Chinese Cities in History

This is just past September 18, usually considered a day of national infamy for China.  Even CCTV did not dare to broadcast its Mid-Autumn Festival entertainment special because it would be too disrespectful.  I won't bother to inform you about the historical circumstances, because you can surely look it up for yourselves, if you don't already know it. 

Here I will just display some of the historical moments of famous Chinese cities under Japanese occupation.  These photos are scanned from the book Moments from the War of Resistance.  You will probably never ever identify the scenes today, with which you are probably quite familiar, with what had once happened there.

Oh my God!  Can you believe this is Tiananmen Square while under Japanese occupation?
The words are not "Long Live Chairman Mao!" or "Long Live the Chinese Communist Party!"
Instead, they are "Construct A New Order in East Asia!"

A Japanese military officer riding a stone statue
in the Forbidden City of Beijing

The view of Shanghai under Japanese aerial bombardment

The Japanese army entering Shanghai on land after bombarding the civilian quarters

The Japanese army marching down
Nanjing Street in Shanghai

Japanese tanks rolling towards Zhonghuamen
in the city of Nanjing.  This was regarded as
the beginning of the Nanjing massacre.