The Nancy Kissel Case - Part 15

Here are some additional pieces of information from the Chinese-language media:

(Ming Pao)  Senior inspector See Kwok-tak testified that four days after the murder occurred, the police received a report and went to the Kissel home to investigate.  He found that the master bedroom to be in chaos, with an unmade bed and clothes scattered everywhere.  Later, he went back to the Kissel home again, and found a black plastic garbage bag containing a towel and a pillow that were bloodied and stinking.  One of his team members was unable to stand the smell and promptly threw up in the bathroom.

Senior inspector See Kwok-tak said that on June 11, the friend of the deceased filed report at the police station to the effect that the defendant had moved a large stinking carpet to a storage room in the next building and the movers had said that the carpet was 2 feet in diameter.  On that evening, he and his team members went to investigate at the Kissel home.  At the time, Nancy Kissel took them into the master bedroom.  He observed that the room was in disarray.  There were unpacked paper boxes.  The bathroom was in a mess, with traveling bags in the bathtub.  See thought that something was askew.  Later, he and his team members went to the storage room and found the large stinking carpet in which the body of the deceased was wrapped.

(Apple Daily)  Senior inspector See Kwo-tak testified that when the police went back to the Parkview apartment to search, the Filipina maid pointed out to them that there were two black plastic bags in the children's room and she had not seen them before.  When the police officers opened the bag, there was a stench.  One police officer began to vomit.  Inside the plastic bag were a bloodied pillow and towel.

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