More Mayhem In Hong Kong

Here is a city story (see Oriental Daily):

On busy Nathan Road in Mongkok, Hong Kong, a man got down on his knees to beg his ex-girl friend for reconciliation.  She refused as she now has a new boyfriend.  He got up and slashed her neck with a box-cutter.  She collapsed.  He ran away.  Later, it was found that he went on a roof, slashed his own neck, slit his wrists and then jumped off the building to his death.

That is about one paragraph.  If you insist, you can call a psychiatrist and ask for some professional comments about such situations to fill out another paragraph.  That should be it.

Except this is Hong Kong.  It is a small place.  Whenever something happens, the paparazzi photographers will be on the scene within minutes.  For that which they do not have photographs for, the newspapers have good graphic illustrators.  So instead, this story appeared as the top news item.


So here we go again with another pictorial orgy of mayhem and bloodshed.  It goes without say that you can't find any such in the South China Morning Post or The Standard.



Are there ever pleasant news in Hong Kong?  Hmm .. what can I tell you about today?  I can tell you about the baby party.  It is customary for the new Chinese parents to hold a banquet for the baby at about a month old.  So there was one such party yesterday in Tsimshatsui, and the police were out there in full.  Why?  The new father was a former boss of a Chinese triad gang, and all his fellow gangsters were bound to show up.  There were forty full tables of guests.  Therefore, the Anti-Triad Squad of the West Kowloon District was at the restaurant with cameras, notebooks and, just in case someone has any ideas, attack dogs.  Nothing untowards occurred and a good time was had by all.  The police went home when the party broke up around midnight.  So that was nice and pleasant, wasn't it?