Street Scenes in Guangzhou

(Wenxue City)

On a bridge in the inner ring of Guangzhou, a man threatened to jump.
Police and the fire department workers tried to dissuade him.
Suddenly, the man gave two thumbs up to the photographer.

On the Guangzhou Tianhe Village cargo transport rail, it was raining
and the maintenance work was suspended.  Meanwhile, more than 300
people were out on the line trying to steal the steel rails.

On West Road Guangzhou Station, more than one hundred apparel vendors
confronted several dozen uniformed security personnel working for the management.
After a standoff of several hours, the security people attacked with steel pipes.

Between 3-5pm in Shenzhen, a pedestrian overpass bridge
on Caitian Road was closed on account of a crack.
The pedestrians (including a man on crutches) took risk to cross the road.

With the old Baiyun International Airport in Guangzhou due to close,
several young people went over to take commemorative photographs
with an airplane landing in the background.

In Zhongshan (Guangdong), the dogcatchers chased two stray dogs.

Several dozens of Henan people live on the landfill site at Houhaiwan, Shenzhen.
They use metal detectors to scavenge objects of interest.

In Dongguan (Guangzhou), a worker died accidentally at a worksite.
The family members of the deceased lied crying on the ground.
They are demanding 68,000 RMB in compensation.

In Zhenhuaxi Road (Shenzhen), a car hit a pedestrian and the driver fled.
The pedestrian caught the man and grabbed him by the neck.
Meanwhile, the pedestrian's friend lashed the driver with a rope.

At 3pm in the afternoon, Guangzhou turned pitch dark ina rain storm.
A group of people waited for their bus in Yuexiuzhong Road.

In Foshan (Guangdong), law enforcement officers destroyed counterfeit merchandise.
After they left, more than a dozen people rushed onto the scene.
This man has scavenged three bottles of wine.

In Taishan (Guangzhou), a despondent single mother climbed
up the Haizhu Bridge because her child is terminally ill.
The police climbed up a ladder to dissuade her.

A female distraught over emotional problems with her boyfriend
threw her in front of a mail truck to commit suicide.

At the Daihaisa scenic point in Shenzhen, a security person
got into a fight with a vendor of swimming gear.

In Foshan (Guangdong), a woman was applying a traditional Chinese
face shave (