Anti-Japanese Print Advertisements in China
(source: 6Park)

"Everyone loves the country
Don't forget the national shame
Boycott Japanese goods
Beginning with myself"

Did We Really Win The War Of Resistance Against Japan?

Japanese Are Allowed In The W.C.
We Won't Beat You, We Won't Scold You
We Will Make You Die When You Kidneys Explode!

Boycott Japanese merchandise

The Reconstruction of the Grand Japanese Empire Requires Your Support

Our Wound Has Not Healed Yet
Do Not Forget The National Shame
Make China Great
Boycott Japanese Goods
Beginning With Myself

We Cannot Forget

Use Our Own Force

Do Not Forget The National Shame
A Mitsubishi Zero Fighter Airplane 60 Years Ago
A Mitsubishi Car Rolls Off The Assembly Line on January 9, 2003

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