The Nancy Kissel Case - Part 41

From the Chinese-language media:


The "problem'' with her claim of memory loss during and after the fatal fight on November 2, 2003, is that she managed to recount a version of events to Dr Annabel Dythin, on November 4, said Senior Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions, Peter Chapman.

On November 4, evidence suggests she went to consult Dythin, who compiled an assault report based on an account given by Kissel. The report says she was holding a fork upside down and a glass, while her husband assaulted her using hands and feet, chasing her around the room.

Chapman said the fork was a lie used to explain the puncture wounds on her hands she received when she used the ornament "to smash Robert Kissel's head.''


The days about which she has no recollection include "incriminating acts where you sought to cover-up what you had done on November 2 to Robert Kissel,'' said Chapman.

"I don't know what happened to me after that night,'' said Kissel, who said she had to accept what the prosecution claims. "I still don't know. It's a part of my life that's been taken from me,'' she added.

"The person who as had a part of life taken from him, is Robert Kissel, because you killed him,'' said Chapman, "and in order to achieve that purpose, you had to drug him first.''

The accused said there was a "horrible fight'' with a baseball bat. "He was going to kill me, and I defended myself, because he was going to kill me. I fought for my life,'' she said.

"You just forgot to mention that to Dr Dythin, 36 hours later,'' said Chapman.

"You remember not putting drugs in the milkshake, but remember Robert Kissel threatening to kill you,'' noted Chapman.


Chapman said she described her husband standing over her, aiming blows to her head from above. "How did you get the better of Robert Kissel using this ornament?''

"I don't know,'' she replied. "Because it didn't happen Mrs Kissel, it just didn't happen,'' said Chapman.

As the day's proceedings ended, the accused, in her loudest outburst yet, exclaimed "he was going to kill me, he was going to kill me, oh God, he was going to kill me'' while lying with her face on the desk.

"Thank you Mrs Kissel, please return to the dock,'' said Justice Michael Lunn.

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