The 2004 Hong Kong July 1 March Crowd Estimates

In last year's post The Hong Kong 7/1 March: Crowd Size Estimates, I left this comment:

Anyone who continues to quote the 530,000 number is either lazy, or initimidated, or partisan.

I say that because anyone who paid even minimal attention and had an ounce of integrity would know that 530,000 could not be the true number in 2004.  In 2003, the only number out there was 500,000, so there was no debate.  In 2004, the organizers claimed 530,000 based upon an erroneous assumption while the consensus number from six other parties is under 200,000.

Now that this year's 7/1 march is approaching, people are forced to talk about last's year march and the crowd size.  In this post, I will collect some of these sayings.  You can decide who is lazy, honest, intimidated, partisan or politically adroit.  You will also enjoy the well-tortured contortions.  Most people aren't dummies who don't know or understand the issue, so they say what they say with some consideration.  This exercise will go a long way towards deciding whether the person is trustworthy for anything else in the future.