Why Some Chinese People Live In Poverty

What is the point of spending another 10,000 words on this subject?  Instead, there are three sets of photographs below, via Wenxue City.

The place is Daping Town in the northeastern part of Nankong City, Jiangxi Province.  The town includes 19,000 hectares of arable land and 117,000 hecatares of mountainous land and includes 15 administrative villages with a total population of 23,000 persons.  In the following, you see the town government office building.  It is a most impressive big and new building, even if it is eerily under-populated and seemingly sits out in the middle of nowhere.

However, Daping Town is classified as an impoverished town.  Whether a place is poor or well-off depends not on the size of the town government building.  You need to get out there, assuming there are any passable roads.  You need to go into the homes of the citizens and see what food is being served on the table.  On that basis, Daping Town is an impoverished town.

Why does an impoverished town spend so much money on a goverment building instead of on its people?  You will have to ask the Daiping Town Chinese Communist Party chairman and the Daiping Town mayor below.  Why, oh why?