Retired Businessman Buys Full Page Ad to Support Lisa Wong

[Blogger's note: As this type of thing does not occur on this blog regularly, the reader is notified that this falls into the category of "humor/sarcasm."  This post is not easy to understand because you do need to know something about the cast of characters.  There is a very public brouhaha over the most popular TVB actress, but this post for the affair borrows the incidents, characters, methods and language from the very public brouhaha over the political reform package.]

The following is translated from a blog post at Kong-cha, who may or may not agree with these embellishements.

(Special Report from Dim Pao)  Fans supporting Lisa Wong and Kenix Kwok in their quests to become the most popular actress at the TVB annual station celebration are continuing the war of publicity.  Following the 78-year-old senior citizen buying an advertisement to ask "Will I ever see the day when Kenix Kwok wins the award?" that was the talk of the town, a Lisa Wong fan has decided to strike back by buying his own ad.

A member of "Friends of Lisa Wong," this retired senior citizen ex-businessman purchased front page advertisements in various newspapers in town today.

[ESWN:  Here is the front page of Sing Tao today:

The headlines are screaming: "Fully Support/Lisa Wong's Case."]

He claimed that Kenix Kwok is only trying "to seize the opportunity to wrestle more money for appearances and a salary increase from TVB" and also to "seek private gains and collect more publicity."  He also pointed out that the conditions are not yet ripe for implementing universal suffrage to elect the most popular female actress.

There have been reports that Kenix Kwok has been crying and complaining that she "is not good enough to play the game" and intends to consider quitting TVB if she fails to win the most popular actress award. 

[ESWN:  Unfortunately, Kong-chan does not cite any specific reports.  Among the blizzard of such reports, I have scanned the front cover of the Entertainment section of Westweek magazine, with a photo of a grim-looking Kenix Kwok on the front page.

The headline screamed: (
揭黎智英背後私利) "Exposing Kenix Kwok's private interests behind the scenes."  So there you have it all there, with one photo and eight words and that is the truth according to Westweek.]

A senior TVB official said that the current arrangements for the most popular actress are appropriate.  Merely being nominated already reflects the recognition and affirmation of the acting ability of the actress, and there is no reason to mind whether she wins the award or not.  He said that he respects the opinion of each and every colleague.  Everybody can sit down and discuss ways of improvement.  He emphasized once again that the award for the most popular actress has not been fixed internally.

Concerning the demand by the audience to use direct elections to determine the most popular actress, this official indicated that after this celebration, TVB will discuss the idea with the just announced 153-person "committee of audience representatives" to study the feasibility of setting up a time schedule for direct elections of the most popular actress and to conduct initial exploration of the steps for the preliminary stage.

The senior official also pointed out that the acting ability of the actresses is like "baking bread."  It is necessary to practice continuously over a long time, and the bread from the fomented yeast will then come out with the right color and taste.

On other news, a recently appointed member of the "committee of audience represenatives" by the name of Cheng has submitted his resignation to TVB this morning.  His explanation is that there are 153 members in the group, and he felt frustrated about being able to accomplish anything within such a large group.

[ESWN: In other related news, Westweek magazine identifies the "black hand" behind the curtain manipulating Kenix Kwok as none other than the Fat Man, who owns the redoubtable Fruit Daily (as well as Westweek's major competitor, Before Magazine).  On the front page of the News section of Westweek magazine, there was a photo of the beleaguered Fat Man in tears (right over the voluble breasts of newly appointed movie queen Shu Qi (note: also selected by a small circle of faceless people working in total secrecy) and Daniel Wu's favorite nightclub public relationist (note: also selected by him in what Wu thought was the total secrecy of the VIP room in a Beijing nightclub)).

In the feature article, the Fat Man denied the vicious rumor in tabloid magazines about him treating anything and everything as a business deal to make profits, whether it is his Giovanni clothing retail chain, or media, or politics, or the most popular TVB actress.  He insisted: "It is not true that my media empire profits every time that there is chaos and disharmony."  To prove his point, he made this firm offer: "If you want to buy an ad in Fruit Daily to express your support for Kenix Kwok, I will give you a 50% discount ..."  Westweek then pointed out that Fruit Daily had achieved its historical high circulation figure on the day after the July 1, 2003 march (over its nemesis Occidental Daily, better known as the White Powder Daily).