or have no suitable work in Beijing.  These people are of low quality.  When they are out of work for long periods of time, they begin to take risks and create instability in soceity.  The development of Beijing City does not need these people.")

Number 3: Lin Chiling (林志玲)

Comment: When that restless white horse in Dalian took the wrong step, two secrets about 040 (note: that is the common reference to Lin Chiling) were revealed.  First, her big tits may be fake.  Second, her family are pro-Taiwan independence.  Just look at the banner that her family unfolded at the airport to welcome her back: "We thank the Chinese doctors for healing our daughter" and "Welcome home, daughter of Taiwan."  If I were one of those doctors who treated her, I would be regretting that I did not slash her throat.  But even without the two aforementioned factors, I would have booted a thirty-something-year old woman off the stage for talking coy.

Number of Baidu pages: 5,620,000

Most memorable saying: 大家好,我是林志玲~ ("How is everybody? I am Lin Chiling ...") (Note: any number of people have tried to imitate her saying this phrase, but you must listen to the original item to get the true feel)

Number 2: Bai Ling (白灵)

Comment: Bai Ling exposed her breasts at the Berlin film festival and then she appeared nude in Playboy magazine.  So she is finally famous in Hollywood as well as lost face for the Chinese people.  At a time when the Chinese movie people are moving into the global scene, this ugly woman is creating another kind of footnote to tell people not to ignore Chinese movies.

Number of Baidu pages: 1,530,000

Most memorable saying: 我没时间买衣服 ("I don't have the time to buy clothes").

Number 1: Furong Jiejie/Sister Hibiscus (芙蓉姐姐)

Comment: Thanks to Furong Jiejie, we found out the power of the Internet.  We need not say more, but every Chinese netizen knows who she is.  It only took several brief months from the several photographs on the SMTH BBS to the coverage on foreign television programs.  Compared to the tens of millions of RMB in money spent on the publicity for the movie The Promise, Sister only needed to stage a few poses and click on the mouse a few times.  This type of packaging and promotion should be adopted by every PR company.

Number of Baidu pages: 2,330,000

Most memorable saying:  藕那妖媚性感的外形和冰清玉洁的气质 ("My seductive look and my chaste quality ...") (Waaaaahhhhh ... my stomach is getting upset ... I have to go out and puke!)