From Inside Beijing News - Part 2

This is the translation of a blog post at the 不着四六  blog.  The blogger is a worker at Beijing News.

[in translation]

I Have The Right To Resist Being Raped, Even If Only For One Day

"Responsible for Reporting Everything" (former Beijing News logo)

I went to the newspaper office in the afternoon.  Everyone was signing the petition to retain Chief Yang.  I put down my signature.  The Uighur Xiao Xiang brought it to Chief Dai.  Reportedly, Chief Dai and Xiao Xiang looked at each other for quite some time, and nothing was said.

We chatted until it was night time.  Nobody had any articles.  The editors had nothing to edit.  So we went out to have dinner.  The current news division had many people present.  Basically, we were all there.  There were a lot of people who didn't know each other.  So it was a lot of fun to fool around and it was not any different from an ordinary get-together.

And then I saw Xiao Guo cry.  Zhu Min also cried like a little child.  When Yan Zhen cried, her voice was just as loud as normal.  Sister Wang Rui told everyone not to cry, but in the end she cried too.

Chen Feng was babbling, with tears and snivel.  He said that he got everyone into trouble, so they had to take him home.

Chen Zhihua's face was red like a lobster and he laid down on a chair to cry.

Hu Tou's eyes were blood red and his face was greenish-black.  It was scary.

Chen Lingshan passed out, and is still in the emergency room.

Liu Yang hugged me and cried like a baby.

Li Hualiang's eyes were puffed up like a cow.

Chen Junjie's pimples were submerged under tears and they were green and shiny.

My student, Lao Liu, Xiao Jiang, Xiao ZHu, Sister He ... almost everybody was crying.  Someone forcefully smashed a wine bottle.  A huge chunk of glass flew up and hit my chin.  It hurt.  I was bleeding on my lip.

I held back and did not cry out in pain.  It was my fault to be standing in the wrong place.

But this time, I have decided that I am going to cry out in pain.  It is no pleasure to be raped.  Crying out in pain is useless and insignificant.  It is just catharsis, it is liberation.  Only I know how I feel.


The little Wen girl cried.  She said that she came here because XJB is XJB.  If it isn't anymore, she wouldn't know what to do.

I cried too ....

Some more scenes:

I was doing reimbursements this afternoon.  I saw Chief Yang come out of his office in a hurry.  I said in a low voice, "Chief Yang."  He did not seemed to have heard and he left with a serious look on his face.

I entered Chief Dai's office.  There two Guangming persons there.  Chief Dai said that all reimbursements should be done before the year ends.  Midway, Chief Dai took a telephone call and he asked an editor to finish the page no matter what.  His voice was hoarse.  When I saw him again at night, he seemed to have quite a few more white hairs on his head.

I spoke to Chief Sun (Xuedong) several times.  Chief Sun said that up until the final moment, there is still a one-in-ten-thousand chance.

I spoke to the two Guangming chiefs.  We don't speak the same kind of language.  There was no way to communicate.  Midway, Chief Li and Chief Han entered.  They were expressionless.

It is late night.  I went to Chief Sun (Xiantao)'s blog.  He was not asleep after 3am either.  I reflected that some people would risk everything; others don't know everything and then they don't care.

I did not sleep this night.  There is light outside the window already.  It is bone-chilling cold.

(有一搭没一搭 )  December 30, 2005.


(现在是4点11分, 我要睡觉了,多说几句所有的日子,所有的日子都来吧,我用句东北话说:都是扯王八犊子.昨天天气不大好,那么多人感冒了,不能上班,没感冒的兄弟们承担了那么多工作,感谢.像我这样没理想只知道泡MM的人,一有小病就痛不欲生,实在不像话.一切正常,正常得无以复加.日,就是太阳那个日.因为光明所以黑暗,太阳一出就有阴影.保重了.)

(In translation)  The Current News Department colleagues were having dinner.  When they heard that the Four Modernizations will be entering the seventh year, they were moved to begin crying.

It is now 4:11am.  I have to sleep, but I'll say a few more words ... the weather was not very good today.  Many people caught a cold and could not go to work.  Those brothers and sisters who did not catch the cold had to do a lot more work, and I thank them.  People lilke me who have no ideals and only know how to pick up girls go into great pain when we catch a minor illness.  It is really embarrassing.  Everything is normal.  Everything could not be more normal.  Sun.  The sun.  Since there was light, there is darkness.  When the sun comes out, there is darkness.  Take care.

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