Anti's Call For A Beijing News Walk Out







(in translation)

Today, Beijing News produced as normal and there were 116 pages.  News is not just about ideals, but also about making a living.  I have no right to accse any ordinary reporter or editor to make the realistic choice, but I can at least express my highest regard for the few who chose the ideals of journalism.

I feel that the issue of Beijing News today is especially worthy to collect.  You can see the hints for this major historical event in journalism.  This issue will enter into the future history of freedom of press in China.  By that time, the most excellent students of Chinese journalism will review this issue.

At the least, we can enjoy one expression of idealism: wisdom.  Please look at the city photograph on page A32 about the weather.  Yongan Road Number 106 is the address of Beijing News.  The time: yesterday, December 29.  The event: A leading bird leads the flock across the sky; although the sky was not very clear, they still head towards the distant target in their hearts.

I am going to turn and tell those friends who chose the reality.  Nobody is going to blame you.  But we are reporters, and reporters will use the oral history and lore as our highest truth.  Our excellent Beijing News predecessors died for that ideal.  You chose reality, but you have missed history.

Personal history are written by people themselves.  Many years later, some people will say that they did not give up on that day.  Other people can only evade repeatedly that they were not present then.

There are many job opportunities, but historical moments occur only once every few years.  When the idealists travel, they will be welcomed the whole way.  For those of you who choose reality, please take care because the road is long.  In journalism, our reputation is more important than our jobs.