Anatomy Of A Pornographic Movie

The following is a translation of an Eastweek article in which the reporter followed a Hong Kong pornographic movie-maker around.  The theme of the article is that in this cut-throat business, one has to be CHEAP in order to function.

[in translation]

Last Saturday evening, the new pornographic movie king Bobby called this reporter and said that he will shooting that night.  He asked the reporter to meet him at the Lowu entry point (from Hong Kong into mainland China).  He said that he just walked past a stationery store and he had the inspiration for a movie based upon water colors.  He therefore made a lightning-quick decision to make a film, and he has arranged the camera-man and the set as well as notified the reporter.

When this forty-something-year old arrived, he was out of breath: "Right now, everything is ready except we don't have the female stars.  But you don't have to worry."

About half an hour later, we were in Lunghua town in Shenzhen's Line #2.  He got out of the car and he told the reporter without looking back: "You pay the fare!  I don't have any money!"

Bobby made a number of turns and entered into a dark side-street.  Then he stood in front of a dilapidated erotic hair salon and then checked his watch.  "It is 11 o'clock.  The time is just right because it will be easier to get the girls.  I have the plan.  You just make sure that you don't say anything wrong!"  The so-called female stars were going to be the hair salon girls inside!

Since it was late at night, most of the high-quality girls have made enough and have departed.  There were only a few plain-looking girls left.  Bobby knitted his brow, pretended that he did not like what he saw and made ready to turn around and leave.  The madame tried hard to stop him, so he made the prepared statement for his movie: "Fine!  It does not matter if they don't look pretty.  But will they do everything?"

In order to seal the deal, the madame decided: "They are game.  The boss is the one to give the order.  Anyway, as long as this is not perverted stuff, there is no problem!"  Bobby smiled and make a victory sign to the reporter aside.  He chose two girls with bountiful chests and we went by car to the movie set.

When we arrived at the private home, the lights came on immediately.  The girls were stunned, because the cameraman has already begun shooting as soon as they entered.

Bobby then proceeded to sweet-talk them.  He said in a serious mood: "Actually, we are into art.  We wanted the two of you to be water-color models.  We want to take the work to an exhibition in France.  It is very high-class and in good taste."

In spite of what he said, the two girls were dubious.  Once he saw that this was not working, he resorted to using money as the lure.  "Originally, you were going to be paid 200 yuan.  How about if I offer you 100 yuan more each?"  When the soft tactic did not work either, Bobby then tried the threat: "Earlier, the madame said that everything goes!  Stop fooling around!"

Once the harsh words came out, the girls agreed and then put on their bathrobes and got ready.  Bobby wiped off his cold seat and assumed his position as the director.  He said, "Action" and then the movie began.  As director and actor, he used his hands as well as his mouth.

Like a painter, Bobby used the brush to blend various water-color paint and drew them on the chests of the two girls.  He carefully drew a colorful flower and said, "This flower is white, smooth and bouncy.  I should call it tofu flower.  Why?  Because when you see it, you want to gulp it down with one bite."

After shooting for only two hours, Bobby declared a stop.  Furthermore, he "generously" offered to take the girls to a night snack.  But on the side, he told the reporter: "Can you claim this meal at your company?  Thanks a lot."  Once again, he was passing the buck.

Bobby was a veteran dubber and had participated in many cartoons, television drama series and commercials.  But his speciality was several local pornographic movies, from which he accumulated many creative and operational experiences.  In 2004, he began to invest his own money to make movies.  As of now, he has made more than 50 films of various content.

But local pornographic movies are not mainstream business and very few companies are willing to invest.  Japanese adult movies currently rule in Hong Kong, so Bobby found it difficult.  If the product does not move, he loses the investment.  Even if the product sells well, he still would not be earning much.

Bobby said that the business is too sensitive and many camera-persons will decline the assignment unless the pay was very good.  The local actors and actresses ask for at least several thousand dollars.  When rental and equipment are added, the production costs become very high and therefore the profit margin is thin.

Under these circumstances, he had to seek a different model by being cheap on everything.

First, he moved the production to north of the border.  Through deception and persuasion, he got the prostitutes to take part for very little money.

Also, he had to play the friendship card: "Forget talking about money.  I prefer to talk about friendship!  So I always look up friendly camerapersons and I ask them to take less money.  It is even better if they are single and own their own home, because I can use the place to shoot the movie." [Note: For this movie, the cameraperson charged nothing and it was his place.]

Bobby sighed: "I feel that this is very cheap.  But it is hard to make a living, and I don't have a choice."