The China Photographs of Yin Ling

The following biography for Yin Ling comes from the Bunker Museum of Contemporary Art

垠凌 (Yin Ling):  Born in 1978 in Taipei and grew up in Japan, Yin Ling began modeling and acting at the age of 16. When she met Russian photographer Hiraokanovsky Kuratachenko at 19, they began collaborating on a series of performative and photographic works, proclaiming their distinctive political belief with erotically charged images. By means of humor, sarcasm, impersonation, manipulation of political symbols and a keen sense of marketing, she has successfully made herself into an idol in cyber space at the forefront of eroticism revolution.

The following photographs are the China-themed ones that were posted at the 6Park forum (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3).

The words on the board are: "People from various sectors in the motherland strongly condemns Japan's Koizumi visiting the Yasukuni shrine."

What has sex got to do with politics?  Everything.  Or at least that is supposed to be the reply.  Let me just quote from Strange Bedfellows: Sexuality and its Discontents in Postwar Germany by Thomas Laquer at Bookforum.

To those who came of age after 1945, the 1950s consensus represented the continuity of Nazi oppression. Both in its divergence from reality and in the secrecy with which all matters sexual were treated, it stood as a monument to hypocrisy and silence generally, to an unmastered and unacknowledged past. Sexuality and its discontents bore the burdens of history from one generation to the next.

The goal of the sexual revolution of the 1960s and early '70s was to transcend this past, to demolish root and branch, intellectually and institutionally, what progressive contemporaries took to be the psychological foundations of fascism. A new morality of pleasure, they hoped, would replace repression with freedom, overweening child-rearing practices with a new openness, hypocrisy with truth. "Never again" was to be written on the body.

These two cited paragraphs may be far-fetched, but the reality is the Human Being is both a Political Animal and a Sexual Animal.  You can read Serve The People for a literary example where the Political met the Sexual.