Irony Lives In China: A Photo Album

The words for 'nation' (Guo Jia) separated by a 
mobile phone number to get fake identity documents

Faded sign on top: "Continue to revolutionize"
Newer sign below: "Commercial shop"

A full-service Buddhist monk
fully equipped with beeper and mobile phone

Bilingual notice posted in a Shanghai restaurant

Someone needs a favor from you.
So they bring you a carton of cigarettes but you don't even smoke.
What to do?
There are places which will pay cash to take back the presents.

Whosoever urinates here will be fined 100 yuan.
That person is a turtle egg.
Please respect yourself.

Do not buy this car.
If you buy it, you'll be cheated.
Contact phone number: 13051013068.

All criminal elements in the act of robbing banks
Will be shot dead at the scene.
Kaiyuan Public Security Bureau.

"Three Represents": 
The Communist Party of China represents 
the development trend of advanced productive forces, 
the orientation of advanced culture, 
and the fundamental interests of the majority of the people in China.

Bottom banner: "Jiaxing City June 1 Youth Dance Competition"
Top banner: "Satisify your desire to have a busty chest"

Whosoever defecates or urinates here
Will have no children or grandchildren.
I have cast an evil curse.
You are responsible for all consequences if you break the rules!!!

Words on the wall of a demolished building:
"People live here.  Do not demolish"